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Found 12 results

  1. H110M

    Taunus Mission

    does anyone here have a vanilla taunus mission file that can share
  2. So I'm trying to get this server up, 3 days and counting. Fixed 2 errors, now this one.... Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWorlds.xcamtaunus' Googled and did what everyone said about this ' 'bin\config.bin/CfgWorlds' ' error Still to no avail... Any and all help is much appreciated!! I only see 9 of these maps up.... wanted to add another, maybe there is a reason only 9 are up...
  3. Hi guys im wondering if anybody has any coordinates for ai convoys on taunus map at all? I have been testing a ai convoy i got offline but there are no coordinates for taunus map and its been a mare trying to add them in, so i was wondering if anybody has any and is willing to share? cheers!
  4. Hi guys as im very new to the editor in armour this has probably taken longer than it should but here is the traders and spawn points for Exile on the xcam Taunus map. Included features as follows: All Traders except Scuba & Boat. Lockers, Cement Mixers, Russian Roulette All traders are custom placed Spawn Points alot of time passion and effort Spawn Locations and markers: Office Trader: Vehicle Trader: Hardware Trader: The above images are but a few, however, you should get the idea. Hope you like and enjoy Custom Traders Only - Custom Traders and Config file - Custom lootSpawns combined with standard exile server config - Loot Spawns : I have combined loot spawns for this map in the exile server config. also for ExileZ triggers i have posted in spoiler, so if you want them just copy the code below and paste in your TriggerPositions.sqf located in the exilez\init folder of the exilez.pb.
  5. goanyan


  6. Sir_Joker

    Stuck at the end of Taunus

    i installed a taunus server, all is good, but if i came to the end of the map, the character stuck. Is it possible to kill the character if he goes outside the map?
  7. Full RPT above I have a server hosted by Wombat Server The issue is that when i get in the game it seems to work fine it just does not spawn loot at all. I have seen bikes and the traders work fine All mods installed are listed at the top of the server. @Exile @Taunus @CUP_Terrains_Core @CUP_Terrains_Maps Server files I am using are from this post. If you need any information I will get it to you fast. I you need compensation for time we can work something out over PM. Thank so much for any and all help provided!!! Not sure if in right place I am sorry if not and if is pleas move. Thanks! :-)
  8. Hi i want to install a custom map on my server and that map is taunus. Now the server provider does not have that map avaliable in the 1 click installs so i will have to install manually, which i dont mind doing. But i cant seem to find a good guide on how to installa custom map, can anyone point me in the right direction please with this? Thanks
  9. BeeFiRolle

    Neu Taunus Version

    Hallo Gestern ist ja die neue Version der Taunus Map veröffentlicht worden. Die Rpt fehler sind besitigt worden, auch einige andere sachen sind gefixt worden. Nur ist ein neues Problem bei mir aufgetreten was ich mir nicht erklären kann. Sämtliche Fahrzeuge die auuf der map gespawn werden sind im Boden verschwunden. Wenn man ein Fahrzeug beim händler kauft, spawn man auch im boden damit und ist kurze zeit später Tod. das selbe bei den DMS missionen die ai wird normal gespawnt nur die Gebäude und Fahrzeuge sowie statisches MG und Lootkiste sind im Boden verschwunden. Habe keine Erklärung dafür an was es liegen kann. Vielleicht kann ja einer von Euch mir da weiter helfen. mfg BeeFi
  10. The Walking Bread

    Partner gesucht für xCam_Taunus Map

    Hallo, ich bin momentan auf der Suche nach jemandem der Lust hat die Taunus Map mit mir zusammen zu beleben und anschließend evtl. auch einen Server zu eröffnen. Ich selber bin 27 Jahre alt und von Beruf Programmierer und auch im Bereich Arma-Scripting mittlerweile recht erfahren. Für meine persönlichen Zwecke besitze ich bereits einen Root Server und habe dort meinen DEV Server zum entwicklen laufen. Außerdem läuft ein Standard Exile Server auf Altis mit ein paar Mods für mich und meine Freunde. Sollte Interesse bestehen meldet euch einfach per PM und wir können alles weitere besprechen. Grüße Sneak
  11. coftsock

    Taunus Loot positions

    Here are Taunus loot positions, i made it so you have to still do somework by replacing _x with a loot category to match that building. Enjoy
  12. [RG] Salutesh

    Exile Taunus Project

    The Exile Taunus Project aims at customizing and expanding the gameplay content and possibilities of the Exile Mod on the X-Cam Taunus map with various additions. This mod includes the current workshop version of the X-Cam Taunus Map so there is no need to download the map again if you subscribe the Exile Taunus Mod. Thanks to the X-Cam Taunus Team for there support! Please note that the mod and the server content is still in development and we are working hard to expand your gameplay experience on this great Map. Additional Required Mods: CUPs Terrains Complete 1.2.0: Exile Mod 1.0.2: The X-Cam Taunus Map is a project by X-Cam Taunus Dev-Team. The Exile Mod is a project by Exile Mod Team. Server Setup: Server is hosted in Dortmund (Germany) Server Up- and Download Speed: Download: 678.69 Mbps Upload: 855.04 Mbps Intel Core i7-4790k (4 x 4,0 GHz) Processor Server is runing on SSD-Drive Server Plan: Maintenance is planed every wednesday at 6pm Server restarts every 3 hours. Planed content updates/fixes at every maintenance.