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Found 4 results

  1. Monkeynutz

    Reserved Slots!

    Hello, Again with another Revive... @TheMeq created a script that no longer worked with Exile and I have modified it to allow easier customisation AND it now also works. Download link: It is a simple script for when a player joins the server, it checks to see if his UID is in the list of reserved UIDs and if they are not then it will display a message to them, put them in God Mode and Disable input so they cannot move while the message is on display, preventing them from running around like a headless chicken and being killed by another player. It then proceeds to dim the screen and after 10 seconds, it will kick them. If the player is listed in the UIDs they will not be kicked. This script is an easier alternative to those who don't want to or don't know how to white-list using other stuff. All you have to do is edit accordingly, the message will then show. Download link:
  2. TheMeq

    Single Script Reserved Slots

    Hello, wanted to release my reserved slots script Go to your mp_missions/exile.<map>/ and create a new file called reservedslots.sqf. Paste in the following code: // Reserved Slots Script by TheMeq private ["_reserved_uids", "_uid","_playercount","_servernoreserve","_server_reservedslots","_server_maxplayers","_testplayer"]; // Max Players _server_maxplayers = 70; // Reserved Slots _server_reservedslots = 10; // Reserved Player UID's _reserved_uids = [ "UID1","UID2","UID3" ]; waitUntil {!isNull player}; waitUntil {(vehicle player) == player}; waitUntil {(getPlayerUID player) != ""}; _playercount = count playableUnits; _uid = getPlayerUID player; _servernoreserve = _server_maxplayers - _server_reservedslots; { _testplayer = getPlayerUID _x; if(_testplayer in _reserved_uids) then { _servernoreserve = _servernoreserve + 1; if (_servernoreserve > _server_maxplayers) then { _servernoreserve = _server_maxplayers; }; }; } forEach allPlayers; if ((_playercount > _servernoreserve)&& !(_uid in _reserved_uids)) then { titleText ["", "BLACK OUT"]; disableUserInput true; hint "You are in a reserved slot! You will be kicked to the lobby in 10 seconds!"; sleep 5; hint "You are in a reserved slot! You will be kicked to the lobby in 5 seconds!"; sleep 5; titleText ["", "BLACK IN"]; disableUserInput false; failMission "end1"; }; Change _server_maxplayers to your server capacity including reserved slots. Change _server_reservedslots to your number of reserved slots. Change _reserved_uids to an array of what players have reserved slots. Add the following line to init.sqf [] execVM "addons\reservedslot.sqf"; And your good to go! This was adapted and improved from another script.
  3. Hi Guys, Since the update i've been gettin these errors in my rpt: I'm not really sure what these mean and on joining my server players are getting an annoying popup saying something similar to "bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/WeaponSlotsInfo.scope" Players can still join the server and play but these popups occur twice before they enter and it just looks unprofessional. Does anyone know how to fix these? Thanks
  4. FallingSheep

    Sheep's Slotmachine v4

    hey guys thought id share my slotmachine with you all, now on to the dirty work VIDEO COMING SOON! ok for it to work correctly you MUST have have this installed first or the poptabs wont save after relog/restart Update Respect/Poptabs and save to database by @happydayz UPDATED V4 - another exploit fixed special thanks to @Tuna for testing and bug finding DOWNLOAD - 1. Extract the Scripts and Pictures folder's into your mpmission folder from the zip file 2. open your description.ext and add this to the very bottom //Slot Machine #include"Scripts\slotmachine\slots.hpp" 3. you can change the chance of winning by editing BOTH open_dialog and slots.sqf changing this line SlotsWinChance = random 100; if the random number is greater than 90 players will win if you set the chance lower than 90 players CANT win! Examples SlotWinChance = random 100; - 10% chance to win SlotWinChance = random 90; - 1% chance to win 4. you call the slotmachine using [] execVM "Scripts\SlotMachine\open_dialog.sqf"; example: if your using XM8apps add it like so //App 1 _app1Text = "Slot Machine"; _app1Logo = ""; app1_action = { [] execVM "Scripts\SlotMachine\open_dialog.sqf"; }; 5. you can change the payouts/prizes by editing open_dialog.sqf and changing these lines PRIZE1 = 500; PRIZE2 = 750; PRIZE3 = 1200; PRIZE4 = 2500; PRIZE5 = 5000; PRIZE6 = 7500; PRIZE7 = 10000; you then also have to change the text thats shown when you win so open slots.sqf under //Check Prize and pay out Example: to change PRIZE1 find the below code and change the 500 to what ever you changed PRIZE1 to. if (reel1 == "cherry") then { titleText ["You won 500","PLAIN DOWN",3]; titleFadeOut 5; _newPoptabs = ExileClientPlayerMoney + PRIZE1; ENIGMA_UpdateStats = [player,_newPoptabs]; publicVariableServer "ENIGMA_UpdateStats"; }; enjoy gambling away