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Found 10 results

  1. Sell crates at the Waste Dump with this new and improved script. Features: Sells the crate instantly and adds the Pop Tabs and the Respect to the player. Deletes the crate after the sale so that they are cleared up. (Less Lag and no empty crates can be used for trolling). Trolls can't steal the money from the crate like the original script. Exile Toast displays in funky colours telling you about how much you earned. Configurable "Convenience" Charges. This allows for you to set a percentage to deduct from the earned pop tabs and respect because it's far easier to sell the whole crate rather than sell each item individually like they usually would. For example, the script is currently set to take 10% from the crate in tabs and a further 20% from the respect so the players don't earn respect too quickly because of this and because they are lazy and didn't sell each item individually, lose some money on it. They don't know that though, its purely for balancing out the economy of the server. List of Crates is defined so people don't sell other things by accident, since this script does not total in the price of the object being carried as it's intended for crates, some people sell vehicles by accident so this prevents that. Credit to original script: Download my version with all these cool new features here: Also, Credit to the Exile Groupies whom helped me. I think i had some input from @MGTDB, @Vishpala and @StokesMagee. The first two for pointing me in the right direction and Stokes for Fixing what i had Further Credit: @Andrew_S90 for teaching me the money saving And @kuplionfor sorting the Public Variable Nonsense.
  2. Ok so I made a little something.. it will not sell the crate from within the vehicle but it will sell its contents when you place it next to the trader. Then you can just grab the money out of it.. like so Only downside is.. the crate will stay there.. it is kinda realistic I guess.. I could make it dissapear after a minute.. Instructions First you need to have R3F installed and working Then make sure you have the DMS crate (or any other crate) setup in R3F_LOG\config.sqf under R3F_LOG_CFG_can_be_moved_by_player = R3F_LOG_CFG_can_be_moved_by_player + [ "I_CargoNet_01_ammo_F", and optionally under R3F_LOG_CFG_can_be_transported_cargo = R3F_LOG_CFG_can_be_transported_cargo + [ ["I_CargoNet_01_ammo_F", 100] then open up R3F_LOG\objet_deplacable\relacher.sqf and after R3F_LOG_mutex_local_verrou = true; put this in private _foundTrader = false; { _foundTrader = true; } forEach nearestObjects [player, ["Exile_Trader_WasteDump"], 12]; if (_foundTrader) then { private _crate = R3F_LOG_joueur_deplace_objet; private _cargo = _crate call ExileClient_util_containerCargo_list; private _revenue = _cargo call ExileClient_util_gear_calculateTotalSellPrice; hint format ["Cargo was sold for %1 Poptabs. You can pick them up from the crate.", _revenue]; //str(_revenue); clearWeaponCargoGlobal _crate; clearItemCargoGlobal _crate; clearMagazineCargoGlobal _crate; clearBackpackCargoGlobal _crate; private _cash = _crate getVariable ["ExileMoney", 0]; _crate setVariable ["ExileMoney",_revenue+_cash, true]; }; thats it. EDIT: updated script so you wont lose the money inside the crate if you take the crate a second time and place it down.
  3. Syntace'HD+

    Set sell respect

    Hi guys, is there a option to set the respct for a specific item to sell? I added Gold and Silver to the Trader "Buy" and "Sellprice" are the same. You have to store Gold or Silver in your base because locker amount isnt that high. But atm players can buy gold for 500k and sell it for 500k and also get 50k respect. So how do I make that they dont get any respect for selling these items? Thy
  4. Monkeynutz

    GADD Exile Tanoa

    Fun-filled Exile Tanoa with a few extras... Militarized High Loot Easy Loot Heli Crashes Gear Crates Missions PvP PvE Hacking Grinding Customizable Status Bar Customizable View Distance Virtual Garage Active Admins Constant changes to keep it balanced and fun Thermals Anti-Thermal gear Loads of explosions 64-Bit Extended Base Mod Custom messages Sniper Towers 20Mil locker limit!
  5. Its simeple fix for wastedump problem with sell tanks or oter tracked vehicles HOW TO : 1) Download file - > click 2) Open your mission folder and create folder named fixes 3) paste inside downloaded file 4) open mission/config.cpp 5) find CfgExileCustomCode class 6) add your fixed file like this example class CfgExileCustomCode { // Fixes ExileClient_gui_wasteDumpDialog_show = "fixes\ExileClient_gui_wasteDumpDialog_show.sqf"; }; 7) DONE
  6. A server with Hard to find loot -high powered rifles(snipers, marksman, and some assault rifles) -meds (instadoc the rarest) -vest (military type best rarest, even police type vests rare) -clothing (only clothing you'll find will be civilian clothing and only find military type in military) Vehicles -I think the current spawns are good Traders don't sell -guns -equipment -specops -aircraft and vehicles should be very very expensive Zombies -uhm... ccg type shit... AI's -only roam with as good as a HMMV. Missions -the one involving zombies And allot i dont remember Anyway's I have been trying to find a server like this but to no avail. Please if you know any server close or even just remotely close to this description, suggest it D: THANKS!
  7. Hey guys, i noticed there is no function to check if a player can recieve a object he is buying right now or it is not working correct. So for instance you got your bag nearly ful and still buy ammuntion which is a bit bigger(lmg ammunition) , you pay, but not recieve! It's not that problem if you buy ammunition, but when it comes to bigger and more expensive objects it can give a faulty gameplay. Greets guys!
  8. EXPAndMore

    Sell only at a special Trader

    Hey everyone, We just finished our Serverconfiguration and now are tweaking some configs... We had the idea of a hidden Trader, in wich you can only sell items. But how are we able to block the selling of this specific Item at an other Trader?
  9. We have some AI that fly around in armed vehicles and I would like to allow players, that take them down, the ability to sell those vehicles at safe zones but not be able to buy them. Sort of a reward for capturing the enemy vehicle. Can someone explain what I would need to edit to allow users to sell an item but not be able to buy it as well?
  10. zombie-loverz

    Verkauf beim Trader direkt aus Waffenkiste?

    Moin Leute, es ist ja möglich seine Items zB aus dem Auto heraus zu verkaufen, ohne das man sich immer selbst equipten muss... Hat jemand vielleicht einen Ansatz dafür, wie man auch aus den Lootkisten von VEMF, DMS oder AI Mission direkt heraus verkaufen kann? Im Notfall könnte man ja auch die komplette Kiste beim Waste Trader verschrotten lassen können... Grüße, Z-L