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Found 3 results

  1. I Inspired by @110 to set a Limit for all Containers or Installable Supply-Boxes for a Base for each Level. And thx for Testing and mutch Help @110 Here you can Setup Limited Safes, Crates, Ternts and Supplyboxes per Baselevel developed by @HellBz BaseLevel Number of Safes Number of Supply Boxes Number of Crates Number of Tents 1 5 1 5 5 2 7 2 5 5 3 9 3 5 5 4 11 4 5 5 5 14 5 10 10 6 16 6 10 10 7 18 7 10 10 8 20 8 15 15 9 22 9 15 15 10 25 10 15 15 GitHub-Code: GitHub-Download: Discord: If you have any Qestion of Feature Wishes, feel free to Post. If You Like this, you can give this Thread a Like. All Players and Server-Oweners have fun with Exile. All Server Owners have fun with limit the Containers for Players Best Regards, HellBz
  2. gszeus

    Databases, storage, safes, crates

    Can anyone give me a idea where i need to start or even if this is the right section to be asking in. Having issues with Safes and Crates not accessing. I cannot put stuff in safes or they will not allow you to take stuff out. It mainly happens with Safes and wooden crates, but would say its elsewhere too. I am trying to find out how I can get some logs from exile that can show me the requests to the database.. maybe to help identify the issue. Or better still if anyone has found the problem, maybe the fix would be good. I can see from the database itself ,that it isn't updating some of the containers. As if something is blocking the requests. So seeing what is going to it would help fix it i think. Thanks in advance Zeus
  3. ExecuteDisaster

    Adding Additional Containers

    Hello all, I am curious as to whether there is support in Exile already, or if there is a well defined way to add new container types to the game. The goal is to make a new container type that uses regular Arma 3 assets, like 'Box_NATO_AmmoOrd_F', and utilizes the exile abstract system to create a new container with storage, persistence, and perhaps the ability to craft the container. I haven't been able to find any explanation on how this might be accomplished but I know it is possible because of things like the DonkeyPunch mod. Anyways, hoping that someone familiar with this stuff can give a little guide on it, otherwise I'll start digging into other mods to try and understand how it is done. Thanks!