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Found 4 results

  1. hello community, im trying to host a test server on my computer, have followed the setup instruction but cant seem to get this to work, getting stuck at the loading screen and then the server shuts down. are there any helpfull soles there who woud take a night and some teamwiwer and help me set this up?
  2. Hallo Liebe gemeinde, Ich bin der Gründer von und habe folgende Eigenartigkeit entdeckt: (Bilder im Anhang) - Die Mods meines Testservers werden bei mir im Launcher nicht angezeigt. Frage: Hat jemand damit Erfahrung oder eventuel einen Lösungsvorschlag? Es ist ja nicht was sehr schlimmes, nur sehr nervig Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Der Krasseste
  3. Hi! I am enjoying the Official Exile Altis server and i like the idea of you hosting official servers. The difference in fps, loot-lag and desync is huge, and i get a much better gaming experience on this server than on any other i have tried. So, to my first question; Do you plan on putting up an official Tanoa server in the future? I would definitely play on this and i am sure many others think the same. I think this would shine more light on the official servers aswell, something that would get more people to report back to you. And my second question; What is your view on zombies? Is this something you would put on such a server or would this work contradictive to what you want to achieve with such a server? The reason i am asking is that, personally, i find zombies to fill some sort of hole in the gameplay and it makes survival harder on another level than the possibility of getting a bullet to the head. You have probably answered this question a thousand times, but i wanted to throw it in here while i was on a roll. I tried searching for answers before writing, so if these questions have been answered in the past, feel free to punish me as you see fit -Eighty
  4. Hi Devs, Why is the server gone from the list? Is it being upgraded or is it gone?