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Found 10 results

  1. Gxneral

    Squad gesucht!

    Moin Leute, Ich habe Jahrelang Arma 2 Overpoch und daraufhin Arma 3 Exile in einem großen Clan gezockt. Leider stirbt der Exile Mod langsam aus, und ich habe vor einer Woche nochmals richtig Spaß dran gefunden. Leider habe ich keinen mehr, der die Mod mit mir spielen will. Sollte jemand Interesse daran haben, würde ich mich freuen, wenn man nochmal auf einem ordentlichen Server was starten könnte! Bei Interesse melden und oder bei Steam schreiben! Steam: kazmaah
  2. hi, I'm looking for people to team up with and play missions and loot parts of the map. I'm on an Altis server with zombies, military missions, helicopter crash sites, bandits, survivors, static missions and a few special customized locations (NW & SE aircraft trader, SE traders, secret military research base). Otherwise pretty basic. Am open to suggestions on mods to add. Teamspeak/Discord servers also. Anyways, hmu with your info and I'll add you. /cheers
  3. iKoE

    Phaze Exile Team

    Hello, my name is Larsson and I am the creator of Phaze. We are currently searching for players to join our Exile Division, the group is fairly new. If you're interested then please message me, and if you're not interested then please keep reading before you decide to shove us away! *** We have Captain roles to fill *** Any further questions will be dealt with in a private message through steam Who are we We are a group of gamers that like to get together and play games. The group was founded as a joke by a bunch of friends on the game Rainbow Six: Siege but now I want to use the name to create a community. Requirements We do have some requirements, but they are not strict.[/b] Age 13+ We mostly go by maturity levels, so if you're younger, then please feel free to speak to me anyways. Decent spoken english As long as we understand you, then you're good to go! Knowledge of the game and the Exile mod You don't need to be the best at everything, but a decent knowledge of the game is always a huge +. If you're new to the game and mod then we can teach you the basics. Willing to listen Listen to orders and execute them to the best of your abilities. Also being able to take and give constructive criticism. Rules No Racism No Sexism Sharing is caring *** Any rule-breaking is to be reported to me *** [/b] Joining Process First off you add me on steam, we will have a little chat and you can ask me any questions you'd like about the team. If you decide to join then you will be supplied with a teamspeak IP, we can further chat on there if you have any other questions. When you join the team, you will be put under the rank Exile Trial You will have this rank for 2 days, under these 2 days we will evaluate you as a player and potenial member. After the 2 days have passed and we deem you to fit the team, you will be promoted to Exile Member You will have this rank until I deem you worthy for a rankup. Promotions As the rank Exile Member You might wonder when you will get your next rankup. Ranks higher than Exile Member are earned. So by being active and performing in-game you can expect a rankup within a few weeks. Ranking Structure and Chain of Command This is our ranking structure. Exile Commander > Exile Captain > Exile Veteran > Exile Member > Exile Trial Exile Commander: This rank is to be had by only one at a time. They have access to everything and can deal with promotions, demotions, kicking and recruitment. Exile Captain: There should only be 3 of this rank. They will be assigned their own squads in the future when the team expands. They will have the power to promote Exile Trial to Exile Member aswell as demoting players back to Exile Trial. They will have the power to kick Exile Trial after consulting with the Exile Commander. Exile Veteran: This rank is earned. This rank shows your support for the team and is often only given to members who are active and have shown their worth during in-game situations. This rank is prioritized for rankup to Exile Captain when a slot is open. Exile Member: The basic rank of the team. This rank shows that you made it through the Trial Period. Exile Trial: 2 day Trial. This rank shows that you're currently under Trial. You're able to ask for a specializiation tag when you reach the rank of Exile Member. These tags will show what you're better than average at. These tags include: Fixed-wing Pilot, Rotary-wing Pilot, Marksman, Architect. The Architects will be given access to everything base related as they will be the ones constructing and designing the base. *** More ranks will be added as I see fit. *** Methods of Contact Steam Message Forum PM
  4. Hello, my name is Larsson and I'm looking for people to squad up with.I have a few requirements, but they are not too strict. Requirements No age limit, as long as you are mature I don't care if you're 10 or 35.Basic knowledge of the Exile mod.Decent at the game itself.Able to use Teamspeak for communication. (I have a server)Decent English.Not being a whiney little ♥♥♥♥.Oh, and sharing is caring. We are in this as a team, not for ourselves. If someone needs a gun, ammo, etc you supply if you are able to do so.Something I'm really looking for is a person who has great knowledge on base building. As I am not the best at it and would like a base that can resist raids. So if you're a good base builder then I would love for you to join.Hearing about your prefered playstyle would be greatly appreciated, any skills you have and what-not.I also have a squad.xml file ready if you feel like using it. Makes it easier for people to know that we're in a squad I have already started playing on a server and I'd prefer if we kept to that server, It's a militarized server with Tanks, Jets, Attack helis etc. Everything you can dream of. Not the most popular at the moment, but tends to get around 20+ players at peak hours.Hit me up in a steam message if you're in need of any other information that is not listed here. Steam:
  5. Hey guys im currently looking for a teammate or two to play exile tanoa with. I'm wanting to eventually have a base and own some people! Requirements; Not a Squeaker Have a Clear Microphone Speak Clear English North America only (ping) be able to hold your own weight
  6. We are a friendly squad of 4 players (Age average: 20) who are currently performing very well on a high population Panthera Exile server. We are looking to expand our players so that we are able to man our large military vehicles withgunners, and have more men for raids and missions. You should contact us if you are: - 17+ - English speaking - Have a good understanding of Exile - Don't mind following basic orders (We aren't hardcoredw) - Can play more than 3-4 times a week. We are just looking for more players to have fun with, and we are a bunch of friendly guys! Interested? Add me on skype: Aspheriaaa or steam: P.S We get up lots of fun activities suchas: Base raids, Road Ambushes, Missions, Long distance operations, Convoys etc.
  7. Yexza

    [FR] Recherche 2-3 joueurs

    Yo, On recherches 2 voir 3 joueurs pour completer notre petite squad ,pour jouer fun à 4, nous sommes deja 2. Nous avons 14 et 16 ans et communiquons par ts. on est implenter sur un serveur (UK mais avec pas mal de francais),donc voila. si vous etes interesser, ajoutez moi sur steam : yexza bon jeu !
  8. POLM_GekkeGerrit

    Squad xml help

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if the Exile devs disabled the squad part of the squad xml. The reason I ask is because i've got a squad xml file on my server, which ingame does load my member attributes, but not the actual clan attributes like clan tag, name and image. I have followed various tutorials on this subject and googled a lot, only to find rather old topics or solutions that I've tried already but didn't work. Here is my squad.xml file: Anyone here with a working xml that could point me to what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance!
  9. THE MISSION Have you ever wanted to be part of something? Have you ever wanted to be part of a team? The Dark Sector Gaming community is about a special type player who wants to get the most out of their team experience. We don’t want you to run off and lone wolf that objective, we would rather you jump on that grenade and save you’re brothers!!! We base our community on being structured, not serious. Gaming is all about having fun. The Dark Sector community doesn't stop there though. PC gaming is one of the most underrated gaming mediums. Let's join together and build a great community of like minded individuals. We are currently recruiting players for leadership positions and all else below. If you think you have what it takes to be responsible, to be a leader, to make good moral and ethical decisions, we might just have a spot for you. Above all else we are recruiting mature players. INSIGHT TO DSG DSG was the brain child of two friends. We knew that there was a lot of tactical mil sim communities out there, but they were extremely inaccessible to a lot of people. It always seemed to be a lot of strings attached and rules involved to joining these other communities. We also learned that a lot of them expected an unrealistic amount of time devoted to the community. With having kids and a family I know that I could never join such a thing. This is the beauty of DSG. Its a no strings attached community and only expects as much as people can give. This community is perfect for the weekend warrior type, that is looking for something a little more substantial then just popping into a server with random players. CONTACT AHEAD!!! There currently 3 ways you can contact me for information about our community 1. Teamspeak : IP - 2. DSG community G+ page : 3. Steam : Give DSG a thought. Come stop by the community page, steam message, or drop into our team speak. thank you all, Ephdup
  10. ----------------- English ----------------------------------------------------------------------- We are a group of mature and helpfull gamers who want to have a good time and share these experiences with others. A dedicated Arma 3 Exile & Teamspeak server are just a few of the services we offer, expansions are depending on the community feedback. At the current stage we are expanding our community and that's why the search has started towards gamers with a sense of responsability wich after awhile will get administrative positions within the ODBS. Obviously we will take account any personal interests (website, forum, TS, A3 Exile, ...) and the amount of time you want to spend on this.We are searching for: - Trustwothy Players, wich will keep an eye on the fairplay and abuse ingame => Passive reporting (for now). - Community Builders, this is a job for all ODB's in wich we gather as much of likeminded gamers and getting them active on our services. Our members are mostly active in the following titles: Arma 3 DayZ Standalone ARK: Survival Evolved Killing Floor 2 League of Legends Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft . . . For more information regarding ODBS please visit: See you ingame, BraveDave ----------------- Nederlands ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Onze community bestaat uit een groep van volwassen en behulpzame spelers die niets meer willen dan plezier hebben en deze ervaringen delen met anderen. Een Dedicated Arma 3 Exile & Teamspeak server zijn slechts enkele van de services die we aanbieden, uitbreidingen zijn afgestemd op de community feedback. In de huidige stage zijn we onze community aan het uitbreiden en daarom is de zoekopdracht begonnen richting gamers met een verantwoordelijkheidsgevoel die na verloop van tijd administratieve posities krijgen binnen ODBS. Natuurlijk zal er rekening gehouden worden met persoonlijke interesses (website, forum, TS, A3 Exile, ...) en tijd die men hieraan wil spenderen.We zijn op zoek naar:- Trustworthy Players, dewelke een oogje in het zeil houden omtrent fairplay en abuse => Passieve rapportering (voor nu). - Community Builders, dit is een taak voor alle ODB's waarin we zoveel mogelijk gelijkgestemde gamers willen samenbrengen en actief willen krijgen op onze services. Onze leden zijn vooral actief in de volgende games: Arma 3 DayZ Standalone ARK: Survival Evolved Killing Floor 2 League Of Legends Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft . . . Voor meer informatie omtrent de ODBS, neem hier een kijkje: Greetz, BraveDave