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Found 16 results

  1. kidesh

    Isla Abramia

    Hi, So I made a Isla Abramia map for some friends but they decided to go back to Altis, so I thought I would share this so it would not go to waste. ##*** PLEASE NOTE THIS COME WITH A SNOW CUSTOM TRADERS AND YOU NEED TO DELETE IF YOU WANT RID OF IT***## initServer.sqf initPlayerLocal.sqf mission.sqf I hope someone will use this and will love the map the way I did
  2. NukeInMyPantz

    Contamination Item Spawns Help

    Hi I have a quick question about the Contamination Zones. If I go in to 3den and make a small to medium sized military base at the NW Airfield in Chernarus would the Items spawn normally when I start the server and log in ? If not what would I have to do.
  3. DOWNLOAD UPDATE: MAY 2018 - Download link updated Hey Exilemod ! I am finally releasing my new Tanoa traders as promised, alongside my website where I will be releasing more traders shortly. Starting with Malden ! TANOA SILVER EDITION: Tanoa Siver Edition focuses on a Trader hub rather than a scattered jungle approach. There are boat and aircraft locations on each individual island as well as spawn points. The main island has two mixer locations (one being at the trader hub), and the only spec-ops trader on the entire map. The contamination zone has been moved to the western island and a guard has been placed at the bridge to keep out looters 1x Trader City Hub 1x Contamination Island 1x Spec Trader Location 3x Side Island Spawn 3x Main Island Spawn 4x Boat Trader Location 4x Aircraft Trader Locations
  4. Magnetic

    Need help in building mission file

    I have managed to create a mission file, i got the traders in, i got all the safe zones, spawn points etc. What i cant figure out is why i cant actually select a spawn and always show up as empty exile slot. any ideas? please?
  5. General_Jacob

    Vehicle Spawn (Relative to Trader)

    Hi guys, Really simply I want to force a vehicle to spawn maybe 10m in front of trader and 1-2m higher. I dont want any of the other custom scripts that pick a safe location, more of a straight forward "right in front of me regardless" system. I looked around but couldnt find one. If thats possible I would love some pointers, thanks! Also, I know that there is an issue with players blowing up vehicles by buying in rapid succession however this is an unprotected trader so I figured that risk is negligible to non-existent.
  6. UPDATE: Trader Upgrade Russian Roulette trader now available next to food trader Second Contamination zone at sugar factory Lockers added to all Aircraft traders DOWNLOAD initServer.sqf initPlayerLocal.sqf mission.sqm ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Exilemod, After the tremendous success of the first Custom Tanoa Traders 1, I decided to create a second set of Custom Traders. I will spend more time during the remainder of the week and probably send out another update shortly. DETAILS: 1x Primary Traderzone (All traders Includes except SpecOps) 2x SpecOps Traders (Protected) 5x Aircraft Traders (Protected) 3x Boat Traders (Protected) 1x Scuba Trader (Unprotected) 5x Waste Traders (Protected) 5x Concrete Mixers (Unprotected) 1x Quarantine Island (Western Island) 7x Spawn Points (Not much thought went into this) 0x Russian Roulette (Next Update) 1x Bridge (Connecting North West Island to Mainland) SCREENSHOTS: Primary Trader Aircraft Traders Boat/Scuba Trader SpecOps/Waste Spawns Bridge Who needs money when you have fans. Sound off below ! Release Soon ! Regards S.
  7. mikekozowsky

    Vehicle spawns

    Hello! I have a question about vehicle spawns?! I want vehicles to spawns whitout password and I want them to be persistent, and also spawns all over the map (chernarus) I cant figure out how to do it!
  8. CantBeTrue -

    Esseker Loot spawns??

    Can someone plz share there esseker loot spawns / CfgBuildings
  9. CantBeTrue -

    Esseker Loot spawns??

    Can someone plz share there esseker loot spawns / CfgBuildings
  10. Tom ♋ ツ Flames

    How do i add custom markers and spawn point

    hi all, how do i install custom spawns and markers to my map or has someone got some i can use...? i am on Altis regards Tom
  11. I've been poking around files and i'm actually getting much better at understanding how to change/adjust lines in the pbos, etc. At the same time, i always end up forgetting to back it up when i mess up and i have to completely restore the server to default and start again. Can you guys share a working server so i can work from that? At this point in time it's just for research purposes. I want to be able to learn how to tweaks things but if i can't get it to work, it gets very hard. I made it to work a few times but loot was not spawning or i decided to add a few scripts such as Status Bar and server stopped working. What i'm trying to achieve is basically to have a Frankie Edition Exile Server but with custom missions, rarity of loot which can't be bought at traders, rarity of vehicles spawned in server, roaming AI, black market with no safe zone, etc. Reading around through different forums i have a basic idea on how to start and i know where to gather more information. The mods i will be installing on my server are: hlc, zombies and demons, arma 2 cutscenes, jsrs3 dragonfyre, psylandrover, ace, aem, joint rails, mocap, rh acc, rh pistols, ianscope, identizee, flay archery, tao map, task force radio, baf vehicles, bg_wef, xcam, chinook, cba, rhs russia, rhs usa, humvees. Anybody is invited to join if you like the idea and you're done messing around with servers etc. Any help is appreciated. In order to achieve all that, i really need a working server as backup so anytime i mess up i can basically restore it to a working server rather than default. You can easily use github, google drive, private message, whatever you guys feel best! <3
  12. TheTrueJokeRz


    HEY THERE! I bought a server yesterday, and i installed CUP, and enabled it. But when i try to add it to the traders, and loot spawn. It wont seem to work. The map is altis, i dont know if that is a problem, but i would likely changse map, also going to, just havent got to the point yet. I used Item compiller, but some wird reason loot wont spawn. Im trying to get it to a "High" loot spawn server, and im just aksing for help how to do, (or even a file premade, but i know its a little changse tho ;() like very detailed, because im a fagget, and noob (sry guys) As said, you have to have a long line with me, and im not doing it on purpose, but yeah. Again sorry. Thank you guys! Have a great night!
  13. Since the Pomelo update, loot is no longer spawning in on my server. I have updated the exile_server_config file with the esseker spawn points in the config file just like I had before but now the spawns are not working. Is there something else we must do?
  14. Tom ♋ ツ Flames

    Chernarus Traders and spawns

    hi, i am a server owner and my arma 3 editior is not working. and i have tried for so long to fix it and it does not work, is there anyone who wants to PM me their traders and spawns? will appreciate it alot. many thanks Tom
  15. Hey Guys, Just wondering if anyone has been able to add different vehicles to the exile spawns. I have added vehicles to the config.bin file in the server Pbo Any advise at this point would be much appreciated
  16. Kruemmel

    New Map - New Spawns (Not Altis)

    Hello, i am setting up a German server with Esseker. My Problem is i can't set the "playerspawns". I have tried to open the SQM with some programs but this didn't work. Someone got a Tut how i can work on the SQM and set the playerspawns for this other map. Greetz