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Found 9 results

  1. [3RDUK] nijack

    Database Editing

    I can't seem to edit my database, I want to remove a player from my database but the option to "Delete Row" is greyed out. Any solution?
  2. Hello everyone, Since the new update I also had to update my loottable with the new loottable compiler obviously. After making sure that the old LootItemGroup and LootTables formatting has remained the same I just compiled my two old lists and didn't receive any errors doing so. But once I put the "#include CfgExileLootServer.hpp" in my exile_server_config config.cpp. Or even if I copy/paste the entire thing straight into the config.cpp, I get a default loot table inside of the game instead of the one I have created. Anyone has any clue on what I am doing wrong? PS: I have already posted my .RPT in the Discord and was read by RyanD and Hellstyrant and they couldn't find any problems in there Thanks in advance, Greetings, Frankloco
  3. mikekozowsky

    loot table f*cked

    Hi there, for some reason my loot is alll fcked. So loot is spawning, but i added mod loot but it doesn't spawn. But the normal gear does spawn. Even when i deleted all the regular gear and only the mod gear is in it still spawns normal gear but not the mod loot. Here is my exile_server_config: I can't see whats wrong. Help plzzzzzz, Sebastian
  4. mikekozowsky

    Cannot add NiArms to loot table??

    Hello there, if been having some problems whit my loot table. i am trying to add NiArms Complete and if added every class name to my loot table, if use the generator etc. but i cannot get it to spawn, ive been trying for like 5-6 hours now so i figured i would ask what im doing wrong. Here is my config.cpp out of my exile_server_config.pbo: I am willing to give a small payment by paypal. ~Sebastian
  5. Please tell me if this is how the breakdown of the loot table works: LootItemGroups.h (going to use the Vehicle group from the Industrial loot section for the example) > Vehicle 4, Exile_Item_FuelCanisterFull // (sum=10) = 4*100/10 = 40% 5, Exile_Item_FuelCanisterEmpty // (sum-10) = 5*100/10 = 50% 1, Exile_Item_DuctTape // (sum10) = 1*100/10 = 10% LootTables.h /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Construction Sites, Warehouses, Research etc. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// > Industrial // sum 23 / 99.97% with all groups (4%,13%,21%,26%,34%) 1, Restraints // 1 items / (1*100)divided by sum (23) = 4.34% (spawn chance that this group will get picked) 3, RoadFlares // 4 items / (3*100)divided by sum (23) = 13.04% (spawn chance that this group will get picked) 5, Vehicle // 3 items / (5*100)divided by sum (23) = 21.73% (spawn chance that this group will get picked) // Exile_Item_DuctTape = 10% (spawn chance inside the group) (02.173%) (actual percetage ) // Exile_Item_FuelCanisterEmpty = 40% (spawn chance inside the group) (08.592%) (actual percetage ) // Exile_Item_FuelCanisterFull = 50% (spawn chance inside the group) (10.865%) (actual percetage ) // Vehicle grouping = 100% (spawn chance inside the group) (21.73% total) 6, Trash // 7 items / (6*100)divided by sum (23) = 26.08% (spawn chance that this group will get picked) 8, IndustrialItems // = 34.78% (spawn chance that this group will get picked) The logic being that the Vehicle group has a 21.73% chances of spawning something that is inside of this group in "Industrial sites". That being said Duct Tape, Fuel (empty and full) have their own percentage chance of being "chosen/picked" to be spawned loot. Therefore "Exile_Item_DuctTape" (for example) has a 10% chance of being picked for the "Vehicle group" (loot) or an overall percentage of 02% that it will actually show up inside an industrial-named-site in-game?

    APEX item help?

    Finally got my server running and i am wondering if there is another way to remove the APEX items from the loot table other than removing them item by item in the table? is ther a way to disable APEX entirely from the server? it's just very annoying that i can't pick them up and use them because i don't own apex.
  7. oSoDirty

    Tanoa Loot Pos [WIP]

    Just sharing the loot positions I am placing for Tanoa. Still a WIP. Some of these buildings are already defined in other loot tables, however I am redoing them as well as I get to them. 63 buildings defined so far. CfgTanoaBuildings NOTE: Some of this loot may not be perfectly placed, If you run into any issues with floating/sub floor loot please report the buildings to me with either a screenshot or classname and I will do my best to get around to it asap. If you have multiple screenshots please use a spoiler.
  8. Dope

    Esseker 0.9.8 Loot

    Anyone mind sharing their loot positions for Esseker ?
  9. SimonJ110

    CfgBuilding loot table call

    Hi Guys, In CfgBuildings, Can I have more than one table? class Building { //original table = "CivillianLowerClass"; //posible change to table[] = ["CivillianLowerClass","additionaltable"]; positions[] = {{0.482422, 0.65625, -0.867858}, {3.08984, -1.2832, -0.867858}}; }; CHEERS FELLAS!