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Found 11 results

  1. PTWS Persistent Time and Weather System PTWS is a script that I made for my Exile server that I host for some friends that allows time and weather to persist through server restarts. It also has seasons defined by months that will change the temperature. Download Source Features: Persistent time (year, month, day, hour, minute) Time accleration Persistent weather NEW Dynamic weather (thanks to code34's Real weather) NEW Seasons that change the temperature NEW Snow based on temperature and current overcast NEW To-do List: Add Persistent weather Configure seasons based on months Make the seasons affect more than the temperature ???? Bugs: A script error occurs after every restart when PTWS is checking for the database entry, not sure why. Future: Afterword: Credits: @second_coming - I used his occupation mod as an example for some of the settings and debug. I also used his config settings for the time acceleration. @WolfkillArcadia - Thanks for the helpful tips, I was able to clean the code a good amount thanks to that. @code34 - The creator of Real Weather, I'm using his script for the dynamic weather.
  2. For winter maps servers ..(or any map) SNOW TEMPERATURE AND OVERCAST BASED - BLIZZARD- SNOW MASK - WINTER ENVIRONMENT SOUNDS - HOUSES SOUNDS Installation : Readme inside download (all features are activable or deactivable by Snow\fn_settings.sqf) UPDATE 31-08-2017 - v.0.9.8 - [added] ADDON updated with snowly/frozen wrecks objects for removeWrecks script. - [added] RemoveWrecks script ( remove wrecks obtain items) (wrecks are spawned by @exileserver/addon/a3_WY_Wrecks - read installation instructions). For some wrecks (fort_barricade, uh60) obtain two times items when removed. UPDATE 29-08-2017 - v.0.9.7 - [fixed] some messages didnt appear after lasts ARMA 3 updates. UPDATE 21-08-2017 - v.0.9.6 - [fixed] winters environments dont load correctly after lasts ARMA 3 updates. - [fixed] environments sounds dont load correctly after lasts ARMA 3 updates. OLD UPDATES ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SNOW MASK SYSTEM (will be reworked soon)---- How does it Work : attention to (only for 0.6.5): Old Updates [TODO] -Snowly/frozen cherno houses roof [10%] Download v.0.9.8 A3Launcher This work is licensed under a Arma Public License Share Alike v.0.6.5 Videos
  3. Kyrik

    SnowyChernarus - ChernarusWinter

    The Fifth Neatwork™. We opened our first Arma 3 Exile Survival Server based on a harsh winter survival, balanced with thermal removal and many addons to paint your base, vector, virtual garage. Events, snowstorms, custom ambients, custom traders. How to play? The whole necessary package can be found at : Mod package You also need Exile Mod : A movie will be made out of it! IP : 2303 Also on gametracker here! Can be found via A3Launcher by searching for 'SnowyChernarus'! Our steam group. Join us on Discord for a 100k start bonus! A new step, new design. A whole new crew to welcome you! WIP ------- The Fifth Neatwork™. Nous avons ouvert notre premier serveur Arma 3 Exile Survie axé sur un environnement hostile enneigé incluant tempête et plus encore! Vous avez aussi accès à de nombreux addons tel que le Garage Virtuel, Missions custom, musique custom, peinture pour base/vehicule, script de soin et plus encore! Jouer maintenant? Le package de mods nécessaire pour l’expérience est ici : Mod package Vous avez aussi besoin du mod Exile : Nous préparons un film sur ce serveur! IP : 2303 Visible sur gametracker here! Vous utilisez A3Launcher? Cherchez 'SnowyChernarus'! Our steam group. Rejoignez-nous sur Discord pour un bonus de nouveau joueur de 100 000 poptabs! Une grande étape. Nouveau design. Une grande équipe pour vous accueillir bientôt! En construction.
  4. kidesh

    Making some areas snow

    Hi, So I have made a new map ( Isla Abramia) and it has some snowy hills and i want to add snow to certain parts of the map. How would i do this?
  5. DavieReid88

    CSAT Snow Tigers Traders

    I wanted to share a simple traders script i put together for the CSAT Snow Tigers Mod by IndeedPete, When i used a winter map i looked around for a traders script for this mod as i thought it had brilliant winter look to it but couldn't find anything, Most servers i went in just had them mixed in with everything else, This is a much easier way to find the camo items. As you can see from the pictures it has uniforms, guns, heli's and also vehicles all in snow camo. Download CSAT Snow Tigers from here. Place ONLY the CSAT_ST folder in your server root. And add the indeedpete Key to your keys folder Add to your mod parameters -mod=@CSAT_ST; In your config.cpp Add this to the top of your class CfgExileArsenal Add this to the class CfgTraderCategories Add this to the CfgTraders Im not sure if this mod is popular enough to be added to the easy trader setup thats why i gave it its own topic. But feel free.
  6. iVaper

    [BH] Bandithero Chernarus Winter

    BanditHero servers have active development in a constant changing Arma environment. Updates happen, we fix them within a couple of hours. Server runs on quad xeon E3-1230 V2 (32 cores), 128gb memory, 10gb fiber port and 12 tb of storage. All packed together with a custom linux kernel developed by iVaper. High frames and low latency, even for our friends in the EU. Our zombie code was stripped and rewritten to ensure the best optimization of zombies around.
  7. simonbett

    MKY Blizzard and Snow script

    hello all .. i just wanted to ask is this possible to add to Exile chernarus winter map ?
  8. ZZK-Gaming

    Snow every time!

    Hey Guys, i run the Snow Script but the Snow is not every to can fix that? This is the Snow Script: class Snow { // 1 = enabled, 0 = disabled enable = 1; // surfaces[] = { "#nam_snow" }; }; Map is Chernarus Winter
  9. [X-CESSIVE] Mr. Sage

    Tanoa And Snow?

    Just curious if enabling snow in tanoa would work? class Snow { // 1 = enabled, 0 = disabled enable = 0; // surfaces[] = {}; };
  10. Since Exile is highly customizable, as the matter of fact Arma 3 has a decent amount of variables to adjust, and/or to make to extend functionality. We're all waiting for Namalsk to be finished, and we've seen snow, etc etc.. Which all in all looks real nice. So I've been playing around for the entire weekend, and came up with following so far for Chernarus Winter Snow & Blizzards - The snow & blizzards are completely random. (More to come soon.) Breath fog (Should work in Multiplayer, but not tested yet!) - Frequency will increase gradually and with some randomness when player is moving fast enough (running). And automatically decrease once stamina / fatigue has been restored to an acceptable level, and player is walking / jogging. Ground fog (Not Server/MP compatible *W.I.P.*) - Currently only a local effect executed on players, which means that the ground fog is not globally on server, although I'm still working on finding a solution so all players have the same levels of fog, and it looks exactly the same for all, but this is tricky with particles unfortunately. I may add compatibility for zones, which will work server-side, so you can define zones where the ground fog should be present. Still a long way to go, but so far it looks pretty good, and creepy as fuck
  11. ZmeI

    Снег на сервере

    Помогите настроить снег на сервере, поставил снег а он не идет, как будто на сервере принудительно работает другая погода. Вот скрипт если что. на Epoch mod работает нормально этот скрипт.