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Found 5 results

  1. Firstly, please move this if in the wrong place, I wasn't sure where to post it... I'm having problems changing my signature on the forums. Whenever I paste in the banner code from gametracker, I get this error message: Unable to retrieve signature image dimensions I used to have gametracker banners just fine in my signature in the past and am only changing them now to reflect the new IP's having moved my servers to a new box. The banners and the rest of the signature are within the restrictions. Any ideas?
  2. phantom_bora

    Wrong Signature Kick after Apex update

    Several of our players keep getting randomly kicked from our server since the Apex/Potato update. Only common denominator that we can figure out is these players have not purchased Apex as of yet. The kicks are very random and sometimes they can play for several hours, other times only a few minutes at most. The signature files they get kicked for vary from time to time. I personally have been kicked numerous times and have redownloaded my addons, redownloaded Exile, redownloaded the base game of ARMA 3 (yes and Steam Verified the game). This tends to resolve the issue only temporarily at best. It happens regardless of what's around me on the map, what gear I have or how long I'm on the server. I've even downloaded the signature files directly from the server and used them with no success. It appears to be client side and not server side as this issue happens to me on other servers. Not sure if anyone else has noticed this on their servers. Any help or input would be greatly appreciated!

    Exilemod Signature wont work

    Hey all, i am creating an dedicated exile server, and i have an error with the exilemod. I downloaded the clientside and serverside and put them both into my server folder. I downloaded exactly the same to my client and tried to connect. I am getting now the error, that the signature is not the same. Here are some pictures My folder Here is my log Thx for your time and help
  4. SnaakZA

    Client Error

    Hi Last few days I been getting this error with people connecting onto my server - Would appreciate some help! Player XXX: Signature check timed out TX Snaak_ZA
  5. julian53867

    Key Signature Problem

    Good day guys, I have got a Problem with the Arma 3 Key Signature. I already redownloaded and reinstalled the new Exile Mod Version "Kiwi". But the Key signature doesn´t work. I can´t join the Exile Servers. What could i do, to fix this problem ? Which information are needed for you ? LG Julian