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Found 22 results

  1. Freakylein

    Extended Base Mod

    Extended Base Mod for Exile Mod With this mod you are allowed to place some Arma 3 content in your Territory based at the Exile mod. For example: Sandbarriers, BagBunker, CamoNets, CncBarriers, Stonewall + Gate, Ladder, Watercooler some are following. Huge Container: 20.000 Metalshelf doublesided: 5.000 Icebox: 1.500 Shelf 1: 4.000 Shelf: 3.000 Land Container Green: 15.000 Hangar: 40.000 Ammobox: 7.000 Tentdome: 1.000 Land Container Sand Small: 13.500 Cargo container Small: 6500 Garbage Container: 8500 Metalshed 4 Layers: 5500 Suitcase: 1250 Ammo Box: 750 Woodenshelves: 2000 Metalcase: 2500 Fridge: 2000 Tool Trolleys: 2500 Microwave: 200 Suitcase: 1250 Ammobox rounds: 750 Plasticcase: 2000 EBM Airhook: 5000 Medikit: 5000 V 0.3.4 - new buildings: New Bed, Mechanical Cover, Crowsfeet, Oven, Woodencrate, Door with Frame - 2 new backpacks - new items: Bricks, Bucket of Mortar (made by RWG) - reworked all Brickwall-recipes from 0.3.3 V 0.3.3 - new Buildings:Metalwalls for all Brickwalls as an option to upgrade, Medikit (healing is possible), a pollard and an ATM - reworked all Buildings from 0.3.2 - half walls (brick & Metalwall) - lockability of windows added 14.06.2017 - clientside hotfix , where snapposition of floor/wall is fixed (server doesn't need to update) V -Hotfix Snappositions V 0.3.2 - new Buildings 11pcs. (selfmade): Brickwall System (compatible with Exile buildings), Helipad, Airhook, Parksign - deleted Pierbox (Land_Pier_Box_F_Kit), Big Pier (Land_nav_pier_m_F_Kit), and all camo nets ("CamoNet_OPFOR_open_F_Kit","CamoNet_INDP_open_F_Kit","CamoNet_BLUFOR_open_F_Kit") Admins have to delete them in the Database - updated Battleyefilters! V 0.3.1 - added 80 new buildables // Thank you Kurewe for providing me the codes of 64 Items!!! celebrate him guys! : TV, Plastic chair, Gaming Set, Gym Bench & Rack, Office interieur, PC set, Trophys, Sunshades, Stuff for the Garage like Engine Crane, Tool storages, Helipad lights, Tripod screens, Targets,... - Battleyefilter reworked - Recipe categories reworked - enabled Simulation on serverrestart! REMOVE THIS FIX: exileServer_object_construction_database_load = "EBM\exileServer_object_construction_database_load.sqf"; //Original fix by Eichi V 0.3.0 - Huge Lamp illmination fixed - doors fixed (original by Eichi) - certain apex buildings available V 0.2.9 - Guys i am very sorry, but i had to remove the APEX buildings. Arma fucked it up - fixed the damagetaking problem on earthquakes and explosives. (Breaching charges still work) V 0.2.8 - new Buildables: Airporthangar (Apex), Ammobox, Basaltwall 4m & 8m and Gate (Apex), Breakwater dry & wet (Apex), Huron ammo- and fuelcontainer, IR tent big & small (Apex), Petroglyphwall 1 & 2 (Apex), sandbags green long & short (Apex), Sandbagbunker big green (Apex), Sandbagtower green (Apex), Suitcase - all new walls with snap points - fixed the light of the Shabby Lamp and the Camping Lamp - fixed the height jump of the Pierbox & Airplanehangar V 0.2.7 - new Buildables: Bungalow, House Big, Plastic crate, Researchfacility big and small, Garage Shelter (Apex) - all things or Buildings can be destroyed by the Breaching Charges V 0.2.6 - new Buildables: Big Bunker, Bunker Rectangle, Bunker Hexagonal, Bagbunker small green, Bunkerwall 3m Bunkerwall 6m, Controltower, Barrier 3 green, Barrier 5 green, Sandbagtower green, Trench Forest & Grass(Apex) - lootspawn fixed!!! (BIG thanks to second_coming !!) - excluded Price and Traderlist to make them like recipes and menus (Thank you Greyfox! It made Tanoa Buildings a lot easier!) V 0.2.5 - new Buildables: ATM (working with lockers ) - Snapmode for walls (Just straight, No corners or gates yet) - added Non-Physic for Garbage Container and Metalshed 4 Layers - Exile Walls are only blowable by new charges V 0.2.4 - new Buildables: Concrete Mixer, Flag CSAT, Garbage Container, Metalshed 4 Layers, Watersink - fine tuned all recipes! - changed target = "Land_CargoBox_V1_F_Kit"; in menus.hpp to target = "Land_CargoBox_V1_F";. menu now working correctly. V 0.2.3 - new Buildables: Camping Chair V1 & V2, Camping Table, Camping Lamp, MapBoard Altis, Pavement straight and corner narrow and straight and corner wide. - added BRAMA categories to the recipes (Container, Walls, Flora, Misc, Buildings, Signs, Lamps) - Battleyefilter added: !"MapBoard_altis_F" V 0.2.2 - changed the way receips and menus are working, now implemented via .hpp (thank you Murgatroyd) - new Buildings: Bush, Pier, 3 kind of Stones, Sleepingbag, 2 Solarpanels - mass of the Big Dome changed to 200 - Armor of following reduced by half:CNC Wall,CNC Wall 1pc,Huge Container,Land Container Green - fixed light_1_hitpoint spam in .rpt V 0.2.1 Hotfix - removed Big Tank and Military Checkpoint. Doors not working and Errors. V 0.2.0 - new Buildings: airporttower, Barracks, Beachbooth, BigTank, Castletower, UnexplodedAmmoSign, Military Checkpoint, Transmissiontower - increased armor of military tower (100 times) - reduced weight of Airplanehangar V 0.1.9 - new Buildings: Dome (big white one), Airplanehangar, Metal Shed, Solartower, Sunchair, Sunshed, Shabby Lamp - increased armor of military tower (10 times) V 0.1.8 - new Buildings:Chair, Cncblock, ContainerSmall, Industryfence 1pt, industryfence 3pt, Lampstreet, Seawall, Tavern, Tavern middle added alternative crafting receips from MrDynamite V 0.1.7 - new Buildings:PortableFloodlight double, Radar Small, Slumplane, Table, Toilet, Pierbox Floodlight coming with next patch Sorry guys V 0.1.6 - new Buildings: CNCBarrier1, Medium CNC Barrier, Crashbarrier, Big Shed, Touristshed, Watersource, CNC Wall small 4 + 8m, Military Sign Vehicle + Base Small - bug fixed where Cargo Containers spawned a lock. -> check "addingmenutoitem.txt" - fixed the bug where containers bouncing around, now same behavior like storage crate ^^ - Tentdome can be placed outside territory - increased armor of military tower again (10 times) - slightly increased armor of all hbarriers - added alternative crafting receips in a separate .txt V 0.1.5 - new Buildings: Broken Shed, Cargo Container Sand Small, CNC Stairs, Garage, Platform, Tent, Tenthangar - added lockability to cargo containers - fixed the bug where other players can pack the container without entering the code. - Baselights now always on! fixed it hope you have fun with them. V 0.1.4 - new Buildings: CNC Shelter, CNC Wall, Fuelstation Shed, Small Shed,razorwire - Removed HalogenLights. Problem with Server restart. sorry guys - lowered Mass of all heavy items. V 0.1.3 - new Buildings: Slum Container, Cargo Container Big, Big Halogenlamp, Military Outpost Small - Hangar now lockable -Menu added - on Rusty Tank you can refuel empty Canister, not Cars. - improved armor of all Buildings - Hangar mass is set to 310 (carryall is 320) V 0.1.2 - new Buildings: Rusty Tank, Metal Shelve, Cargo Tower V2 Big, Fuelstation, BagBunker Large, Shootingpostition - Hangar now lockable - removed Helipadlights due to Memoryproblems! Players who don't have the mod are able to join again. V 0.1.1 Hotfix -new Buildings: Helipadlight Blue,White and Yellow, Wooden Pier. - added inventory to the yellow shelf and the icebox - Hatches from the outpost can be opened now - Hangar is not Lockable... sorry guys - You can build Sandbags everywhere!!! V 0.1.0 Major Patch -new Buildings: ConcreteDoor, BarGate, Helipadlights green/red, icebox, Sign Military Area, Military CncWall, Military Outpost, Steelfence, -Fixed Door Locking! now working correctly V 0.0.4 - Bugfixes - New Buildings: 3 different Types of concrete walls; Helipad; New Shelf V 0.0.3 - New Buildings: Ammobox, LandContainer, Sandbag Corner, Sandbag long, Sandbagbunker, Shelf Sandbagbunker Small, Hangar, Sandbagwall Big Corner, 6m, 4m, ConcreteRamp - Ladder fixed - Stone Gate lockable V 0.0.2 - New Buildings: CNCBarrier, Stonewall, Stonegate, Ladder, Watercooler - FIXED building location was stuck! -> battleye filter!!! INSTALLATION: Please use the readme inside the mod folder Download: Or Available at A3 Launcher Or you just downloaded it from the Workshop If you guys want to support me: Support here List of Charges: V0.3.4: List_0.3.4.cpp?dl=0 The Serveradministrator can add it to the craftreceips (included)
  2. ..l.. ◣_◢ ..l.. Ŧдϛҙ™

    Territory upgrades respect bound

    Good evening dear community, I have a few open questions that I do not quite get answered for me. Maybe you can help me a little bit. The first and the most important question beforehand. Is it possible to tie territory upgrades to respect levels? So to set certain levels of respect to requirement as with items and vehicles? Then continue directly. Can I expand the level capacities and level levels with a simple listing? For example Level Respect Color 1 0 white 2 25000 gray 3 50000 dark green 4 100000 green 5 150000 bright green 6 250000 bright blue 7 350000 blue The colors play no role here is intended only for the later inking of the items in the menu. As further contribution I have already seen according to the forum that this should work so easily in which I change it so in the config.cpp class requiredRespect { Level1 = 0; Level2 = 25000; Level3 = 50000; Level4 = 100000; Level5 = 250000; Level6 = 350000; Level7 = 500000; Level8 = 750000; }; and so on. For the class coloring or level coloring of the items I must then in the exile_client.pbo edit the ExileClient_gui_inventory_updateItemColors.sqf Path is exile_client \ code \ ExileClient_gui_inventory_updateItemColors.sqf Starting at line 49, the following code begins if (_configName! = "") then { _quality = getNumber (configFile >> _configName >> _itemClassName >> "quality"); _color = [1, 1, 1, 1]; switch (_quality) do { case 2: {_color = [0.62, 0.87, 0.23, 1]; }; case 3: {_color = [0, 0.78, 0.92, 1]; }; case 4: {_color = [0.62, 0.27, 0.58, 1]; }; case 5: {_color = [1, 0.7, 0.09, 1]; }; case 6: {_color = [0.93, 0, 0.48, 1]; }; default {_color = [1, 1, 1, 1]; }; }; According to the forum, I'll just have to use more cases for more respect levels. As far as good and plausible. Nevertheless, the question remains for me at the end of whether I can also make respect requirements for the Territory Upgrades. Kind Regards ..l.. ◣_◢ ..l.. Ŧдϛҙ™ Original Post on German
  3. Hi everyone, on my extdb3 server safes dont work as they should unless constructed inside territory, tried reading topics here, and googling and consulting on Discord, and for testing purpouses created a new extdb2 server and c/p all mods/addons and mission file to it, so it is identical to extdb3 one, minus extdb3 override. Now what is going on: EXTDB3 when constructed outside of territory: got the toast saying PIN is 0000 using scroll menu on safe there are only two options, inventory and pack when using pack option and type PIN 0000 get the toast that PIN is wrong, which makes packing impossible safes are NOT being written to database if no safe is constructed there is no error in rpt, however if one is constructed the following error appears: 18:58:14 Exile_Construction_Safe_Preview: doorrotation - unknown animation source dooranimationsource 18:58:15 Error in expression <llExtension _query); (_result select 1) select 0 > 18:58:15 Error position: <select 0 > 18:58:15 Error Generic error in expression' 18:58:15 File extdb3_server\code\ExileServer_system_database_query_insertSingle.sqf, line 16 when constructed on territory: got a complete scroll menu can pack, lock, change PIN safe is written to database EXTDB2 got complete scroll menu regardless of territory can pack, lock, change PIN safe is written to database Beside the above error there is no major error in rpt, and the same files work as they should without extdb3 overrides. Which leads to conclusions: there is something wrong with extdb3, the way it is installed, or some lines of code in it, since they cannot be used outside of territory there is something wrong with extdb2, the way it is installed, or some lines of code in it, and I got used to safes not working properly and being able to place them where I want to regardless of the territory on extdb2, and the above error is a result of my poor server administration. Can you help me solve this mystery? Thanks in advance.
  4. Not technically preventing logging out as players could just alt+f4, but moving them if they log out in an enemy territory. The X and Y amount the player is moved is based on territory radius plus a small amount In ExileServer_system_network_event_onHandleDisconnect just below if !(_unit getVariable ["ExileIsDead", false]) then { Add the following _territory = _unit call ExileClient_util_world_getTerritoryAtPosition; if!(isNull _territory)then { if!((_uid) in (_territory getVariable ["ExileTerritoryBuildRights",[]]))then { _radius = _territory getVariable ["ExileTerritorySize", 10];//if your level 1 radius is less than 15m adjust here _radius = _radius + 10; _pos0 = (_pos select 0) + _radius; _pos1 = (_pos select 1) + _radius; _pos2 = _pos select 2; if(_pos2 > 0.5) then //prevent player spawning back in the air if they logged out above ground in base { _pos2 = 0.1; }; _positionnew = [_pos0,_pos1,_pos2]; _unit setPos _positionnew; //_logoutenemy = format ["%1 %2 logged out in enemy territory @ %3 %4 now moved %5m to %6 %7",_name,_uid,mapGridPosition _pos,_pos,_radius + 10,mapGridPosition _positionnew,_positionnew];// uncomment this line if you want infiSTAR logging //["LOGOUTENEMYBASE",_logoutenemy] call FNC_A3_CUSTOMLOG;// uncomment this line if you want infiSTAR logging //["toastRequest", ["InfoTitleAndText", ["A prisoner logged out in enemy territory @",mapGridPosition _unit]]] call ExileServer_system_network_send_broadcast;// uncomment this line if you want to broadcast logout to whole server }; }; Then pack up your server pbo and you're good to go Edit: Updated to include better coordinates in logging, also option to alert whole server with a toast
  5. JensenDK

    Base building server error | Pls help hey. I can not build in my territory. The database says I own the territory, and i can not see errors in my files. thanks for the help
  6. Midnightclub

    Territory data stored outside the db?

    Is territory data stored anywhere other than the territories table in the SQL db? The territories table is empty yet I keep getting the 'You've reached the maximum number of territories per person' message so I can't build.
  7. Exile Territory Management v0.8.05 Description: Hello Exile Community! My name is JustCallMeAPro and I am a C# programmer of about 4-5 years and I'm here to bring you something I have been creating for the community for about 3 weeks now. As you can see above, the name of the program is called Exile Territory Management. This is a desktop app which allows the user to manage their territories for multiple servers if they play on multiple servers. Or even just a few territories on 1 server. You can set payment dates and get payment notification reminders when your PC boots up for every territory you've opted in to receive notifications for. I think this will help people pay their territory payments on time, and will better help the exile player overall. So far its a pretty basic program. I created this app to better myself in C# and learn more about how everything works. I do plan on releasing updates, however I felt that an auto-update system would not be worth it if I only plan on releasing like 1 or 2 updates. This program was developed on a Win7 64bit OS and was tested immensely and works. I have not tested it on Win8 (too lazy to download the .iso and make a vm), but I have tested it on Win10. From what my testers say, it works on Win10 without any problems. Please reply here if you have any issues, concerns, questions, or feedback. Thank you! This is my way of giving back to the community, and if you don't need it, don't use it. This is still a work in progress and I am not the most experienced programmer out there. This is only the second time I have messed with Visual Studio Installer. If anyone would like to help me out with either inno setup or anything similar to that, please contact me! I DO plan on releasing the source soon whenever I finish the documentation. This program is provided 'as-is' and is provided free of charge. Use at your own risk. How to use the program: Please note everything in this program is manually managed by the user. Nothing connects to your server, pings your server, or modifies anything of your server. To add a server: If your program is not open, you can open it by either double clicking on the exile logo in your system tray in the bottom right or right clicking on the exile logo and click 'Restore Main Window' Right click on 'Servers and Territories' in the TreeView Click 'Add New Server' Either type in your server name manually, or if you have the IP of the server, you can type/paste it in the IP box and check the 'Automatically grab name from the internet' checkbox. Click OK To add a territory: If your program is not open, you can open it by either double clicking on the exile logo in your system tray in the bottom right or right clicking on the exile logo and click 'Restore Main Window' Select the server you want to add a territory to in the TreeView Right click the server Click 'Add New Territory' Type in your territory name, and territory owner GUID (which is your SteamID64). Then select the date your payment is due (click on the drop down arrow), and then check whether you would like to receive notifications for that territory (daily or day before payment). Click OK Changelog v0.8.05: Source included (documentation is not complete however) Fixed an autosave bug with setting new payment date Main window now shows when opening from desktop shortcut or applications folder Added command line parameter support for two commands: -showmainform and -shutdown [type] ("all" or "other") Download (password is exile): Virus Scan (msi): Virus Scan (exe): Screenshot: Credits and Special Thanks: Jens Thiel (thielj) - MetroFramework UI Noxad + jmcilhinney - cToastNotifications Base Bohemia Interactive - Creating Arma 3 All the Exile Devs <3 Everyone on Stackoverflow <3 All the BFC admins for helping me test <3 JustCallMeAPro - Creating this program Admins please move this thread if it is not in the correct section.
  8. is there anyway to stop vehicles being stolen from a player base. can the hotwire feature be disabled if the vehicle is parked within the flag pole radius? Many thanks SWEENNDAWG
  9. fifthmanstanding

    Admin Cannot Set Territory Flag

    So I'm trying to setup an admin base after we finally got the server stable. I thought it would be nice to build on in Blue Pearl. When planting the flag I'm treated to "Construction Aborted. Building here is disallowed on the server". I've checked through the exile_server_config.cpp and I see this: Smashy is our other admin but by the looks of it there's nothing defined in the nonConstructionZones array to designated blue pearl as a nonconstruction zone. Now the spot that I'm standing at is 1302m from the exact center of the marker (when zoomed completely in) for the nearest spawn zone. Config.cpp shows that the edge of the radius of a safezone is 500m from the center of the zone marker: * Radius of spawn zones around the center of spawn zone markers. */ spawnZoneRadius = 500; Meaning the edge of said zone is 802m away from where I am standing to plant this flag. I looked through the mission file's config.cpp and found nothing related to non-construction or the base limitations. This line is, seemingly, set properly: * Defines the minimum distance to spawn zones where players * cannot build territories */ minimumDistanceToSpawnZones = 750; So by standing 1302m from the spawn center, 802m from the spawn edge and well over 750m from either of those....why am I not able to set this territory flag?? I've looked over other posts and found no solution either. I should clarify: I've set territory flags before with no issue on the current server build. It just seems to be georgetown and blue pearl (so far that I've noticed) that don't like territory flags. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Let me explain. If i store stuff in the crates in my base, or in my vehicle, parked in my territory, that stuff is gone after the next server restart. But if i store stuff outside of my territory in my vehicle(for example), the stuff stays there after a server restart. It seems at it has something to do with my territory and my DB. The problem is, i don´t have any clue where i should start to search for the error. What could i do now? Has anbody an idea?
  11. Hi, Im new to scripting but I am looking for some advice on setting up a Script that does- When planting a territory flag a loot crate spawns within so many meters of your flag Spawns 2 ai to protect the loot is able to be picked up just like the other supply crates and used like a safe include certain loot eg can opener,cooking pot and chance of concrete panels ect im guessing its sort of a mix of loot crate drops but changing the blacklist areas to only territory zones. some how also limiting it to once per clan/family and timed from cfg flag planting? Can i write it all in one script or do i need one for every little part? then its an add on? so i would create a .pbo and put it in my @ExileServer/addons ? or can i just add it to the Exile.Altis.pbo and include the # include such and such document in the init.sqf ? Thanks
  12. Hi, Im new to scripting but I am looking for some advice on setting up a Script that does- When planting a territory flag a loot crate spawns within so many meters of your flag Spawns 2 ai to protect the loot is able to be picked up just like the other supply crates and used like a safe include certain loot eg can opener,cooking pot and chance of concrete panels ect Thanks
  13. [zK] Nevets

    DE99 Gartenkriege -Tanoa EXILE

    Läd jeden ein Tanoa zu Entdecken. Was haben wir zu bieten? - Aktive Admins - Fünf SafeZones/TraderZones - viele BoatDealer - eigene unveröffentliche Missionen - Virtuel Garage - Virtual Garage Hacken und noch vieles mehr. Schaut einfach vorbei !!! Euer GartenkriegeTeam Mehr Video´s unsere Spieler:
  14. Timberwolf

    Flag placement

    So, I've got this issue with building in my territory. Got two flags on the server I'm playing on, neither of them are placed flat on the ground like I've since seen is the recommended practice. One of them is placed on the second floor balcony of a house. This caused me no issues most of the time, except once in the middle of a building session. I'd been placing and moving objects without fail. Decided to pack and move a wood storage crate. But upon trying to place it back down I got the "You are inside enemy territory!" error message. I was initiating the placement in the exact position I'd done it just a minute or two previously, but now it bugged out on me. After waiting for a few minutes, then trying to initiate placement again while standing on the ground level, I could build again. I don't know if it was completely random, or if something I did triggered it. Same with it resolving itself, being either random, or because of me moving/waiting before trying again. The second flag is placed on a fairly large rock formation, probably 20-30 metres off the ground below. In this territory I've been unable to build at all, at any point in time, trying several different days, different places in the territory and different building components. I've considered expanding that territory so it reaches ground level, but I'm starting to suspect it wouldn't matter. So, to get to the point. The question(s). I've seen at least one post on this forum that regards a bug fix relating to getting this error message when trying to build inside your own territory. Could that possibly help, whenever it gets rolled into the next Exile release? Does anyone know the specifics of how this works, and why it breaks when the flag is not flat on the ground? Does the territory sphere get generated around the actual visible flag object, or does it maybe snap to the ground regardless of how high off it the flag is placed? I'm just curious, and also trying to decide whether to request that the server admins remove the flag so I can place a new one, wait for a future release, or try to expand the territory to see if that helps. Not to mention, is there any testing I can do in regards to all of this that would help the developers?
  15. Im not sure if the devs keep up with this section but here goes.. In Exile right now the most recent update put an object limit on max built objects in a territory. It works but it is broken.. class CfgTerritories { // Base Cost / Radius // Level 1 is allways for Pop Tabs, >= 2 for Respect prices[] = { // Purchase Price Radius Number of Objects {5000, 15, 30 }, // Level 1 {10000, 30, 60 }, // Level 2 {15000, 45, 90 }, // Level 3 {20000, 60, 120 }, // Level 4 {25000, 75, 150 }, // Level 5 {30000, 90, 180 }, // Level 6 {35000, 105, 210 }, // Level 7 {40000, 120, 240 }, // Level 8 {45000, 135, 270 }, // Level 9 {50000, 150, 300 } // Level 10 }; This is the default price/size/object cfg Your territory size is correct, price is correct and it doesn't allow you to build any bigger then your radius. However whats broken is that if I have a basic flag and I just built my territory I have 15m radius base and I am supposed to be able to only be able to build 30 objects. But the way its currently coded and a bug is that it selects the next territory up's building limit. So I have level 1 territory and it has 15m radius, cost me 5k respect and it allows 60 objects to be built, not 30 like it should. Problem: Territory allows you to build the next level up limit of items. Level 1: 15m, 60 items Level 2: 30m, 90 items So in theory the max level would have no object limit or error out. The reason it happens is because the check for objects is coded wrong, it gets your territorys level and selects the level for the config but the config starts at 0 not 1 like the territory levels. So the territory actual levels are 1, 2, 3 while in config they are 0, 1, 2, 3. Devs: The file in question that would need change would be ExileClient_util_canBuildhere.sqf or something. Midway through at select (getVariable ["Territorylevel", 0]) just do -1 after the last ) and it would be working fine! If anyone can reproduce this on their own server that would be great! I hope I made some sense, if anyone needs clarification let me know.. Sorry for any errors.. This was typed on my phone!
  16. RalFingerLP

    Plenty of objects on the Server

    Hello Forum, we are about to deal with a seriouse problem on our server. We grow bigger and bigger each day and we do get around 10 news flags each day and around 1300 new objects on the map each day. Right now we have around 14000 objects after close to 12 days of running our server. What would you guys do to increase such a lot objects on the map? Basebuilding is the main issue here. We still rund on around 5 fps serverside after 4 hours of gameplay with around 80-90 players. But i think there will be bigger isses in a few days if we don´t come up with a sollution to prevent so many objects. I would appreciate your feedback on solving this. Is there a way to make bases dissapread earlier? Would you increase the price of a flag? Make building a wall more expensive in material? Your feedback is appreciated! Some statics from our db: Construcions Territory Vehicles
  17. Taity_Ace

    0.9.32 Update Build Issue

    Hey guys. I'm sorry if this has been answered already but I've gone through so much of the forum I might just ask now. Is it just me or is building still not working for anyone after the update? Placed and removed flags, as owner and admin and can't find the issue. Can someone let me know if there is a fix? Cheers
  18. Hi guys, i am really disappointed this afternoon. Indeed, all my base/territory is wipe. It was FTG team base FTG Team serveur ; a very big base with 3 heliports, some walls upgrades... All is wipe exept safe and vehicule on the floor. Helicopters fell and exploded when i connected. Please, could you change the value "30 days" for territory by default? With the new Exile update 0.9.20, i think many admins server just put the new files and will customize the server later. Big mistake. In the coming days, many players will lose their bases and territory if this value is not change by server admin. I think this default value should be one/two years... Admin server can wipe useless base if they want. Exile mod is very good, but Exile mod can lose many players with this. Best regards, LordLovat
  19. Hello, If you invite the wrong person you can't kick him and he can't leave. In the client its working but after reopen the xm8 the guy is still in the territory. Someone else got the problem, or a fix for it? Edit: "Nawuko": hat eichi berreits behoben onefox.
  20. Eichi

    Territory Flag

    This is a placeholder entry and not yet filled out.
  21. I cant leave or kick a player from territory
  22. SBD GamerZ

    Loot spawn and Territory Size

    Hey guys, maybe someone can help us out here. Having two issues at the moment. First- Players 6 km away from a trader are unable to build after upgrading their territory flag- says they are too close to trader. Where can I find the block of code to adjust this. Second- I've added in MAS weapons to lootspawn, though it appears to only spawn the first item on the list of newly added ones. I must be doing it wrong lol here is what I've got class Military { top=94.129997; count=896; maximum=100; sum=89600; items[]= { { 40.5, "arifle_mas_hk416" }, { 40.5, "arifle_mas_hk416_t" },..........................................(ect) Only the first hk416 spawns =(