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Found 4 results

  1. EEZY-E

    Hectic Gaming

    We have just started our brand new community Hectic Gaming. We are planning on fully customizing Chernarus to really stand out from the rest of the Exile servers.
  2. da1geek

    Bringin' NAPF Back!

    Gaming International Association is all about the experience you get playing Arma. We live for the type of experiences you have, and find yourself laughing about years later with good beer and good company. Our goal is to give you *that* kind of nostalgic experience. We provide a server with zombies that do not lag/break the server and tons of cool vehicles to chose from - backed by Exile. It all happens on the beautiful, nostalgic NAPF map loaded with custom cities, traders, and loot spawns. Our server has a more original "survival" feel that still makes PVP a blast and rewards looting. We've also packed your XM8 with tons of new, cool features including an app that will alert your mobile phone if your base is being raided. Just as important to the experience is the *performance*. Frankly, I'm sick of servers saying "great FPS". The fact is, ours is unparalleled. We only run our servers on a dedicated machine with minimum 32GB of DDR4 and enterprise SSD's. Come see for yourself why users are getting over 70FPS on 4k. When we say "active admins" we mean it! We are available in game, on Discord, and we even have a mobile number where you can reach out to us with questions or concerns that texts our moderator team. So come join us, and see why we're "Bringin' NAPF Back!"
  3. Redbeard_Actual

    RGN Alpha Gamer Exile #1

    Main Features: 50 Slot Dedicated Server 6 Hour Restarts Increased Loot Spawning DMS Missions | 3 Random + 1 Static | 32 Random Missions Available DMS Occupation Vehicle Patrols and Random Loot Crates Approximate 3 Hours Day to 1.5 Hour Night Customized Weather Settings Active Scripter and Admins on TS Double Click on Radio to spawn Mountain Bike Custom Map Addons: Bridge Alpha [WIP] Reactor Station Alpha Foxtrot Bravo @ Red Spring Mine [WIP] COMMS Whiskey Tango Foxtrot [WIP] Features in Development: Custom Static Missions for The Temple Ruins, The Red Spring Surface Mine and The Contaminated Island Extensive Map Addons are in development to Enhance Feel of Map and provide more areas for PVP Gameplay Alpha Gamer Exile Settings: Max Poptabs in locker = 100,000 Poptabs Clan Registration Fee = 20,000 Poptabs Respect Le4vels: Level 1 = 0 Respect Level 2 = 5000 Respect Level 3 = 10000 Respect Level 4 = 15000 Respect Level 5 = 20000 Respect Level 6 = 25000 Respect Territory Costs: Level 1 Territory Costs Poptabs. All other Levels cost Respect + Poptabs. Level | Purchase Price | Radius | Number of Parts 1 5000 15 M 30 2 10000 30 M 60 3 15000 45 M 90 4 20000 60 M 120 5 25000 75 M 150 6 30000 90 M 180 7 35000 105 M 210 8 40000 120 M 240 9 45000 135 M 270 10 50000 150 M 300 Territories Per Player = 2 Territory Protection Price = 10 Poptabs per part. Territory Protection Time = 14 Days Your Protection Money is due every 14 Days. If Protection Money is left unpaid for 14 Days, the Territory plus all Containers and Constructions inside of it will be destroyed. Abandoned Tent Time = 7 Days Containers such as tents will be considered Abandoned if unused for 7 Days and destroyed. Abandoned Vehicle Time = 7 Days Behicles left unused for 7 Days will be cinsidered Abandoned and destroyed. Abandoned Safe Time = 7 Days Safes will be considered Abandoned after 7 Days and the lock codes set to 0000. Stolen Flag Time = 7 Days If your Territory Flag is stolen, you have 7 days to pay the ransom. If the ransom is left unpaid after 7 days, all constructions and containers within the territory will be deleted. Safe Unlock Time = 3 Days If your Territory Flag is stolen and you do not pay the ransom within 3 days, all lock codes on doors and safes will be set to 0000.
  4. BBQCamp_chucky sucht aktive Mitspieler

    Guten Tag, auch hier stellt das BBQCamp seinen Server vor Der Gameserver ist unter folgende IP+Port zu erreichen Teamspeak Einstellungen: Maxloot100 SlotsSP3+ Antiglitch (selbstgeschrieben)Active Adminsüber 550 FahrzeugeAi - MissionsTerritoriums Preise sehr niedrigDatenbank Sicherung alle 30 MinutenStatusleiste unten Links mit den wichtigsten InformationenHändlerpreise wurden angepasst, alle großen Scharfschützengewehre und LMGs nur kaufbar Gameserver: Intel i-2770 3,4Ghz16GB RAMM 100MBIT AnbindungSSDDatenbanksever: (anderer Rootserver) Intel i-2770 3,4Ghz16GB RAMM 100MBIT AnbindungSSD Viel Spaß beim Spielen wünscht das