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Found 2 results

  1. Z80CPU

    Deleted Content

    Hello Everybody! Over the years, I have noticed people having issues with mission files that give them the dreaded ‘Deleted Content’. Then they come on here seeking what to do and how to deal with it. For those who know how to deal with it, it is fairly easy. But, if you do not know, then you’re stuck. Not only that, but if your mission has 20, 30, 75+ items in the ‘AddOnsMetaData’ class section you could spend 30-60 minutes renumbering the items after you remove them. Heaven forbid if you delete a semi-colon or cause some other syntax error! So for those that struggle with how to fix this error as well as help those the the ‘AddOnsMetaData’ renumbering, I have put together instructions as well as a program that will automate some of these procedures for you. This program can be used for ANY ‘Mission.SQM’ file which gives you this error. It does not matter you get it when you try to play your mission or when you try to edit the mission. It does not matter if it is for Exile, KOTH, SP, or MP. This program (64kb) is a Windows program that can run on any version of Windows, from Win95 –> Win10 with no issues. This is a program that I have personally been using for over 2 years and it is a time saver! Instructions on how to use the program as well as how to fix these errors are contained in the YouTube video which is in the ReadMe file as well as directly from within the program itself. When you download this program, you will have a choice on a ‘Stand Alone’ version or an ‘Installed’ version. Try the ‘Stand Alone’ first. Both will be included in the RAR file. ---> Make SURE YOU READ THE ‘READ ME’ BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING! <--- If you like this and wish to show your appreciation in a more tangible manner, please donate to me at: PayPal.Me/SuperChickenProduct If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let me know! DropBox Link
  2. Hi there, Before I start I know the stock standard answer is to search as it's been covered "multiple times" in the forums, but all I have managed to find is people saying that it's been covered multiple times and not actually it being covered - perhaps I'm not able to use the in-built search function effectively enough or perhaps it's not quite up to scratch for specific searches like this. Is it required that you host it privately to be able to do this? I'm not looking to have core features to do with respect, I'm not looking to implement custom missions or anything - I'm just simply looking for the ability to build using Exile's awesome building system, while not on a multiplayer server. I want to mess around with a few rather big build ideas which wouldn't be practical without having an unlimited supply of wood. Thanks in advance for your help, I greatly appreciate it. The Gent