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Found 7 results

  1. happydayz

    [XM8 APP] Enigma XM8 Security

    [XM8 APP] Enigma XM8 Security XM8 App that allows you to view and remote control your bases security cameras on your XM8. Comes with an alarm that can be activated to scare off any would be burglars! Nightvision & Thermal Vision included (Thermal can be disabled) Requires: xm8Apps by @Shix to work! Get it HERE! Download XM8 Security: This is an extension of the Exile Base Security System. As such it contains several edited Exile Files. The First Publish of these files incorrectly implied that I created their works. This was NEVER the intention! This has now been corrected and their works have been credited. Thanks Exile Devs for your Fantastic Work! Support Further Development Battleye Filters with thanks to @Austin README
  2. This is a guide geared for all server owners new and semi experienced. There is material dedicated just for hosting servers as well as more advance material for all server owners. There is also a detailed explanation of the infiSTAR AntiHack and Admin Tools installation. I made this guide to hopefully decrease the amount of "I'm Stuck" post on the forums. If you think I should change or add something let me know. There will be additions in the future. The instructions on installing infiSTAR AntiHack and AdminTools starts on page 17 of the guide. Server Owner Guide v2.0 READ THE GUIDE BEFORE CONTACTING ME. If you need help with something, I will provide assistance. However, don't contact me with a question that I covered in my guide. Also, set up a Altis server before you try to tackle a map like Chenarus. Note: The links that send you to pages inside of the guide itself don't work unless you download the guide. Future Updates: Customizing Exile Settings Chenarus Redux Setup CHANGE LOG:
  3. Super Jerome

    Server Security (Stopping the random kicks)

    We have all been on a server just minding our business and been randomly kicked. And unless you were actually hacking, this is due to the server having too strict security parameters. We all hate hackers and no one wants to make their lives any easier by reducing our server security. However, where is the balance how does one prevent hackers and also allow normal players the option to play kick free. Usually, not always, a player is kicked due to a signature mismatch. I will go over several things regarding signatures and how to ensure your players aren't being randomly kicked. First, let's talk about Keys and BISIGN files. I am not going to go over the exact details with either of these and how they function. What I will go over is how to keep your server up to date. What most owners do when they update a mod for a server is they forget to update the key or BISIGN files. Ensure that if one of your server mods are updated you don't forget to update the key as well. BISIGN files are in the same folder as the pbo for that mod. Most mods are signed and if they have a BISIGN then they also have a key. Second, and more why I wrote this, is your server.cfg settings. In most cases server owners take the standard server.cfg that came with the server and simply add their own lines to it. There is nothing wrong with doing this, however, some settings may need to be adjusted specifically the "verifySignatures" settings. I will list a link below to Bohemia's server.cfg page that explains all the variables. Below are security settings that I recommend: The key command in this list is the "onDifferentData" most servers come this this listed as "onDifferentData = kick (_select 0)";. This will more often than not kick players that have not done anything to their files. Check the "onDifferentData" link below for an explanation. onDifferentData Server.cfg (Bohemia)
  4. LordRampantHump

    Locking all Doors in Base Radius

    Hi Folks, Im looking for some advice here, not so much a complete script, just a little direction. Im looking into some options on a test server for base security and one of those is locking all doors in the base radius (or unlocking). I have seen this done with certain vehicles and wondered how it would work on a base. I thought it would be simple enough but i am either blind or not working it out. So far all I have been able to do is "Bodge Lock" the doors by setting the variable "ExileIsLocked" but it doesnt hold after restart (Assume because its the physical lock not the full lock and remember) CursorTarget setVariable ["ExileIsLocked",1,true]; I am looking for more of a "Rotate Shut and Lock" / "Rotate Open and Lock" like the above mentioned vehicle script. If anyone could kindly point me in the right direction I would be grateful Regards LordRampantHump
  5. cGs! mIKE

    What "IF" we don't have filters?

    Just asking, what IF there are no filters listed in the battleeye folder? does that mean NO ONE will get kicked since there is nothing to compare against? or does it mean MORE people will get kicked because there are no exceptions? I'm trying to wrap my head around how the .txt files work in battleeye... if they are meant to add EXTRA security, or are they there to allow MORE files to run without battleeye interruption. For example, Infistar admin comes with premade .txt you are supposed to put in the battleye folder, are they there to help anti-hacking effort? or purely to allow infistar to work properly without getting blocked itself? I've searched a lot, and read a lot, but cannot wrap my head on the battleeye side of things. With filters or not, players still getting kicked when they use/buy any CUP vehicles, so I'm confused to say the least. Any help is appreciated.
  6. +GER+ Thor

    +GER+ Exile

    +GER+ Exile Server Aktive Admins (Alter zwischen 25 - 45 ) Kein Kindergarten Kein Adminabuse Linux Root
  7. Message for all Server Owner please help each others so we can ban hackers from all Exile servers, (Thanks to Infistar for great tool) can i send this video to battleye, will they ban if u provide them proof i been told this guy is killing from 1.5k then i try to specting him for an hour he was spawning tanks and other stuff, check video his UID is (76561198152529743) i am running battleye, and infistar can some one plz tell me how did he manage to do that Thanks