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Found 413 results

  1. The title says what my server log says. Couldn´t wait till the server provider will update, so i installed everything by hand, but now the server won´t start. Idk what to do, but till the provider will move his a## to update i could be ready with everything. So, can anyone help? Edit: After restarting one more time log says: Client: Nonnetwork object 4349a500. The complete log is following in the spoiler Nevermind, will have to sleep now, maybe the server provider updated tomorrow...
  2. DavieReid88

    Server From Home

    I know this question has been asked over and over with mixed answers but i thought id list my PC and hopefully someone with a bit more knowledge about home server hosting could help me make my decision, I run my servers from a provider, not going to name the provider but it uses TC Admin. Now im not to sure if its just this provider thats having the problem with TC Admin its running SLOW is hell! and its been like this for a while now, Also when stopping the server to modify anything sometimes it doesnt fully stop and i have to email the provider for them to stop it fully so i could delete a file which could take a while for a responce.. anyways its starting to get right on my nerves. At the moment i have only the one PC which i play other games on such as Dayz so obviously if im running my servers from this pc would it be a problem or not? My pc spec is : Intel Core i7-6700K @ 4.00GHz 32GB Ram, thinking of upgrading to 64 eventually if this will help Samsung SSD Have a fast internet aswell 200mb Virgin (UK) What do you guys think??
  3. Good morning, I have a nitrado server, which has always worked, and when there were "CUP" updates, I updated them and fixed the relative keys. But lately after the cba_a3 update I don't see the server even if it's online and upon restart the mission returns this message to me: "Check your RCON password. If you've changed it, restart the Server game. After restarting, wait a few minutes for the RCON connection to be ready." The server boots up on the server, it is not visible on the luncher arma3, and if they feel the direct connection, it hangs on load. Before throwing myself headlong into altering everything, I would first listen to you experts, with some advice. Thanks for your help!
  4. sceneraider

    how to force mods on

    is there a way to require players to have the proper mods installed to join the server? ive noticed people are able to join my server without all the mods that are installed.
  5. SToNeDHaMSTeR98

    Auto restarts on hosted servers

    Hi there, I'd like to know if anyone has had any success with getting the exile restarts to work on a hosted server, hosted by in this case. They have functionality to restart the server once every 24hrs, however when the server gets populated and alotta assets are laying around, I doubt this will be sufficient. I have set the restart time to 6hrs in my exile server config.cpp, however when it gets to zero it just keeps on going with a negative value... Any light shed here would be much appreciated. Have a nice day
  6. DOWNLOAD UPDATE: MAY 2018 - Download link updated MALDEN SILVER EDITION Malden Siver Edition focuses on a single Trader hub rather than a scattered island approach. There is a single boat and aircraft trader located on the main island as well as spawn points. The main island has two mixer locations (one being at the Trader hub), and only one spec-ops trader on the entire map. The contamination zone has been moved to the Eastern Island 1x Trader City Hub 1x Contamination Island 1x Spec Trader Location 1x Boat Trader Location 1x Aircraft Trader Locations
  7. Andrew_S90

    Exile Player Rewards

    Exile Player Rewards This is a system that allows admins to add rewards for players to go claim at any locker. This system in no way will auto generate rewards for your players for doing missions, logging in, donating, playing, gaining respect or anything like that. You are free to use it to do any of those things but out of the box it just accepts rewards and items and allows the player to claim them. As I explained in the above video You need a players UID and an array of items to pass to the server to add items. It will also take the players UID and the name of a kit which is exactly like infistar spawn boxes, the format is almost 1:1 so you could copy paste them over. It takes and will give players poptabs, respect, items, weapons, backpacks, uniforms, vests and vehicles. It will also allow you to set quantities for these items and the players can create their own pin# for the claimed vehicles. Here is an example I used to test via admin menu to add items to my own character. ["addRewardsRequest", [getplayeruid player, [["ExileScore",1000],["ExileMoney",2000],"Exile_Item_Flag","Exile_Item_SafeKit",["Exile_Car_Lada_Green",3],"Exile_Chopper_Huey_Green"]]] call ExileClient_system_network_send; ["addKitRequest", [getplayeruid player, "BaseObjectsWood"]] call ExileClient_system_network_send; The first one allows any array of items and set quantities to be based the other will take a predefined kit that is located server side for customization. If any items are already in the players collection box it will stack items so that the space is controlled on the database. There are some settings that can be changed in the config.cpp server side, right off the bat you will need to add your UID to the "AllowedRewardGivers" array or it will deny adding items from players from your UID. This security check for admins can be turned off if you want, its there to not allow people or names not in the list to not be able to give rewards to themselves or other players. All these settings can be found in rewards_server\config.cpp This uses EXTDB2, you can update for EXTDB3 if you wish. IDD for infistar: 57347 Installation Download the files from here: Client: Place "custom" folder inside of your root Exile.Altis folder Client: Paste #include "custom\rewards\rewardsDialog.hpp" in the description.ext (also available via github in the config.cpp file) Client: Modify your class CfgNetworkMessages and paste the following (also available via github in the config.cpp file) Client: In your init.sqf please paste the following (also available via github in the init.sqf file) Server: Open the rewards_server folder and open config.cpp and then either add your desired admin UIDs to the "AllowedRewardsGivers" array OR change checkRewards to a 0 this is a security function which will check if a legit sender is trying to reward your players. Server: In config.cpp feel free to change logging to a 0 if you do not want extdb2 logs to be created. As well you can add any custom kits, I have included some examples for you. Server: Run the following rewards.sql on your database to add a rewards table for your players (also available via github in Server\database_additions folder in the rewards.sql file) Server: Paste the following additions to your exile.ini file at the bottom (also available via github in Server\database_additions in the exile_additions.ini file) Example code snippets to call files to add items to players.
  8. UPDATE MAY 2018: Guide has been updated for 1.0.4 PINEAPPLE Hi All, This guide will address a Windows platform install from start to finish. The guide is accompanied by a download that includes all the necessary files you will need to setup your own server. You can also find the individual download links within the guide's pdf. Download Includes: EXILE SERVER INSTALLATION GUIDE V1.0.4.pdf Steam Installer MySQL Installer Vcredist Installer DirectX Installer Pbo Manager Installer Notepad++ Installer Server Launch Files DOWNLOAD UPDATED VCredist (Extract and run bat file as admin)
  9. SLTimer - Custom Exile Redux #2

    Основной игровой мод - Exile. 1. В основе этого проекта лежит весь игровой проект, который включает в себя: 1. Системные выбросы и артефакты (атмосферный выброс в стиле STALKER со своими возможностями, защитные объекты и защитные сооружения, в которых игрок может распыляться от них) 2. Аномалии как статические, так и динамические 3. Уникальные трейды с погружением в постапокалиптической обстановке игрового мира в стиле СТАЛКЕР с музыкальным и речевым сопровождением трейдеров (разговоры и анекдоты) 4. Системы получения доз облучения с эпицентром от выброса 5. Система вывода радиации (мы) с организм 6. Система ивентов на случайный транспорт 7. Атмосферная система хеликрашей 8. Весь мод имеет полную русскую локализацию 9. Добыча ресурсов с помощью монтировок, лопат (возможность копать, добывать, разбивать машины, разбивать, разбивать машины, добывать руды и добывать полезные ископаемые в слитках) 10. Функционал для кастомизации баз, транспорта и игроков, ВОЗМОЖНОСТЬ всё это красить 11. жёсткая игровая экономика, откорректированая под игровой стиль "Выживание" 12. Система ивентов на праздники или акции с получением подарков для игроков 13. Система военных баз и ботов на них 14. Игровая камера в стиле DayZ SA 15. Все игровые возможности должны быть корректными по отношению к предметам. 16. Система наказаний за выход в виде респекта (есть уведомление) 17. Система наказаний за убийство в 1 км от зоны наблюдения и выход из строя никнейма игрока, который убил кого-то 18. В наличии отсутствуют тепловизоры на оружие , но они есть на определенной технике, только топовой 19. на сервере присутствует миллитаризованная техника, но так же есть вариант сервера и без нее (на варианте где нет тяжёлой военной техники .. имеется лёгкая военная техника не более чем пулемет, с еределанной экономикой и лут для данной сборки) 20. Отключен тепловизор на титане 21. Имеется система бонусов, которая зарабатывает на потере времени на сервере (конвертация полученных результатов на аккаунте). 22. Собственная система синхронизации с сайтом проекта ( можно смотреть статистику игрока) 23. Векторное строительство 24. Защита строительства выше 4-х этажный 25. Возможность сборки начального транспорта 26. Простое заспавненого транспорта на карте нет, транспорт можно только найти в специаль Успешное завершение ее работы на уровне сложности. 27. Все миссии уникальны и имеют свой собственный опыт, и AI в сложной миссии 28. Система рецептов для строительства любых элементов базы 29. Аукцион для торговли игроками от MarXet, модернизированный (с% от выставленной цены на продажу предмета) 30 Локеры имеют лимит в 30.000 для всех игроков (в основном для новичков, чтобы хранить начальные запасы) все оставшееся имущество должно храниться в двух видах: бабло (маленький сейф с лимитом в 300к) схрон (большой сейф, для хранения) шмоток и оружия) все се ф ставится без каких либо флаг 31. Бонусные функции, которые работают через сайт: обмен валюты, обмен транспортом, покупка защитного купола (все это может сделать игрок без участия администрации), покупка подписей (премиум игрок получает больше накапливаемых очков на сайте за каждый час игры и в конце 30 числа) конвертация полученных очков на аккаунт) - добавляется только в ручном режиме, восстановление техники - только в ручном режиме. 32. На сайте собирается статистика игроков: Убийства, Респект, Потраченное время 33. Собственная система ремонта транспорта, ремонтируется каждый поврежденный модуль необходимыми запчастями (система точечного мешка (новая точка возрождения)) 34. Система спального мешка (новая точка возрождения)35. Динамическая погода с сохранением и продолжением времени суток после рестарта серверов36. Система GPS (Без GPS игрок не видит метки на карте)
  10. TPG Apollo

    Arma 3 Server in development

    Hello, I am looking for some dedicated developers who would be interested in helping build an arma 3 exile mod chernarus server. I am mostly looking for scripters and map devs. Pm me through my discord if you are interested. SERIOUS inquiries only please.
  11. Hello, here I have a problem since all your time, all the server stores are no longer on the map, the AI are no longer there, Can someone please help me
  12. Hallo Leute, ich bin relativ neu in der Szene Arma, Exile und Co. und habe festgestellt, dass häufig die Fragen aufkommt wie ein Linux Server inkl. Mods erstellt wird. Durch mehrere Forenbeiträge habe ich ein Tutorial zusammengefasst, welches das Erstellen eines Servers auf Linux evtl. vereinfachen soll. Dieses Tutorial werde ich ständig erweitern. Beispielsweise soll die Installation der Ryanzombies Mod folgen (hier muss ich selber noch einiges in Erfahrung bringen, gerne nehme ich dort auch Hilfe und Tips an), sowie das Konfigurieren des gesamten Servers. Gerne könnt Ihr mir Verbesserungen sowie Änderungen mitteilen, um der Community ein stetig aktuelles Tutorial anbieten zu können. Kritik könnt ihr mir ebenfalls gerne äußern! ARMA III Linux Installation Guide Nachdem eine Linux Distribution installiert wurde, in diesem Fall Debian 8 (8.9), erstellen wir einen Benutzer der für den ARMA Server und dessen Verwaltung zuständig ist. adduser steam ARMA III und SteamCMD benötigen einige Bibliotheken dir wir installieren sollten. sudo apt-get install lib32stdc++6 sudo apt-get install lib32gcc1 Des Weiteren brauchen wir, wenn noch nicht vorhanden, einen SQL Server, unzip sowie nano den Text Editor. Diese installieren wir mit folgendem Befehl. !Wichtig: Achtet beim Erstellen des sql-Servers auf die richtige Eingabe eurer Daten, denn Passwort und co. müsste ihr später korrekt in eure config Datei hinterlegen! apt-get update apt-get upgrade apt-get install software-properties-common apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver 0xcbcb082a1bb943db add-apt-repository 'deb [arch=amd64,i386,ppc64el] jessie main' apt-get update apt-get install mariadb-server apt-get install unzip apt-get install nano Wir melden uns mit dem erstellen Benutzer an und fügen einen Ordner hinzu den wir direkt betreten. sudo -i -u steam Von der Valve Developer Community Seite laden wir uns die aktuelles SteamCMD herunter und führen diese aus, nachdem wir das Paket entpackt haben. wget tar xf steamcmd_linux.tar.gz ./ Es ist empfehlenswert ein extra Steam Konto zu erstellen der rein für das Hosten von Dedicated Servern zu nutzen ist. Wir melden uns mit dem Konto in der SteamCMD ein und starten den Download von ARMA III. login username force_install_dir ./arma3/ app_update 233780 exit EXILE Mod installieren Um die Exile Mod für unseren ARMA III Server zu nutzen laden wir uns als nächstes die Server Daten von der offiziellen Seite herunter (Version kann variieren). Geht dazu in den arma3 Ordner und sichert euch die zip Daten in einen extra Ordner. cd arma3 mkdir data cd data wget wget unzip \ unzip \ Nachdem wir die Daten entpackt haben verschieben wir alle relevanten Daten. mv @Exile ../ cd Arma\ 3\ Server/ mv LICENSE.txt ../../ mv tbbmalloc.dll ../../ mv @ExileServer/ ../../ mv battleye/* ../../battleye/ mv keys/* ../../keys/ mv mpmissions/* ../../mpmissions/ cd .. rm -r Arma\ 3\ Server/ Wir erstellen die Datenbank indem wir folgenden Befehl ausführen und füttern diese mit der exile.sql Datei. mysql -u root -p create database if not exists exile; GRANT ALL ON exile.* TO 'exile'@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'password'; flush privileges; source /home/steam/arma3/data/MySQL/exile.sql quit Ein wichtiger Schritt ist das Konfigurieren der jeweiligen config Dateien. Hier sollten Servername , Passwort usw. angepasst werden. Beispielsweise kann die zu spielende Map in der config.cfg geändert werden (template = Exile.Malden). Auch der Zugriff auf die Datenbank muss gewährleistet werden. Aus diesem Grund bearbeiten wir die extdb-conf.ini und fügen die Zugangsdaten aus unser erstellten Datenbank ein. cd ~/arma3/@ExileServer nano config.cfg nano extdb-conf.ini Fehleranalyse Kontrollieren wie jetzt, ob die extDB funktioniert, mit folgendem Befehl. ldd Sollte hinter einer Zeile „not found“ stehen dann führen wir als root folgendes aus. dpkg --add-architecture i386 apt-get update apt-get install libc6 tmux lib32gcc1 lib32gcc1 lib32stdc++6 libtbb2:i386 Um den Server zu starten gehen wir in den Ordner, indem sich die arma3server Datei befindet und führen diesen Befehl aus. ./arma3server -cfg=@ExileServer/basic.cfg -config=@ExileServer/config.cfg -autoinit -mod=@Exile\; -servermod=@ExileServer\; >> serverlog.rpt -autoinit Startet die Mission inkl. allem dazugehörigen, dies geschieht sonst erst nach der ersten Verbindung durch einen Client zum Server. >> serverlog.rpt Erstellt die "serverlog.rpt" Log-Datei in unser Server Verzeichnis. Bambi Creation Timeout Bei dem Problem, dass Player den Server nicht beitreten können, da „Bambi“ nicht richtig geladen werden kann, muss die Datei mysqld.cnf als root bearbeitet werden. sudo nano /etc/mysql/my.cnf Fügt folgende Zeile hinter [mysqld] hinzu. sql-mode="ERROR_FOR_DIVISION_BY_ZERO,NO_ZERO_DATE,NO_ZERO_IN_DATE,NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER" Startet den Dienst neu um die Änderungen wirksam zu machen. service mysql restart Exile Mod modifizieren coming soon... Server AdminToolkit Um den Server inGame zu verwalten habe ich mich für eine kostenlose Variante entschieden. Ich benutze das AdminToolkit von Ole welches wirklich super funktioniert. Zuerst laden wir uns die Daten von GitHub und entpacken den @AdminToolServer Ordner in unser Server Verzeichnis. cd ~/arma3/data wget unzip cd a3-admintoolkit-master mv @AdminToolkitServer ../../ Im Anschluß verschieben wir die Schlüssel Datei. mv admintoolkit.bikey ../../keys/ Wir entpacken das admintoolkit_servercfg.pbo Archiv und fügen die UID´s der Admins in die config.cpp hinzu (diese findet man im Arma 3 Menu > Profil). Auch können in dieser Datei Moderatoren hinzugefügt werden. Nachdem wir die Datei wieder gespeichert haben packen wir die Daten wieder zu einem .pbo Archiv. Als nächstes müssen wir unsere Missions .pbo Datei anpassen. Diese entpacken wir und öffnen die description.ext Datei. Dort fügen wir hinter class ExileServer_system_network_dispatchIncomingMessage { allowedTargets = 2; }; folgendes hinzu class AdminToolkit_network_receiveRequest { allowedTargets = 2; }; Wir bleiben in unserem Missions Verzeichnis und öffnen die config.cpp dort suchen wir nach der Zeile class CfgExileCustomCode und fügen folgendes vor die oben genannten Zeile hinzu. class CfgAdminToolkitCustomMod { /* Exclude some main menu items * To only show the menus loaded from an extension, use: * * ExcludeMenu[] = {"Players", "Vehicles", "Weapons" , "Other"}; */ ExcludeMenu[] = {}; Extensions[] = { {"Exile Mod","ExileMod"} }; /* 4 Quick buttons allowing to add any action you want - See example below*/ QuickButtons[] = { /* send a chat message to selected player containing 'Test 123' */ {"Chat", "['message', [AdminToolkit_Player, 'Test 123']] call AdminToolkit_doAction"}, /* send a message to everyone using the parameters text field */ {"Msg To All", "['messageall', AdminToolkit_Params] call AdminToolkit_doAction"}, /* Quickly get a Helicopter */ {"Heli", "['getvehicle', 'B_Heli_Light_01_armed_F'] call AdminToolkit_doAction"}, }; }; Zu guter Letzt kopieren wir den atk Ordner aus dem @MissionsFile Ordner, den wir heruntergeladen haben, in unseren Missions Ordner von unserem Server und packen diesen wieder in ein .pbo Archiv. Jetzt passen wir nurnoch den Startparameter. ./arma3server -cfg=@ExileServer/basic.cfg -config=@ExileServer/config.cfg -autoinit -mod=@Exile\; -servermod=@ExileServer\;@AdminToolkitServer\; >> serverlog.rpt ExileZ Mod + Ryan Zombies & Demons Zu aller erst laden wir alle wichtigen Daten herunter, angefangen mit der ExileZ Mod und danach dementsprechend die eigentlich Zombie Mod. Dazu gehen wir wieder in unseren data Ordner, indem wir auch alle relevanten Daten für Exile gepackt habe. Achtet bitte darauf, dass ihr die Links noch einmal kontrolliert, die ich hier gepostet habe! Die Zombies & Demons Zip Datei habe ich auf meinen privaten Server gepackt, da ich keinen direkten Link über google drive erhalte. cd ~/arma3/data wget wget Wie gewohnt entpacken wir beide Archive mit unzip (, da sich bereits eine in unserem data Ordner befindet). unzip unzip Wir erhalten zwei Ordner einmal den ExileZ-Mod-master und den ZombiesDemonsV5.0 Ordner, auf den wir jetzt erst einmal genauer eingehen. Dieser enthält einen weiteren Ordner @Ryanzombies welchen wir in unser arma3 Verzeichnis verschieben. mv @Ryanzombies ../ Wichtig ist jetzt, dass wir den Schlüssel kopieren der sich im @Ryanzombies Ordner befindet. cd ../@Ryanzombies/Keys cp RyanD.bikey ../../keys Leider habe ich festgestellt, dass es Probleme beim Starten des Servers gab. Ich habe eine Error Meldung erhalten die wohl darauf zu schließen ist, dass die Verzeichnisse im @Ryanzombies Ordner nicht alle kleingeschrieben sind. Aus diesem Grund müssen wir alle Ordner mit Kleinbuchstaben ausstatten. Dazu gehen wir wieder in unser Grundverzeichnis. cd ~/arma3 mv @Ryanzombies @ryanzombies cd @ryanzombies mv Addons addons mv Keys keys Nachdem das erledigt ist können wir den Ordner @ryanzombies abhaken und beschäftigen uns nun mit der ExileZ Mod. Diese Mod wird mit einer exilez_mod.pbo Datei verschickt. Diese können wir entpacken um einige Werte, wie das Spawnen der Zombies etc. , zu verändern (dazu später mehr). Der Einfachheit halber nehmen wir direkt die fertige exilez_mod.pbo und fügen diesen in unseren @ExileServer Addons Ordner. cd ../data/ExileZ-Mod-master/ mv exilez_mod.pbo ../../@ExileServer/addons Jetzt müssen wir die mission Datei anpassen. Dazu gehen wir im arma3 Ordner in den Ordner mpmissions und entpacken das .pbo Archiv, welches wir auf dem Server laufen haben. Der missions.sqm Datei fügen wir ryanzombies sowie ryanzombiesfunctions hinzu, sodass es wie folgt aussehen sollte. addOns[]= { "exile_client", "a3_map_altis", "ryanzombies", "ryanzombiesfunctions" }; Nachdem das erledigt ist packen wir die gesamten Daten wieder in ein .pbo Archiv und legen es in unseren mpmissions Ordner ab, welcher sich direkt im arma3 Verzeichnis befindet. Zu guter Letzt passen wir den Startparameter an, indem wir @Ryanzombies; hinzufügen. Das ganze sieht dann ungefähr wie folgt aus. ./arma3server -cfg=@ExileServer/basic.cfg -config=@ExileServer/config.cfg -autoinit -mod=@Exile\; -servermod=@ExileServer\;@AdminToolkitServer\;@ryanzombies\; >> serverlog.rpt Konfiguration Exilez Mod Theoretisch sind die Konfigurationsdateien selbsterklärend, da diese vorbildlich gut Kommentiert wurden. Fangen wir aber erste einmal damit an, welche Daten für uns relevant sind. Als erstes sollten wir die exilez_mod.pbo Datei entpacken und öffnen danach die config.sqf . Ich werde in diesem Schritt nicht jede Einstellung erklären, denn das würde das Tutorial sprengen. Aus diesem Grund nenne ich die meiner Meinung nach wichtigsten Punkte. Diese beiden Einstellungen stehen für die maximale Anzahl der auf dem Server zu erzeugenden Zombies dar und die Fraktion die jeder Zombie erhält. Stellen wir Beispielsweise die Fraktion der Zombies auf West so greifen uns diese nicht mehr an und laufen direkt auf einen vordefinierten Punkt ohne uns zu beachten. EZM_MaxZombies = 100 EZM_ZombieSide = EAST Des Weiteren habe ich die Demons als auch die explodierenden Zombies deaktiviert. EZM_ryanzombieshealthdemon = -1; EZM_ExplosiveZombies = false; Die Option des Werfens empfinde ich als etwas zu übertrieben und meiner Meinung nach wirkt es als wäre es „verbugged“ (was es nicht ist). Aus diesem Grund folgende Einstellungen. EZM_ryanzombiescanthrow = -1; EZM_ryanzombiescanthrowtank = -1; Einstellungen der Hordenbildung sowie das Spawnen rund um den Spieler habe ich alle auf default gelassen. Ich denke das ist nachher auch wieder eine Frage des Geschmacks als auch der Serverperformance. Wenn tatsächlich der Bedarf weiterer Erklärung besteht könnt ihr das gerne hier Kommentieren. Restart/Backup Script Nachdem der Server durch die integrierten RCON Befehle eigenständig runter fährt, muss dieser ordnungsgemäß neu gestartet werden. Dazu habe ich ein kleines Shellscript erstellt welches alle 3h per Crontab abgerufen wird. Das Script selber sieht wie folgt aus. ################################################################################# # NAME: BACKSTART SCRIPT # AUTHOR: SNORP (THUNDERFIRE.NET) # VERSION: 1.3 # DATE: 2017/09/14 ################################################################################# # # VARIABLE # BACKUP_DIR=/home/steam/backup CURRENT_HOUR=$(date +"%H") CURRENT_DATE=$(date +"%F_%H") SERVER_PROCESS=$(ps axf | grep arma3server | grep -v grep) # CHECK SERVER IS RUNNING while [ ! -z "$SERVER_PROCESS" ]; do sleep 5 echo "The server is still running!" SERVER_PROCESS=$(ps axf | grep arma3server | grep -v grep) done echo "The server is offline, the script is now started." # CHECK THE TIME FOR A BACKUP if [ "$CURRENT_HOUR" -eq 10 ] || [ "$CURRENT_HOUR" -eq 22 ]; then # ITS TIME FOR A BACKUP echo "A backup is created." mysqldump --user=exile --password=PASSWORDHERE exile > $BACKUP_DIR/db_$CURRENT_DATE.sql zip -r $BACKUP_DIR/bu_$ /home/steam/arma3/battleye /home/steam/arma3/@AdminToolkitServer /home/steam/arma3/@ExileServer /home/steam/arma3/@ryanzombies /home/steam/arma3/mpmissions #BACKUP COMPLETE NOW RESTART THE SERVER screen -S A3Server -X stuff './arma3server -cfg=@ExileServer/basic.cfg -config=@ExileServer/config.cfg -autoinit -mod=@Exile\; -servermod=@ExileServer\;@AdminToolkitServer\;@ryanzombies\;>> serverlog.rpt\n' echo "Backup was created successfully, the server is now restarted." else # ITS NOT TIME FOR A BACKUP JUST RESTART echo "No backup is performed. The server is restarted." screen -S A3Server -X stuff './arma3server -cfg=@ExileServer/basic.cfg -config=@ExileServer/config.cfg -autoinit -mod=@Exile\; -servermod=@ExileServer\;@AdminToolkitServer\;@ryanzombies\; >> serverlog.rpt\n' fi Es gibt sicher noch bessere und elegantere Methoden als diese! Aus dem Grund bitte ich die Community mir dabei zu helfen dieses Script anzupassen. Wichtig wäre noch das einfügen des SQL Passworts !SICHERHEITSRISKO! ansonsten funktioniert die Backup-Funktion nicht. Außerdem wird das Backup jeweils um 10.00 und um 22.00 Uhr ausgeführt, diese Werte können natürlich nach belieben geändert werden. Eine automatische Reinigung nach Beispielsweise einer Woche muss natürlich noch hinzugefügt werden, dazu bin ich bis jetzt noch nicht gekommen. Um das Script alle 3h auszuführen erstellen wir ein Crontab mit folgendem Befehl und wählen 2. /bin/nano . crontab -e 0 0,3,6,9,12,15,18,21 * * * /home/steam/ Natürlich sollte die Zeit des Servers mit dem des Crontabs angepasst werden. Ich habe mich für die Laufzeit von 2:59h entschieden. Zum Thema Arma 3 / Exile Konfiguration werde ich das Tutorial etwas später ergänzen.
  13. Atreides52

    Dedicated Exile Server Problems

    First im sorry too im 37 y.o. and i don't use computers and forums that much and sorry my grammar english not my main language sorry, i start a Exile server for play with my son i add zombies, DMS mission, ExAd e.t.c everything is working fine just have couple issues with some mods when i ask a question about that Mods on original topics/threads, People respond me very strange like "brooo don't comment questions here open new topix this is 2-3 years old" when i comment there im guessing they bothering about that Notifications Alarm somthing idk they can simply ignore but idk sorry about that and they said open new topic and here we are i open one if i open to this wrong page im sorry too im 37 y.o. and i don't use computers and forums that much im so sorry anyways sorry for bothers you guys my issues; 1. i can't make it daylight when its going dark on server my son dosen't like to play in dark i Try admin tools 69tools(now showing up xm8 exad) i search 3 days still can't found any solition simply just making night to day. 2.DMS mission rewards Small boxes i cannot load to do cars i have igliload i can big box can't small boxes and when im scroling with mouse i do not have any options even invetory options on boxes dosen't show up my sons have in same server but i don't have soo i can'T load boxes todo car, trucks same with cars i don'T have inventory options i open inventory with looking ar the car and press i this only way for me 3. when i start to server and quit and enter again i can'T move or do anything my character its laying on the ground and freeze i can't even quit but if i close server and open again its normal but if i quit and try enter again same problem This is my RPT file: someone is asking that i guess you can udnerstand the problems with reading if you know it anyway im sorry again to bother you guys and my grammar gratitude for any help and thanks for the advise i get have a great day for all
  14. MickScandalous

    Server on lan but not visible on internet.

    I have spent some time trying to figure out why my server isnt going public. I have checked that ports are forwarded through router and firewall. i see the server on LAN and log into it and play. When i look on the internet tab i can not see it. when i try to add it to A3Launcher it gives me the oh snap error. I do not know what i am missing. it is set to the default ports and persistent =1 in config i have -autoinit on my .bat. Anyone else had this issue and know how to fix it?
  15. IDKoba

    Blank Spaces In Server Trader

    ive just installed NI Arms and CBA on my server but when i go to the weapons trader there is lots of blank spaces but all NI Arms weapons are there and buyable
  16. Mirolife

    Error in expression

    Hello, So, here's my problem, installed server, first join is ok, but after relog and second join is: Waiting for server to load. "ExileServer - Database Error: Error Unknown Protocol" Error in expression <se_handleBig; }; }; ((_result select 1) select 0) select 0> Error position: <select 0) select 0> Error Generic error in expression File exile_server\code\ExileServer_system_database_query_selectSingleField.sqf, line 27 Error in expression <se_handleBig; }; }; ((_result select 1) select 0) select 0> Error position: <select 0) select 0> Error Generic error in expression File exile_server\code\ExileServer_system_database_query_selectSingleField.sqf, line 27 And this is this file .sqf /** * ExileServer_system_database_query_selectSingleField * * Exile Mod * * © 2015 Exile Mod Team * * This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. * To view a copy of this license, visit */ private["_parameters", "_query", "_result"]; _parameters = _this; _query = [0, ExileServerDatabaseSessionId, _parameters] joinString ":"; _result = call compile ("extDB2" callExtension _query); switch (_result select 0) do { case 0: { (format["Database Error: %1", (_result select 1)]) call ExileServer_util_log; }; case 2: { _result = (_result select 1) call ExileServer_system_database_handleBig; }; }; ((_result select 1) select 0) select 0 line 27 is this -----> ((_result select 1) select 0) select 0
  17. Dr3aDnAuGhTz

    All sorted don't worry :)

    All sorted, I just created a VM and did it again and all worked :)
  18. Hello Everybody! Have you ever noticed that on your mission that there are no ‘real’ moon cycles? No stars/constellations moving? Such as a certain star being in the East during Spring, and it will be in the West come Winter? Or for example, it is a ‘new moon’ and you never see a full moon which would happen a few weeks later? Ever notice that the start date and time are basically ‘written in stone’? Ever struggle with determining how much the time acceleration factor must be to have 3 hours server up time to 60 hours of in-game time? Afraid of changing these because you might change something you did not intend? Or maybe causing the dreaded ‘syntax error’? No more! Now you can have full moon cycles along with accurate star/constellation movements that occur in REAL LIFE IN REAL TIME! No more of this ‘static’ settings. Now, your server can be in REAL TIME with NO intervention from you! If you set it up, you could have your server start with the current date and time! Or just the time, or just the date! YOUR CHOICE! Want your server to run in REAL TIME? NO PROBLEM! Want your server to run in real time and have the correct time in-game EVERY BOOT? NO PROBLEM! This program will allow you to change/modify four settings every time it is run: Date, Time, Server Cycle Time, and In-Game Time Passage. So for example: Real Time: Server starts at 1200 Ends at 1600 Game Time: In-Game Time start at 1200 Ends at 1600 (28 hours later) Real Time: Server starts at 1600 Ends at 2000 Game Time: In-Game Time start at 1600 Ends at 2000 (28 hours later) Or Real Time: Server starts at 1200 Ends at 1600 Game Time: In-Game Time start at 1200 Ends at 1600 (4 hours later) Real Time: Server starts at 1600 Ends at 2000 Game Time: In-Game Time start at 1600 Ends at 2000 (4 hours later) (In other words, the in-game time will be set to the current date and time or to what you selected at every boot) This is accomplished by setting the 'staticTime' value to the value you have set in the program: // Uses Dedicated Server time as ingame Time useRealTime = 0; // Will overide RealTime useStaticTime = 1; // time in ARMA FORMAT << CONFIG // staticTime[] = {VALUES YOU HAVE SELECTED}; This mean that it will always use what you have selected. Even with the bug in v1.04 where 'useRealTime' is flawed and does not work, this does not prevent this program from working. So with the bug, you can always have the current date and time or any date and time you wish and it will always work - with or without this bug. You now have COMPLETE control over the time and date which was not possible in the past! I have used this program for 2+ years and works flawlessly. Once you set it up, which takes about 3 minutes, you will never have to touch it again unless you wish to alter the settings. This program will create a complete and ‘ready to go’ batch file command that you can easily insert into your ARMA startup batch file. It takes about 20 seconds to run so there is not a ‘big delay’ with running this. Proper usage should be that the command is inserted ONE LINE BEFORE the line that contains your ARMA server executable. Example of your ARMA batch file: Line 1 – ..... Line 2 – ..... Line 3 – ..... Line 4 – This is where the command line would go Line 5 – armaserver.exe Sadly, to use this program you MUST be able to edit your ARMA startup file and have the ability to put EXE’s on the server. If you do not, you MIGHT be able to get your host to ‘ok it’. The program itself is approx. 188kb in size and will run on any version of Windows, from Win95 –> Win10. When you download this program, you will have a choice on a ‘Stand Alone’ version or an ‘Installed’ version. Try the ‘Stand Alone’ first. Both will be included in the RAR file. ---> Make SURE YOU READ THE ‘READ ME’ BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING! <--- If you like this and wish to show your appreciation in a more tangible manner, please donate to me at: PayPal.Me/SuperChickenProduct If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let me know! DropBox Link
  19. Hello Everybody! How many times have you joined a server only to see that in about 1 minute the server is going to reboot? All that time loading in just to be booted in one minute? That stinks! Now you and your players can KNOW when your server is going to reboot! No more guessing! Provide the highest level of customer service possible by letting them know when your server is about to reboot WITHOUT joining! A happy player is a RETURNING PLAYER! Yes, there are other 'versions' out there. But mine was first! Almost 3 years ago I started this program. No HTML, no Java, no PHP, just SIMPLE questions that ANYBODY can answer to get the program to work! No web page programming or language is required! Not only is mine the EASIEST to use, it is also the MOST ACCURATE TO THE SECOND! Try to get that from the others! Included in the package are two batch files that show what you need to know to add the code to your ARMA startup file. This program will work with ANY ARMA server, not just Exile. The 'Count Down' HTML page, which is created by the program, can be copied to another server if so desired and 7 variables can be used on your web page. Don’t know how to create/modify a web page? No big deal! I have provided a 'simple template' in which you can use! You can not get much easier that this! The 'Server CountDown' program takes the data you have entered and saved, replacing the 7 variables in your template, creating a custom web page which can be viewed with any standard web browsers and it is automatically updated at the time you have specified. Want to update it every 5 minutes? NO PROBLEM! Want to update every second? NO PROBLEM! You MUST have access to your server so that you can install EXE's and modify/create batch files. This is a combination of batch file(s) and a Windows program. Both can run on any version of Windows from Win95 -> Win10. The batch file(s) are < 1k and the EXE is 68kb. The batch files are ONLY there so you can copy/see what is required to implement it via your ARMA startup file. The EXE is the only ‘required’ file to actually work. The batch file(s) and Windows program have been in use for 2+ years with no issues. ---> Make SURE YOU READ THE ‘READ ME’ BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING! <--- Also, in the ‘READ ME’, is a link to YouTube showing you how to use these as well as in the program under the ‘Help’ menu. If you like this and wish to show your appreciation in a more tangible manner, please donate to me at: PayPal.Me/SuperChickenProduct If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let me know! DropBox Link
  20. Hello Everybody! Ever notice how your profile folder gets full of those silly RPT files? And that you have to spend time doing something with them? Have you also ever notice that the RPT file itself is full of entries that you could care less about? Say goodbye to housekeeping and cluttered RPT files! Your maid is here! This package contains two batch files which can be installed anywhere on your server, with one of them even being able to be installed on a remote computer. #1: CleanUp.Bat This will read in your RPT file and ‘strip out’ garbage that you do not wish to see. For example, let’s say the RPT has about 1000 lines of “Missing CUP_Saucer”. Normally, you would have to skip over this and be ‘pestered’ by looking at them. Not anymore! Just put in the word ‘CUP_Saucer’ and ANY line that has this...well...say BYE-BYE! All 1000 lines will be removed from the RPT file! You can use this to remove many words/phrase at the same time. Do note, the ORIGINAL RPT is NOT modified, rather the ‘stripped’ version is what you see. So you do not have to worry about losing data that you might need at a later date. #2: Log-BackUp.Bat This program, which should be run BEFORE the ARMA server starts, will backup your log files AND any InfiSTAR logs too! It will create a folder within your profile folder and then create a ‘time/date’ based folder in which these logs are copied into. Example: 2018-23-08-09-00 folder (0900’s logs) 2018-23-08-13-00 folder (1300’s logs) ... ... ... 2018-24-08-09-00 folder (0900’s logs) 2018-24-08-13-00 folder (1300’s logs) ... ... This way, in your profile folder will be ONLY TWO LOGS! Not hundreds! And those log files will be the CURRENT SESSION’S LOG FILES! ‘CleanUp’ can be run at anytime and IF you have mapped drives (DRIVE LETTER ASSIGNED) to your server, you can run this program from home. ‘Log-BackUp’, as stated, should be run BEFORE your ARMA server starts back up. Both these batch files have been in use for 2+ years with no issues. Both of these will run on any version of Windows from Win98 –> Win10 and both are < 4kb in size. ---> Make SURE YOU READ THE ‘READ ME’ BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING! <--- Also, in the ‘READ ME’, is a link to YouTube showing you how to use these. If you like this and wish to show your appreciation in a more tangible manner, please donate to me at: PayPal.Me/SuperChickenProduct If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let me know! DropBox Link
  21. I'm having an issue were it seems the data base is not creating player once you connect. Causing the player that is connecting to get the ghost player view until the game kicks them. the strange part is that everything was working fine. I changed nothing and it just started happening all of a sudden. Normally this is because the database is not creating a player. After days of trial and error I am still at a lost. Also I am using Host Havoc as my Host. I have done the following. 1. Reformatted my exile sql data base (More than once) 2. Reinstalled Infistar (More than once) 3. Ensured that all of my Rcon and Admin passwords/ IP /Ports are correct in BE, AHAT, and Exile Server Config. 4. Battleye ON or OFF does not matter. Unaccessible still occurs. If i turn on the Server Locking feature in Exile/ Infistar, The Server Never Unlocks when it is done loading. So I just turned it off. After doing all of this the problem remains unchanged... My RPT HERE --> 5:56:06 BEServer: registering a new player #306831841 5:56:21 Unaccessible 5:56:21 "ExileServer - Player COMMANDO_KAIN (UID 76561198022361377) connected!" 5:58:35 Client: Remote object 3:0 not found 5:58:35 "TCAGame/BIS_fnc_log: HandleDisconnect : 1fdb4a40# 1187583: invisibleman.p3d" 5:58:35 Warning: Cleanup player - person 2:76 not found 5:58:35 Warning: Cleanup player - person 2:76 not found
  22. im getting this error in my web console when trying to load up the server : ErrorMessage: File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Altis\TRADERS\RHSW\TraderCategoriesRHSW.hpp, line 965: /CfgExileArsenal/CfgTraderCategories.RHSStaticMG: Member already defined. Application terminated intentionally ErrorMessage: File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Altis\TRADERS\RHSW\TraderCategoriesRHSW.hpp, line 965: /CfgExileArsenal/CfgTraderCategories.RHSStaticMG: Member already defined.
  23. Hellow everyone i come to this for the reason i have mi server and im serching for change the damage of the car you can spawn with the xm8 and idk where is if any here can help me i like Thx
  24. Rotter

    Stuck Connecting

    I know that issue is old but after reading and doing all the stuff that people recommend it, still I can't find the light at the end of the tunnel. First of all, my goal is to setup a vanilla exile gnu/linux (debian) server. I followed this tutorial: It's really useful but lacks two important tips: still you must lowercase mod names as Bohemia's wiki suggests (Some mods such as @ALiVE and @A3MP will not function if there are capital letters in any of their file names. If you do not update your mods on a regular basis, you can just use the command...). Maybe I'm wrong but the point that it did'nt work until I do the change. never lowercase "extDB2" folder and the dinamic library "". Okay. Let's continue. The config files are set as it follows: Battleye is set to 1 (true) at @exileserver/config.cfg At @exileserver/extdb-conf.ini is set the [exile] database parameters: I launch the server executing this command: ./arma3server -cfg=@exileserver/basic.cfg -config=@exileserver/config.cfg -autoinit -mod=@exile\; -servermod=@exileserver\; -port=2302 -profiles=SC -name=SC -noSound 2> SC/serverlog.rpt The "nice" ouput confirms that everything runs fine: 15:57:09 Dedicated host created. 15:57:24 BattlEye Server: Initialized (v1.217) 15:57:24 Host identity created. 15:57:25 Game Port: 2302, Steam Query Port: 2303 Arma 3 Console version 1.84.144924 x86 : port 2302 15:57:25 Mission Exile.Malden read from bank. 15:57:25 Roles assigned. 15:57:26 Reading mission ... 15:57:36 Mission read. 15:57:37 Game started. The verbose ouput (saved at SC/serverlog.rpt) also confirms that the server connects to database without any issue: 15:57:36 CallExtension loaded: extDB2 (/home/rotter/Server/@exileserver/ [j] 15:57:36 "ExileServer - Installed extDB2 version: 71" 15:57:36 "ExileServer - Connected to database!" 15:57:36 "ExileServer - Database protocol initialized!" Also I check the log file from extDB seems to say ok: extDB2: Version: 71 extDB2: extDB2: Linux Version Message: All development for extDB2 is done on a Linux Dedicated Server Message: If you would like to Donate to extDB2 Development Message: Message: Also leave a message if there is any particular feature you would like to see added. Message: Thanks for all the people that have donated. Message: Torndeco: 20/02/15 extDB2: Found extdb-conf.ini extDB2: Detected 1 Cores, Setting up 2 Worker Threads [15:57:36 +02:00] [Thread 713] extDB2: Database Type: MySQL [15:57:36 +02:00] [Thread 713] extDB2: Database Session Pool Started [15:57:36 +02:00] [Thread 713] extDB2: SQL_CUSTOM_V2: Loading Template Filename: /home/rotter/Server/@exileserver/extDB/sql_custom_v2/exile.ini [15:57:36 +02:00] [Thread 713] extDB2: SQL_CUSTOM_V2: Version 12 Detected, Latest Version 12 Available I don't forget the tip from @snorp and other guys about the need of include this line at "/etc/mysql/my.cnf" sql-mode="ERROR_FOR_DIVISION_BY_ZERO,NO_ZERO_DATE,NO_ZERO_IN_DATE,NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER" So, when I trying to log in to the server, it stucks at the Connecting screen. Nothing happens. Only this: Checking again the server log and didn't see any change or update. Nothing revelant at the client logs as well. I found that I think is the same problem: and another dead end thread about the same issue: Any help will be welcome...!
  25. Hi folks. I've had an issue for ages on my server that I've kind of ignored because it's been simple enough for me to work around, but I'm confused as to why it might be happening so thought I'd ask the community in case anyone has seen something similar before. Basically, the Exile 3DEN plugin appears as an optional mod for the server. I have no idea why it appears, because (to my knowledge) I've never uploaded it to the server. The reason it bothers me is because if you do enable it, the server kicks you because there's no signature match (which makes sense because the plugin has no signature). Leaving it disabled allows you to join the server just fine. I've scoured my files to see if there's any trace of it and I can't find anything. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Any ideas where I should focus my attentions to get rid of this optional mod? Many thanks in advance.