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Found 1 result

  1. Hello Infistar, My request would be a way to enter server messages to displayed at a certain time or interval throughout the time the server is up and running. I 100% know and understand BEC already does this, but a good chunk of servers do not want to run BEC as it seems outdated (yes I know it still works). I noticed you already have the auto-reply function in place which tells me you have a good understanding of the chat/message system, along with already server restart messages. maybe "first time it is run", "what intervals to be repeated", "message to be sent" ["5","30", "this server is brought to you by..."], ["8","15", "This server is protected by infistar..."], ["7","45", "join us on teamspeak @..."], just an idea, I know I would love the hell out of and not force me to run BEC for this function. regards,