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Found 3 results

  1. Erzengel

    Weaponjam and Supply on smoke

    Hi, as i quit exile editing and starting the development of a little own mod i decided to do a quick tutorial on my latest changes, including supplydrops called by the player and jamming weapons with a customizable jamming chance. the installation is as easy as i could be just paste the following code at the bottom of your initPlayerlocal.sqf iam pretty sure if you know what you are doing you will easly find out on your own how to customize the dropped loot, how ever the jamming rate can be changed by the 0.0033 in the 2nd block of the code and is currently set to 0.33% per bullet. keep in mind that you will have to make this part of your init execute after the client loaded in compltly so consider to add waitUntil {!isNull findDisplay 46}; above my code in case you dont allready have it in your .sqf If you have anymore questions just ask but keep in mind that i just visit this forum kind of rarely so u might what to add me on steam if you have any questions (post in profilecomments so i can be sure is not csgo scam attemt ^^) Enjoy the script and have a nice day :-) [EVERY SPELLING MISTAKE IS NO MISTAKE IT'S A GERMAN FEATCHER]
  2. =GcG= DirtyPede

    Adding fire and smoke to specific place

    Hi there. I found out that i can make fire and smoke on the ground with the functions ModuleEffectsFire and ModuleEffectsSmoke. I can get to work in 3den, but i dont know how to make work in Exile. Example: ModuleEffectsSmoke function: ModuleEffectsFire function:
  3. javelin10

    Cannot switch thrown weapon

    In my normal arma3 setup I use number "4" key to cycle my thrown weapons (usually between grenades and smokes). In exile that is (hard-coded?) set to 'holster weapon' so I've bound keys 7-0 inclusive to 'cycle thrown weapon'. None of these keys work. To swap between grenades and smokes I need to put all of one type on ground then pick them up again, which is not really practical in a fight Any ETA when this will be added to the custom UI?