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Found 7 results

  1. Dotted


    Our Exile Tanoa is a full Mil PVP based server, With this in mind expect players to be in tanks and jets. We have set prices on tanks and jets to be pretty high so players need to work for them and not constantly going around in them to give players a small chance. Launchers, High-end weapons, and thermals, etc are available from spec ops trader (not safe zone) but this is just temporary until we have set these types of loot to only spawn in the contaminated areas and will be removed from spec ops to buy. Shadow Island This is going to be an island that will contain zombies, maybe even a radiation zone too, We want to try and turn this island into somewhere that a static mission will spawn containing good loot. We have not quite got this implemented on the server but we have a test server on which we are testing this and should be moved over soon the main server soon Server features Locker Plus Vector Build Shipwrecks Event Crate Drops Deploy Vehicle (Use Duct Tape) Salvage Vehicle Base Spawn Engima Revive Low Level Base Raiding R3f Logistics Tow / Crate Loading R3f Waste Dump Selling Tree Logs Into Vehicle Territory Payment Notification Server Info Menu OWNER Sindog Admin One Shot DEV'S Dotted ( Main Dev) Sindog One Shot
  2. Zach1212

    Pure Gaming

    Pure gaming is a brand new server, and we plan on increasing to a community based atmosphere. Our server has been being worked on for the past couple months, and the 2 owners are fairly new to the arma 3 server making community, but NOT to arma it's self. We've been playing arma for over 5 years, and we've decided to make our own server, we still have lots of work to do, but alot of work has been complete, and fun is on it's way Our Mod list includes: CBA CUP - Terrains, Core, CWA, Weapons, Units, Vehicles RHS- All 4 mods Exile Chernarus 2035 Extended base Mod Mozzie Mod TRYK Multi play uniforms NIA all in one SMA 2035 Russian Forces mod and finally advanced urban rappeling. But as stated before we are a brand new server, and are new to running arma 3 servers, but we do have past knowledge of servers we have played and seen there flaws and there pros. and we hope to make one masterful server
  3. Wataya Lookinat

    Angry Dad Entertainment

    A Custom Tanoa map, Quite a few specialized mods. Bigfoot Shipwrecks. Underwater Missions and more ! . Stop on by. Free base kits for all. PVE Main Island, all small Islands are PVP......Game on !
  4. Deadbeat91

    [404] Exile Chernarus

    We are 404 Games the community that once had a large following for Wasteland United. We have decided to come back to Arma and enjoy playing Exile. The only issue was that servers these days seem to be full of overpowered vehicles and weapons and gone away from the original idea. So we have taken it upon ourselves to create something for the players that want a less overpowered approach to Exile and going back to the roots of original Exile. List of server features: Crate loading and selling Base Spawning (10 Minutes) Deploy a quad/kart at any time (Requires Extension Cord) Deploy a bike at any time (15 min cooldown) Towing Player Market (Sell items with your own prices) Starter gear based on reputation (No weapons are given at spawn) No Thermal (Except UAV) - Scouting vehicle. Vector Building Capture Points - (Custom designed with RNG Rewards) Unique Missions - (Custom designed with RNG Rewards) Hacking Safes Virtual Garage Grinding Doors Eject from aircraft (Above 100m) Always on parachute Unlock vehicles from the inside (Don't get stuck in your vehicle) Sea Crates (4 spawn on server start for players to race towards) Helicopter Crashes (10 are spawned around the map for players to find) Day Cycle (2 Hours Day Time, 1 Hour Night Time) Improved night time (Brighter) 30m Base Height limit Advanced Urban Rappelling Heli Rappelling SafeZonePlus (Protects your vehicles from thieves) Black Market Trader (Get high-end vehicles and weapons) List of server features to be added soon: Wages Daily Rewards Loadout Trader (Allows saving/purchasing of whole loadouts that you personally save) Environment sound reduction via key Hacking (Virtual Garages) Select a kit when you spawn Vehicle Rearming Vehicle Claiming Reviving Air Lifting Please understand this server is not finished yet and the population is only about 5 - 12 at peak hours, we are working on advertising to get people interested in playing but until it hits around 20+ players all day it will be slow times, to begin with. If you want to see a server like this succeed come on play with some of our community and try help populate the server.
  5. D0Nk

    *NEW* SWE/EU

    Brand new server, still in development but it has the standard mods and addons to satisfy your needs! Features so far: • XM8 custom apps • Shipwrecks 20 - 80k poptabs • Loot crates • DMS with custom missions • Roaming AI • Enigmas revive • Infistar anti-hack • Status bar • Towing and rappelling • Extended base building with vector • Viewdistance settings • Improved AI • Police city occupations - more stuff will be added, jump in and give us your feedback!
  6. Bartimaeus

    =GJM= Exile Tanoa

    =GJM= Exile Tanoa is a new server with great FPS. We are looking to build a good community of pvp minded players. We have active admins that love the game as much as you and who listen to constructive criticism/suggestions. Stop by and check it out!!
  7. [SAT] ItsCriminal

    [DE/EN] Exile - Tanoa - Zombies

    Exile Tanoa Exile RZInfection ExtendedBaseMod RyanZombies - ExileZ Shipwrecks DMS + Roaming Trader activ Vehicle building and more Just join and get an own impression