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Found 7 results

  1. Kellojo

    ETG Fast Travel System

    ETG Fast Travel System byKellojo Description: This script allows you to travel between markers very fast with a nice camera journey. ETG Fast Travel System Youtube Video Features: dynamic price (based on distance) dynamic travel time (based on distance) a nice camera journey easy to implement (using markers) easy to modify (only one array) server friendly Installation: 1. Add to init.sqf: fn_ftravel = compile preprocessFile "scripts\fn_ftravel.sqf"; 2. Add to description.ext: #include "dialogs\defines.hpp" #include "dialogs\FastTravelDialog.hpp" class RscTitles { #include "dialogs\FastTravelHUD.hpp" }; 3. Add this code to an action or sth. else where you want the fasttravel dialog to be opend createDialog "ETG_FastTravelSystem_Dialog"; or add this action to any object you like... this addAction ["Fast Travel System", {createDialog "ETG_FastTravelSystem_Dialog";}]; 4. Install @happydayz's Update Respect/Poptabs and save to database addon (is required to remove the pop tabs) Update Respect/Poptabs and save to database How can i add new destinations?: How can i tweak the price and the travel time?: Notes: If you have any ideas or found some bugs/errors feel free to add me on Steam ( Kellojo ) and tell me about them. License/Disclaimer: You can use this script on your servers and missions and are allowed to modify it however you want. Its not necessary to give credit to me but it would be appreciated. Download: Link to the GitHub repository of the ETG Fast Travel System Link to the ETG Fast Travel System Screenshots:

    Best AI and Mission System?

    So Ladies and Gentlemen, i am trying to do some research to find the best script out the for AI and Missions, and also allow server owners voice their opinions about what they like and dislike about certain scripts, potentially helping developers develop their scripts further. i would much appreciate for as many people to participate in the poll or add any answers you choose not in the poll to the comments below and i will add them to the poll. Also if you decide to add another script/system in the comments, please add a link to the page and credit the author. Thanks SWEENNDAWG
  3. Admiral EliteSuicide

    Advanced Vehcile System (AVS) / ReArm

    Hello Exile Community, Im searching since 2 days a fix for the Advanced Vehicle System. We have some Armed Cars on our Server (Kajman,Blackfoot,Gorgon...), we want to have the Vehicles without Steered Rockets like Titan, Scalpel, ASRAAM or DAGR. I took this Ammo/Weapons for the Vehicles on the Blacklist of the AVS Script. Now on the Server, you buy an Gorgon and first you have the allowed guns (Without the Titan Rockets). But if you ReArm, the Vehicle have all Ammo, with Ammo for the Black Listed Guns ? I hope anyone can help me, or know a better Script for this
  4. ProtoFlex

    Spawning in a vehicle.

    Hey everyone, i got an idea from a video i just watched which was the player spawns out at sea in a boat and i was just wondering if that was possible as the creator is known for his staged videos (Frankie ). If this type of spawning is possible could someone point me in the right direction of how to do this as i have no idea myself i don't know much about scripting . The amount of boats won't be an issue as this will be used on a private server with 1-3 players online at a time. Thanks.
  5. CRAZYXK1ll3r91

    Defents Mission System Error

    Hello, I'll get straight to the point. I have tried many times to get DMS to work to no avail. At first I thought maybe the pbo wasn't packing everything correctly, or that I didn't extract correctly, but then after numerous attempts (15 or so) with different programs still not working. So now I am here, in hopes someone can assist me. So, I'm not sure how big the file is supposed to be, but mine (just about all of them come out to be 611 kb, and one which was 630kb all creating the same error. Curious if the case is what I believe, then if someone could be generous enough to share their pbo with me, or if they could guide me into the right programs to use? ( I am using winrar to extract and then tried using BinPBO Personal to create a pbo and then also tried using Eliteness and CPBO all in which I have the same problem) Note: I have not edited any files in anyway. Thank you, Garrett. Error: Full RPT:
  6. Servus an alle der Exile Community, Ich habe ein Problem! Wir haben Erstmal nur die M4 in dem Shop! Funzt alles, nur wenn ich z.B die M4A1 in den Loottable reinschreibe Spawnt diese Waffe einfach nicht! Ich habe Sie in die Config.cpp in dem Verzeichnis "\Arma 3 Server\@ExileServer\addons\exile_server_config.pbo" herausgenommen und Bearbeitet ,dann wieder danach in die PBO gezogen! Die M4 von MAS habe ich Unter dem Bereich "class Military" eingetragen! So! Wenn ich Ingame bin und in dem Military von Pyrgos nach Loot Suche finde Ich Garnichts! außer die Normalen Waffen wie MXC - MX - LRR(manchmal) Könnt ihr Mir Vielleicht Helfen! Möchte das die Waffe Spawnt (Arbeiten grad alle Waffen hinzuzufügen! Hoffe ihr könnt mir Helfen Danke schonmal im Vorraus! MfG Stefan aka ImPacT937
  7. Hello, in Defent's mission system (a3_dms.pbo), he has a really nice call to make the text appear at the top. The function is: [string,string] call DMS_fnc_BroadcastMissionStatus; If I create an announce script and place it in my missions (Exile.Altis.pbo) file and call this function here: if (!isServer) exitWith {}; _delay = 300; sleep 180; _messageArray = [ ["Check out our community website at -snip-"], ["Join our TeamSpeak if you have any questions: -snip-"], ["We are looking for helpers! Speak to -snip- if you are interested."], ["Vehicles parked in safe zones will be deleted after 24 hours."] ]; while {true} do { sleep _delay; _msg = _messageArray select (random (count _messageArray - 1)); ["Notice",_msg] call DMS_fnc_BroadcastMissionStatus; }; will it show my message as it does for the missions, will the function be loaded on the server, or will it only be within the scope of a3_dms? Sorry if this is not the correct place to post this, I couldn't find a suitable place for it. Thanks