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Found 14 results

  1. Jacobob

    Takistan Mission File

    Hello so as i couldn't find a mission file for Takistan I decided to make one thanks to the help of @ItsDutch I have been able to make this. There is no traders and there is no Loot table so that you will have to create that unless i update it with some traders in. This is Itsdutch idea aswell <3 Any problems downloading this or this working on your server PM me Link: Thanks Jacobob
  2. appledstrokes

    Takistan Exile Takistan server files

    Good news for every one ! Takistan Server files are ready looking for a server host / server owner to complete Takistan exile features Mods- Cup, Tryk uniforms , Niarms complete ! Big Missions - Sector missions - Moving convoys - Roaming ai , Taliban roaming ai Gun range test modded weopons for free Dms , zcp missions, custom border crossing missions, Convoys Russian traiders , US Fob , Taliban Black markets , Suicide vests Traiders will have base building material to buy No Stealing in safe zone ! Towing , Attach Crates to offroads , Load in cargo with space limit And much more more more !
  3. chaos3161

    Takistan PBO

    Hi guys just wondering if someone could help me out with a Takistan PBO for my Exile server. Cheers
  4. Akrobata

    EXO Takistan - eZ moments

    Hello! I will post some situations from EXO TAKISTAN server here, I hope you enjoy watching! To start with: Join sometimes and have some fun!
  5. Papawolf

    Exile Takistan?

    Hey Leute, neben meinem Chernarus Server, würde ich gerne noch einen Takistan Server laufen lassen, allerdings finde ich keine vorgefertigte Missions.pbo oder sonstiges. Klar, leute die sich sowas aufbauen wollen das sicherlich nicht mit der ganzen Welt teilen, versteht sich ja. Aber wie fange ich denn mit dem Server an, wenn ich "nichts" habe? ^^ Den Chernarus Server konnte ich aufsetzen, da ich eine vorgefertigte Missions.pbo gefunden habe, war sehr hilfreich. Muss ich nun die Lootspawns, Trader, Playerspawns. etc. selber setzen?
  6. Hey Leute, ich bekomm die Takistan Map einfach nicht auf den Server, nachdem ich die CUP Mod's (Core, Maps) installiert habe, spuckt er mir im Log folgende fehlermeldung aus : hab's mit neuinstallieren probiert und den Core Ordner von meinem Exile Chernarus Server, gleiches Resultat.
  7. sgt.Martin

    Infistar Not Working

    Hi, I been trying for over two days now to add your infistar to my server under my own custom missions. But not for (epoch,altislife,wastland) I make my own missions, just having a lot of issues with not being able to use anything connected to the infistar Mod. I have followed the instructions readmem, but having issues when trying to get to work. It shows up in the server as its active, but not able to push F1 key to enter into the client as an admin.
  8. Therealrag

    [BP] Takistan Exile

    This is a Brand new server that we decided to host since there is only one other Takistan server. normal FPS is 60-120 (dependent on your set up) We have Tanks, Tryk, and CUP mods in the traders. ALong with the normal two Big traders there is a Local trader as well that sells just equipment and guns. We have Missions, ZCP and Roaming Ai. We have nightly player Battles just for fun.. Active admins Come to TS to find out more or if you have any problems. Enjoy
  9. Trashshit78

    Map ändern. Bitte hilfe :(

    Hallo zusammen, seit geschlagenen 3 Tagen versuche ich herauszufinden wie ich die Altis Map zu Takistan ändern kann. Das aufsetzten des Servers mit MySQL und so weiter war alles kein Problem (Linux - Ubuntu 14.04.) Der Server läuft auch soweit. Nur ich verzweifel an dem Punkt die Map zu ändern. Ich habe mir so viele "Anleitungen" durchgelesen zu diesem Thema doch raff ich es nicht. oÔ Könnte mir jemand dabei mit einem Rat zur Seite stehen ? Meine TS-IP : Beste Grüße und Vielen Dank im Vorraus
  10. MooseAteJack

    Help with setting up Zargabad mission

    Hi there, I'm setting up a mission for Zargabad. I've got the map starting with spawns and traders ok but my two issues are loot spawning and vehicles. Vehicles: can anyone advise if there are steps I need to take to ensure they spawn? I don't think they are... Loot: I'm assuming I just need to add OA building loot locations. Does anyone have either loot locations for Takistan or Zargabad they're willing to share? And any general advice on setting up loot locations would be appreciated. Thanks so far to @wasti for stuff in other posts. Cheers,
  11. kayzee1


    Any Good Samaritan with takistan loot config? Any help will b appreciated, thanks in advance
  12. Vazuki

    Exile Takistan - Sandy Seadogs

    For those that dont know [EXO] brought out their new exile server on Takistan ....this is my opening video on the server and some time went into making it (along with a lot of render issues ) hope you enjoy it , you can check out exo here:
  13. cdfc79

    Takistan Loot Positions Help

    Hi Just wondering if anyone had the Takistan Loot positions they wish to share I had a go at the loot position tool and buggered everything up. I will be extremely grateful Thanks in advance