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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, I recently port Halv's paintshop to work with Exile, including persistent textures betwen restarts with uniform, backpack and any vehicle. I made this for my own purpose, but I share with the community because is a requirement from the GPL v3 License. I can update the install instructions if doesn't work properly, but I think that don't forget anything. Read carefully all instructions and scripts. Screenshots & Video: Source and install instructions: Credits: Halvjearne - For original sources @Mezo - For allow permission to use Claim Vehicles to learn how save data from vehicles to database. PS: I have written the installation instructions for memory, please comment if I forget something.
  2. Monkeynutz

    Vehicle Textures by UID

    I would like certain vehicle skins to be purchased at the customs trader to only be available to certain members of my community, for example, i want admins to be able to purchase the GADD skin for their vehicle but nobody else should be able to buy this skin. And i want Donators to be able to use their clans custom created skins to be available to them and nobody else as this makes them unique. Since there is already a way to do this with Exile Flags... class CfgFlags { class GADD { name = "GADD"; texture = "custom\Flags\flag_gadd_co.paa"; // me admin uids[] = {"12345678987654321","12345678987654321"}; }; }; Would there be a way to implement this with Vehicle textures so admins can only access the GADD skin? class MRAP_03_hmg_base_F { skins[] = { {"I_MRAP_03_hmg_F", 300, "Carbon", {"custom\vehicletextures\carbon.paa","\A3\data_f\vehicles\turret_co.paa"};}, {"I_MRAP_03_hmg_F", 300, "GADD", {"custom\vehicletextures\GADD.paa","\A3\data_f\vehicles\turret_co.paa"};} }; }; Maybe something like this: class MRAP_03_hmg_base_F { skins[] = { {"I_MRAP_03_hmg_F", 300, "Carbon", {"custom\vehicletextures\carbon.paa","\A3\data_f\vehicles\turret_co.paa"};}, uids[] = {12345678987654321} {"I_MRAP_03_hmg_F", 300, "GADD", {"custom\vehicletextures\GADD.paa","\A3\data_f\vehicles\turret_co.paa"};} }; }; Does anybody know?
  3. For winter maps servers ..(or any map) SNOW TEMPERATURE AND OVERCAST BASED - BLIZZARD- SNOW MASK - WINTER ENVIRONMENT SOUNDS - HOUSES SOUNDS Installation : Readme inside download (all features are activable or deactivable by Snow\fn_settings.sqf) UPDATE 31-08-2017 - v.0.9.8 - [added] ADDON updated with snowly/frozen wrecks objects for removeWrecks script. - [added] RemoveWrecks script ( remove wrecks obtain items) (wrecks are spawned by @exileserver/addon/a3_WY_Wrecks - read installation instructions). For some wrecks (fort_barricade, uh60) obtain two times items when removed. UPDATE 29-08-2017 - v.0.9.7 - [fixed] some messages didnt appear after lasts ARMA 3 updates. UPDATE 21-08-2017 - v.0.9.6 - [fixed] winters environments dont load correctly after lasts ARMA 3 updates. - [fixed] environments sounds dont load correctly after lasts ARMA 3 updates. OLD UPDATES ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SNOW MASK SYSTEM (will be reworked soon)---- How does it Work : attention to (only for 0.6.5): Old Updates [TODO] -Snowly/frozen cherno houses roof [10%] Download v.0.9.8 A3Launcher This work is licensed under a Arma Public License Share Alike v.0.6.5 Videos
  4. TroyT

    Apply Texture in Editor

    Is it possible to apply a custom texture to vehicles from within the editor? I want to do a "photo shoot" showcasing the custom vehicle textures on our server and it would be soooo much easier to do it in the editor.
  5. Hello, i'm getting this error on my server "Cannot load texture ivy01_edge.paa freezes game." as a pop up when loading into the lobby, i was told that this problem cannot be ignored however sometimes this popup will freeze so i can't close it, meaning i can't join the game or exit the loading which can be quite annoying. If anyone knows how to fix this it would be much appreciated!
  6. I have a exile server with CUP vehicles for two month ago. On fresh install I can see some texture glitches previously but i think is because mods are under construction. Simply I erase this vehicles from traders or config. Today, with no apparent reason for me, some vehicles working fine, starts to glitch with the 3d models or textures and I think don't touched anything related. I'm sure that skoda's and SUV's are working fine from today. Anybody see previously this bug, kwnows how can I solve, or can point me in the right way? Thanks
  7. blaez

    Apocalypse sky?

    Hey, Just wondering if anyone else is having the problem with napf sky texture being black since the last arma 3 update?