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Found 2 results

  1. Vurama

    Server Crash

    hello everyone, so far for those 2 days i have been having issue with my virtual rented server crashing on its own after approx 2.30h of start time, server cycle we use is 4h, and i have checked the RPT log the last 20 lines were showing this: i tried to search and make my own resolution out of it for 2 days so far and i still not able to get it fixed, server run 4 mods now only ( Exile,CBA,CUPunits,CUPweapons,CUPvehicles) before we had Ryanzombies + infection also on it that i removed after reading alot of post saying that this might have been the issue crashing the server. anw for those interested this is my RPT logs: any help is much appreciated thx
  2. Takeo64z

    Unable To Locate "extDB2" Extention

    Hi, I've been searching google and the topics on this website constantly for the last couple of days i seemed to not find anything about this I created a exile server and i keep getting "Receiving Server Version" And I go Into The Logs And This Is What I See What I Think The Problems Are: The Server Cannot Reach The Database The Server Cannot Locate extDB2 Extension I Keep Getting Receiving Server Version When my friends or I join the server I Have gone through "extdb-conf" And checked that all the information in that file matched my SQL database. And Made changes to match the database. I Have Searched The Forums And Google But have yet to come across something that fixes this problem. My Operation System: Windows Server 2008 R2 I Am Using TADST for my server. My Skype: nathan.zazo1