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Found 32 results

  1. graylyn

    Looking for dedicated dev

    Howdy! I am currently looking for a developer for exile with heavy scripting experience to be dedicated to our server and its community. We are currently a reboot of the former Premium Exile Server. We have a working mission with features and some custom scripts but are looking to further expand on our current mission. We are also willing to compensate a dev for their work, in particular a portion of donations we get would be negotiable as well. PM Bork in the discord here, or PM me here as well, whichever suits you the best.
  2. bparnham

    Dedicated staff/community

    Hello everyone We are looking to create a group/community to assist us upon the creation of an awesome Exile server. This server is going to be on Chernarus Winter(CUP) and is going to be on Exile mod. its planned to be very developed and be unique. Zombie survival, with challenging environment. So please if your interested to join us and assist us please get in contact with me, there are plenty of roles that need to be filled, so if your dedicated and interested just drop me a message and we can arrange a meet. come join discord and post a message in recruitment: Thanking you Bparnham.
  3. Hi guys. You may have heard of us you may not have. I'm the owner of Xstreme Gaming. I have run this from the start of the year. I was not the founder but I have given it a major overhaul. We have 700+ in our discord We have 4000+ on our forums I'm very big on staff ethics. That means that staff are always mature and respectful. They do not discriminate and especially they do not abuse powers or players. In return I will always defend my staff as bad users also exist. I cannot offer you money but I can offer you a great team to work with and some awesome experience as well as some really well maintained servers. A little about me. I am a Computer Hardware Engineer, in my 20's currently unwell so I treat this as my full-time gig and I love it. It won't be forever but I would love to get it to a great self maintained stage. Where we can all enjoy it. This is Australian based, although I am in New Zealand. Always happy to chat to mature and respectful users and staff. Even co-develop. I am currently looking for moderators and developers. What does this mean? A Developer is a developer of anything: Artwork, HTML, Arma, 3D modelling, Website Design(PHP, Javascript), even if you want another game to develop on, etc. If you can do it i'd love to have you on board as I am currently the only one, it would be nice to work together. A Moderator is mature this means over 20 but also mature mentally. They are friendly and keen to help players. Powers are not a privilege, they are a curse. They are not for your own use or anyone you play with. They are also a last resort. If you fulfill these requirements please feel free to send me a message. What else I can give you? Well we are currently rebuilding and expanding we are also re-branding. The server has had some bad associations in the past and we are not like that in anyway since I have taken over. If you would like to be apart of an expanding fun team then that's what I can give. Thanks for reading. Our servers: Exile Chernarus Exile Altis Exile Redux Hardcore Fallout DayZ Contact: PM
  4. Hey guys we are a new Exile server and we are looking for a server dev and some new Admins if u would like to apply Just reply to this post with what role u would like to apply for thanks
  5. -Oasis Gaming- is looking for some new faces. We all use to run the server EXP, and that has not gone so well with the owner. So we are here under new management to create a server that will last. EXP had a great community with a terrible staff and we are here to change that and restart from the bottom up. We have a lot of resources to make this server big, we just need the assistance in creating it. If you would like to be apart of the next big thing please do not hesitate to contact me on either steam or on discord. Steam: OGTaken ( Discord: OGTaken#5275 (We are also up for making more then one server, of different variants.)
  6. Hello, my name is Sope. I am the Owner of Oasis Gaming and myself and a few other dedicated individuals are in the works of creating a server for Arma 3. The server is going to host the map chernarus isles, with basic cup mods and advanced movement and interactions. We are looking for SQF and SQL coders. Please message me in my discord @ My name on the discord is Aristotle. Thank you.
  7. So as you can see from the title above, we need staff. Let's cut straight to it. We are 3 guys who have been running servers off and on for around 4 years; in an attempt to make a serious approach this time around, we would like to enlist the help of fellow community members in order to meet our goals. Here's what we are looking for: Developers: We have done small development projects over the years, but are looking for other and possibly more experienced people to help fuel the ideals behind our projects.Graphic/Web Designers: Having done most of the graphic/web designing over the years I've come to appreciate what it takes to develop great visuals and functionality, and emplore any aspiring designers to get in contact with us.General Staff/Moderators/Support Staff: No community can run unless it has a great array of staff. Experienced or not, we encourage anyone interested to get in contact with us, as we could use much help managing our community.If you are interested in any of the positions posted above, contact us by adding me on Steam, or by joining our Discord: hope all who are interested come forth and help us in expressing our vision to the community.
  8. Toni Strife

    [DQG] Exile Server

    We are a new exile server, looking for active players, staff, and developers! We have already got a great server that is up currently and we want you to come play!!!!!!Why you should you join us? 1. We offer a great staff team that are very active and provide support as soon as possible, not only that we have ingame admins thats constantly monitor the server for rule breakers!2. We have a great server! ! We offer a awesome EXILE experience with a great economy, missions etc 3. We love change, we want to create something you and we love, so why not tell us our faults! we are always happy to listen and make changes!Staff Team: Our staff team are currently recruiting so if you are interested ask a staff member for the application! Once completed our Director of Administration will contact you! Good Luck!Quick links:Teamspeak IP: IP: Cup Terrains, Cup Core, Cup Weapons, Cup Vehicles, Cup Units, TRYK, Extended Base Mod, Advanced Towing, Advanced Slingloading, Urban Rappelling, Advanced Rappelling, DMS Mission System, Zupas Capture Points,CBA_A3,Open Chernarus with JBADWe hope to see you soon!!!
  9. Hi Thank you for taking your time to read this post. [EU/UK] Reno Exile So i am looking for a dev/manager Key points must know how to add scripts must know how to addons knowing how to write custom script will be good being able to add stuff to the server like textures Will Have asses to the server files If Your Are Interested please contact me on here or on my teamspeak
  10. [AFR]Froozone

    Phoenix Network RP server

    Hi guys, We're gonna launch European Rp server in like 1-2 weeks and we're looking for staff. Requirements : - 18+ years old - experienced in RP - friendly towards other players For more info contact Kalmar on our Discord: The map we're gonna play on is Esseker.
  11. Pyro | Phil

    APF Exile Server | We Need Staff

    Hello , my name is Phil proud owner and founder of the APF Community. We aim to make a community successfully that is fun and a clean community. We have backing funding , if you like we would like to enrole you into the staff team. This is your chance to shine and promote yourself. What we need : -Admins (Need Experience) -Mods (Need Experience) -Content/Media Coverage (YouTube / Twitch) -Support Staff (For forums , TeamSpeak) I am always on our teamspeak and it is : More of APF'S server links: - website - forums Please get back to me, Thanks Phil
  12. marcmarder161


    Guten Tach liebe Community, An die Moderatoren: Ich poste das nicht im "Staff" Bereich weil der für alle Sprachen ist. Wir sind an einem Punkt angelangt an dem ich / wir Hilfe brauchen , ich verwalte / stelle die Game-Server ziemlich weit alleine bereit - seit Jahren - und der Entwickelungs Prozess von meinen Anstehenden Projekten würde alleine zu lange dauern. Momentan bin ich auf den Exile-Server konzentriert, der auch sehr gut läuft, aber parallel stelle ich einen Plan auf für einen Arma III Taktik Server auf. Der Exile-Server ist durchschnittlich mit 5-15 Leuten belegt und der Teamspeak mit durchschnittlich 10-20 Leuten. Wen ich suche: Jemanden der sich schnell Sachen selber beibringt Jemand der sich schnell mit allen anfreundet Jemand der sich mit GIT auskennt!!!! > (Git kann man leicht auch lernen) Jemanden Kreatives Jemanden der Organisiert an sein Ziel ran geht Evt Linux Kenntnisse? All unsere Server-Maschinen laufen auf Linux mit vollem SSH Zugriff, weil wir uns nicht ausrauben lassen von Buy and Play Hostern > (Linux kann man ebenso leicht lernen) mindestens 20 Jahre alt Supporter Job gibt es auch: Erfahrungen im Support Englisch Kenntnisse Kreativität Umgehen mit Google Docs Erstellen von Mindmaps via Docs > lernbar mindestens 17 Jahre alt Zu mir: Mein Name ist Marder (Ingame) und ich bin einer der wenigen die es besser und anders machen wollen. Der Ständige Konflikt mit nicht funktionierenden Funktionen ist eine Art Hassliebe für mich. Ich war auch mal gewöhnlicher Spieler auf anderen Gameservern und wie so ziemlich jeder kommt man an einem Punkt an, wo der Server einem nichts mehr geben kann - man hat schon alles, die Admins sind ignorant, man hat Feinde, man hat zu wenig Möglichkeiten und man hat Stress wegen unsinnigen Regeln mit den Admins. Diese Punkte waren ausschlaggebend für das aufstellen einer eigenen Community und somit den Versuch zu machen es besser zu machen. Ich hoste nun seit 6 Jahren aktiv alle Art von Gameservern. Eventuelle Community Admins die bereits eine Community usw besitzen und den gleichen Ideen-Gang haben > Aushandeln lässt sich immer etwas. Geantwortet wird per Post und ihr bekommt eine Nachricht von mir, ob ihr euch melden könnt oder nicht.
  13. [TSG]Madros55

    [TSG] Looking for staff

    TSG has open for staff application we have 3 different classes of staff A1: (A1) = /* Admin class 1*/ root Access - Full access admin Closed for apps A2: (A2) = /* Admin Class 2 */ In-game Support - Spawn in missing/glitched items/vehicles, kick/ban, Teleport, Spectate, delete Vehicles Open for applications A3: (A3) = /* Admin Class 3 */ In-game Moderator - Kick and/or ban offensive or abusive players. Open for Applications Forum: ✮✮✮✮ ✮✮✮✮ Application info ✮✮✮✮ ✮✮✮✮ -Madros55 Even a Lone wolf needs a Family Dont forget to leave a like on our facebook page
  14. Team AGG is a professional esports organization housing teams in games all over the world ranking as high as 6th in the world. We have decided to expand outside of strictly eSports to develop a closer community by providing gaming servers in various games. We are currently looking for the following positions: Server Admins Head Server Mods Server Mods Script Writers PHP Developers 3D modelers Sponsorship/Partnership Recruiter Special Event Coordinator Community Director We are looking to fill the positions as quickly as possible. If you are interested please contact us via our forums at our website at
  15. Tierdisogni

    In need of Staff

    So a couple of friends and I have started a server, and while I understand scripting and mission editing, they are not as familiar. I have a pretty busy schedule right now and we are looking to take on a new staff member to help out with scripting and mission editing. If you want to volunteer for one time help that would be awesome as well, if interested you can join our teamspeak, or add me on steam. TS: Steam: Tierdisogni
  16. kidesh

    Looking for Admins

    Hi, As I am busy doing scripts for my server and other servers who I help. I don't have the time do Admin. So I am looking for 2 or 3 Admins to look after the server and help populate the server. My server is a full Military Server with Tanks,Armed Helis, and RPGs. I want this as I want people to come and have some fun and not run about in fields with nothing to do. I have secure traders and virtual garages to help with some aspects with some cry babies. I will also be adding stuff like Extended Bases and all the other cool mods that I want and maybe the players and admins want. I would like it if the people who came forward where serious and maybe a clan where they can recruit some team members. We will negotiate the terms and rules once I have my Admins anyone interested either PM or leave a comment here. Name of the server is: PARA-UK|20k|ARMED HELIs|TANKS & RPGs|HIGH LOOT| I am running TRYK Multiplay uniforms, NATO Weapons and Vehicles, Ryan Zombies on Esseker. Thx
  17. Kronik

    [UK]Kronik's Exile 20K Start PvE

    [UK]Kronik's Exile 20K Start|PVE|Zombies|AI|CUP|ExtBase IP: PvE Only! Updated regularly Active Admin(s) Recruiting staff/admins/ServerAdmins Missions Capture Points CUP Items 20K Starting money in locker Friendly! Come Play Today!
  18. ApiStef

    Besoin STAFF

    Bonsoir à tous, Voilà quelques mois que j'héberge mes serveurs Exile (Tanoa et Altis) sur une grosse machine linux. Lors de la phase d'installation on a eu un rush de joueurs non prévus et donc un serveur mal préparé. Maintenant il est bien optimisé et j'ai besoin d'un coup de main de dev pour continuer à ajouter des features originales. Le staff admin coté communautaire est nécessaire aussi Contactez moi par MP Merci à tous et bon jeu !!!
  19. Vin'S

    Recrutement de staff

    Bonjour a tous ! En temps que gérant de communauté , nous pensons avec mon co gérant a ouvrir un serveur Exile (Zombie) Ce serveur sera baser sur la map Chernarus , Avec plusieurs mode utiliser. Nous somme actuellement dans le développement du serveur. Nous cherchons actuellement des personnes actifs capable de nous aider a développer le serveur. Toute compétence peut nous intéresser ! Donc n'hésiter pas a nous contacter Teamspeak :
  20. Hello, i am looking for an Exile admin for my Exile Tanoa server, it is still very new but i am paying for adverts shortly and need more admins for my 'off hours'. If someone is interested in this contact me here or via mail and we'll talk, the list below is NOT complete but more of a stepping stone for bigger things. - You must be 18+ years old - Have previous admin experience - Have a good insight in to Arma 3 & Exile - Have understanding and patience for inexperienced players - and more, etc, and so on ++ TSG has 3 types of in-game Exile Admins, each with their own tasks - I am looking to fill 2 of them (A2 & A3) /* Admin class 1 (root) */ root Access - Can do anything, even better than you? /* Admin Class 2 (Support) */ In-game Player Support - Spawn in missing/glitched items/vehicles, kick/ban, Teleport, Spectate, delete Vehicles /* Admin Class 3 (Moderator) */ Kick & Tempban - Basically kick or ban offensive or abusive players, and hackers... The site in question is <-- Check it out!
  21. So we are slowly growing but I think we could grow more with admins on all of our servers which are Altis, Altis w/Zombies, Tanoa and Napf w/Zombies. So one main thing that's important is the admins know what we offer so jump on and play for a bit testing the features we offer. Please post here if your still interested but we do prefer at-least 25 years of age, English speaking. We have 3 TS channels if you want to speak to one of my admins main is ts.over30gaming but you could also find them at just tell them 1Man posted this on Exile forums.
  22. Lord_Alpha

    Recruiting Senior Admin

    Hello all, I have recently taken over the Para-UK server and am doing some work on it to upgrade and make some changes. With this new title, I am in need of a person to fill in the position I was once in. This position answers to myself only. With this position comes these following tasks: 1: Supervise current admins 2: Make executive decisions(final decision) in a dispute 3: Maintain activity on forums concerning players issues 4: Maintain issues from within server 5: Maintain issues within TeamSpeak server I'd like this individual to of mature age-ish, anywhere 18+ please and able to make mature decisions. Thank you all for your time and consideration. If you're interested please apply at the Para-UK website(please make an account so I can decipher who put in the application) or send me a message here(or respond here). Thanks again! (Sorry for my bad English, I'm American) -Alpha(Co-Owner, Para-UK Military Esseker, Admin Para-UK Tanoa Survival)
  23. Wolfie Anderson

    Looking For Staff Members And Developer's

    Hi! Im Wolfie, The Founder Of NuclearFusionGaming, I Am Currently Opening 4 Staff Positions To Help Increase The Population Of The Server And To Help Manage It, I Am Also Currently Hiring 1 Developer, I Am Not Going To Pay Crazy Prices, So If You Are Interested In The Opportunity Comment With This Template, Steam Name: Position Applying For: Age:
  24. Kennel Gaming (a home for lost dogs)is building staff to develop and host a modded exile server, we are recruiting active staff and future staff members for the community/server, Positions Available: Coders, scripters, game developers Public relations, website development, promotions, business development For these positions we need some adult, english speaking TeamSpeak using members and for coding not a just starting, think I know what I'm doing, fake it till I make it types, thank you. We have a number of PR elements in mind, again candidates should have decent communication skills... Future Positions Once we get close to release we will need... Moderators Admin Play Testers Currents Mods/Features Included or considered: MAS RHS Missions, Invasions, Persistant and evolving events... Poliical and external interest groups (simulated)... Zeus (admin and development access) Infistar Custom Loot Tables Roleplay and storyline events (some) Contact Bloodyrag at: or Bridson at:
  25. Looking for experienced staff! We use Exile infSTAR and would like to see experience with that We also run our server on a dedicated server box that we have owned for over 2 years! Requirements: - 16+ in age - Player on our server - Knowledgeable about Arma - Know basic Arma troubleshooting IP: TS3: Owner: JnKTechstuff