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Found 3 results

  1. Bover

    [RU37] TAVIANA 0.4.1 EXILE 1.0

    FACEBOOK vk MODS - The Exile Mod 1.0.0 - Extended Base Mode - RZInfection - Ryans Zombie Demons) -0.4.1 TavianaA3 Map Tavi -CUP -CUP Maps TS3: Address: Port: 2302 Going we have: -A large selection of equipment -Transporting equipment on the ground -transportation equipment, air . And landing Transport a player from a rope to the helicopter -Transport with loot boxes open cargo transport repair, Refill, recharge equipment air and ground patrols -A Horde of zombies -A big Name Number of missions -Status bar -Strategy loot - rating system of loot (party security) -Infection -Anomalies RAID Basics
  2. MrRight

    Setting up a Server with Taviana

    Hello Community, at the moment i´m helpless. I set up my ExileServer without any problems. I was able to spawn, trade and even to loot items. I tryed to change my Map to Taviana and add some Mods. But the first problem i was confronted with was, that i was able to spawn on taviana but there was no loot spawning. (included the CfgBuildings_taviana.h) At the same time i mentioned that all vehicles are spawning on the south-west island of taviana instead of spreading all over it. But this werent enough problems. Everytime i want to get into a car this one despawns after it looked like i´m sitting at the ground. I hope somebody is able to help me setting up my server with Taviana. I´m trying to solve this for about 5days with the help of other guides and topic inside and outside this forum. I´m looking forward to hearing from you. Best regards MrRight P.S.: - Windows Server , Teamspeak possible , teamviewer possible but I would prefer help to self-help - Until now i got zero RPT errors. - Switched back to Altis, setting up from beginning again - Config.cpp: - CfgBuildings_Taviana.h:
  3. Hi Exiler's, I Hopfully someone on herer can help me. Ive had a Tavi server running for a couple of days (all running fine) only thing i didnt have setup was BEC and auto restarts so the server has very long uptimes. Anyway i restarted the server the other day (No changes to any server files) and now we get stuck at waiting for server to load. I cant for the life of me workout what as suddenly caused this problem. Also theres quite a few errors in my rpt files some of which i believe are to do with missin buildings in the A3Taviana files but that wasnt causing a problem before but if anyone can help clear those too that would be awsome. Rpt below: