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Found 9 results

  1. Hey Leute! ich habe ein Problem mit meinem Server. Jedes mal wenn ich den Server starte, versuche ich mich mit ihm zu verbinden. Es funktioniert auch alles bis auf einer Sache. Nachdem ich einen Spawnpunkt aussuche und auf "Spawnen" klicke, erscheint im Ladescreen unten links "Requesting bambi character...." und danach erscheint unten links "Error: Bambi creation timeout". Ich werde danach von dem Server geschmissen und der Serverstatus ist durchgehend auf "Erstellt". Bitte um Hilfe
  2. So after doing a bit of looking on youtube for a good status bar for my server, I came across the original DayZ status bar on an Exile video... I've been searching for the files for a good two hours now and have come up empty. If anybody has the files or is able to find it, please, help me out. Thanks
  3. TBsThug

    Statusbar Help

    Here is the statusBar.sqf I am using. I want to remove hungry and thrust from the bar. I did it a couple of years ago and can't remember how. Can someone help?
  4. (Just started my server to make a screenshot on-demand, and the plane that was on top of my base decided to explode for no reason... ty arma 3) Download: installation: Install addons folder to your mission pbo in mpmissions/ Add the following line at the very end of your initPlayerLocal.sqf inside the mission pbo: [] execVM "addons\statusbar\statusbar.sqf" Add the following lines at the very end of your description.ext inside the mission pbo: class RscTitles { #include "addons\statusbar\statusbar.hpp" }; If you want a background go to addons/statusbar/statusbar.hpp and uncomment the line with colorBackground[] = { 0, 0, 0, 0.4 } and change it to whatever you want (RGBA) Hope it helps somebody, it's my custom statusbar, at least it works and tested. Enjoy.
  5. Anyone mind taking a look ? I tried to remove some things that we dont need but when I remove hunger and thirst the whole bar gets messed up and poptabs and poptabs in the locker are the same if i got 350 poptabs for example on hand it also shows that i have 325 in the safe but i dont have them in the safe
  6. Hi. My problem is, that my status bar (health, money, respect ect.) is not in the middle, but at the bottom left corner. additionnaly it is partially out of screen. -no, i did NOT modify it. -at a friend´s computer, playing at the same server as i, it is in the middle i added 2 screenshots for a better understanding. PS: sorry if this is the wrong section, but i pretty mch can´t post anywhere else.
  7. Hello, I am trying to add a fourth option to Exile's status panel (bottom left), and I am still very new to this so bare with me. Can someone help me understand how <displays> work and how I add one more as well as retrieve the ID? From what I understand, the problem I am facing is related to this part, which will replace e.g. HP values if using same display ID. _display displayCtrl 1306; I have manged to get the fourth option to show up when toggling panel by changing the initial loop like so: if (ExileHudMode isEqualTo 4) then { ExileHudMode = 0; }; I am currently overwriting ExileClient_gui_hud_renderStatsPanel.sqf with CfgExileCustomCode like so: _time = (round(180 - (serverTime) / 60)); _hours = (floor(_time / 60)); _minutes = (_time - (_hours * 60)); _uptimeValueControl = _display displayCtrl 1306; _uptimeValueControl ctrlSetText format ["%1:%2", _hours, _minutes]; _uptimeLabelControl = _display displayCtrl 1307; _uptimeLabelControl ctrlSetTextColor [221/255, 38/255, 38/255, 1]; _uptimeValueControl ctrlSetTextColor [221/255, 38/255, 38/255, 1]; I am currently also overwriting ExileClient_gui_hud_toggleStatsBar.sqf like so: _uptimeLabel = _display displayCtrl 1306; _uptimeLabel ctrlShow (ExileHudMode isEqualTo 3); _uptimeValue = _display displayCtrl 1307; _uptimeValue ctrlShow (ExileHudMode isEqualTo 3); How do I create another display aswell as setting the text to "uptime"? Thanks in advance, gooby
  8. ELSTiG

    Status Bar

    Hey guys I have been searching on here on how to install the status bar on the bottom and I haven't had much luck. Can someone explain this me in detail? Thank you.
  9. itsatrap

    xm8 status bar

    Hi, Just what to share my little tweaks to the xm8, since I think status-bars are the spawn of the Devil copy exileclient_gui_xm8_thread_update.sqf to you mission file and add this to you mission config.cpp find "class CfgExileCustomCode" add Exileclient_gui_xm8_thread_update = "exileclient_gui_xm8_thread_update.sqf";Replace the text in "exileclient_gui_xm8_thread_update.sqf" with whats below /** * FILE: exileclient_gui_xm8_thread_update.sqf * Exile Mod * * © 2015 Exile Mod Team * * This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. * To view a copy of this license, visit * * Restart and player count by itsatrap / */ private["_display","_leftHeader","_hours","_minutes","_8GImage","_rightHeader","_time","_onlinePlayers","_restart"]; disableSerialization; _display = uiNameSpace getVariable ["RscExileXM8", displayNull]; _onlinePlayers = count (allPlayers - allMissionObjects "HeadlessClient_F"); _leftHeader = _display displayCtrl 4003; _leftHeader ctrlSetStructuredText (parseText (format ["<t align='left'><img image='\A3\ui_f\data\gui\Rsc\RscDisplayMultiplayerSetup\disabledai_ca.paa' shadow='0'/>%2 - %1</t>", mapgridposition player, _onlinePlayers])); _hours = str (date select 3); _minutes = str (date select 4); // 6*60 = 6 hours, change "6" to the number of hours you have between restarts _restart = [(round((6*60))-(serverTime)/60),"MM:SS"] call BIS_fnc_secondsToString; if (count _minutes isEqualTo 1) then { _minutes = "0" + _minutes; }; if ((player getVariable ["ExileXM8IsOnline", false]) isEqualTo true) then { _8GImage = format ["\exile_client\texture\ui\xm8_signal_%1_ca.paa", (round (random 4)) + 1]; } else { _8GImage = "\exile_client\texture\ui\xm8_signal_0_ca.paa"; }; _rightHeader = _display displayCtrl 4005; _rightHeader ctrlSetStructuredText (parseText (format ["<t align='right' shadow='0'><img image='%1' shadow='0'/>%2:%3 - Restart: %4</t>", _8GImage, _hours, _minutes, _restart])); what it looks like. The red/blue lines is just to show where the change is Battleye: LINE: 37 (default filters) (7 allPlayers) !="ble [\"RscExileXM8\", displayNull];\n\n_onlinePlayers = count (allPlayers - allMissionObjects \"HeadlessClient_F\");\n_leftHeader = _di"