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Found 11 results

  1. White Tiger

    Imperfect Gaming Exile

    We are a new community (well I tried to do this in 2017 but I didn't have the funds). Anyway, I try to modify the server daily so there is new stuff to do. This server has TFAR, side missions, zombies, etc. We also have a "Vote to Affect" section on the website where the players can decide if they want to add/change something on the server. Feel free to make an account on: and the mod list is here:
  2. .:Lama:.

    ParadoxProject Dayz RP

    PARADOX PROJECT DAYZ RP COMMUNITY: Hi all! I am so excited to announce our very own arma 3 dayz RP server, we at paradoxproject want to bring the best possible "walking dead" vibed gameplay to the arma 3 community and have been in development for a month and abit now.. We are by far not the best server but are slightly different to others.. Take roleplay communities for instance, add that to Dayz.. Then take The walking dead Group and character development, and throw it into a game.. Thats what we aim to do! We currently run multiple mods such as, advanced towing, Extended base mod, CUP (All), TaskForceRadio (FOR RP), TAC Vests, and TRYK! We also have a custom revive script and AI missions for that little bit of KOS PVP. We base our server in the UK and on the map Chernarus Redux, we hope to see you join us soon! PS: We launching tonight 9PM UK Time // 29 March 2018. So come join us! PSS: We are a whitelisted community, so do apply on the website! Website - Discord - Teamspeak -
  3. Murdck


    Serverinformationen/Information: Modus: Exile Karte: Namalsk Slots: 20 Server-IP: Besonderheiten/Specials: - TaskForceRadio - DMS Missionen - Revive Script - Zombies (auch Horden!) - Neue Waffen/new weapons - Neue Fahrzeuge + Skins/new vehicles+skins - Abschleppen möglich (Towing) In Arbeit/Working on: - Trader beleuchten (Fast fertig!) - Basis auf dem Wasser (In Arbeit)/water bases
  4. Everytime when I try to spawn, I only get this message: "no task force radio deployed on server" and TFAR won't work after that.
  5. Prophayne

    Help With task force radio

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to add Task force radio to my server, and I get the all too common kick from the taskforceradio channel on my teamspeak. I've looked around and have seen plenty of people with this problem but have yet to find a fix, which there must be one since there are plenty of servers using it. Could anyone kindly give me a short tut on getting it to play nice or nudge me in the right direction? Thanks in advance!
  6. Papawolf

    Problem mit Task Force Radio

    Hey Leute, grüßt euch wieder einmal. Ich versuche Task Force Radio auf meinem Exile Server zum laufen zu bringen, scheint auch alles zu klappen, außer das wir im Teamspeak nach 2 - 3 Sekunden zurück zum alten Channel gemoved werden, weiß jemand woran das liegen könnte? Mods sind alle auf dem neusten Stand. Ich habe mich an die Anleitung von dem Herrn @jus61 in diesem Beitrag gehalten :
  7. Ryan Killinger

    Task Force Radio Battleye issue

    Hello Exile Community, I have been trying for days to get TFAR to work. Seems the only thing stopping it is a battleye filter, which I have put in the filters. Had anyone got TFAR working on their Exile server and be so kind as to share their filter files? This is what my publicvariable.txt and, just in case, my setvariable.txt file as I've read I have to put the restriction in both files. The restrictions it is giving me is in the publicvariable.log: Value Restriction #2 "radio_request_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1CIV" = ["tf_anprc148jem"] How it currently shows in my publicvariable.txt: Line 0: //new Line 1: 7 "" Line 2: 7 !radio_request !tf_anprc148jem And then in my setvariable.log: Value Restriction #0 "tf_force_radio_active" And I inserted as so in the setvariable.txt: //new 7 "" !="exilexm8isonline" !="bis_fnc_selectrespawntemplate_respawned" !="ExileCameraInUse" !="isrunning" !="bis_fnc_setunitinsignia_class" !="bis_accesscounter" !="bis_fnc_selectrespawntemplate_respawned" !tf_force_radio_active !radio_settings !radio_request 7 "ExilePurse" 7 "ExileBank" 7 "ExileMoney" 7 "ExileScore" Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. We love the immersion of radio, so we would love any help that would get this working. And before anyone says, have I searched google and the forums, yes I have, but I have not been able to find any posts or google results that come up with the battleye filters. Thanks to anyone who helps! 100,000 poptabs and 30,000 respect to anyone who helps me get it working on my server.
  8. ‹‹[Ð]r.ChaøŠ››

    Exile Und TaskForceRadio

    Hey Leute, gibt es hier jemanden der Auf einem Exile Server schonmal TFAR ausprobiert hat und es auch zum laufen bekommen hat?! Bitte Melden Lg Dennis
  9. Hello developers. On my server, I used radio before. This adds more realism in survival. The latest versions of the radio stopped EXILE rabotat.Budet ever returned to operation in TFAR EXILE?
  10. I'm tired of easy servers. I want one where it's not possible to have everything you could ever want in a matter of hours. I want one where you're not fully geared out 5 minutes after you land on the ground. The more AI and mods the better, the more realism the better, the more milsim type feel the better, task force radio, ACE, ballistics mods, nightime is an absolute MUST (for more than the typical "last half hour before restart" bullshit you see on almost every. single. server. Most servers get voted to day the SECOND it starts to transition to evening. I've been on servers where someone wanted to vote day to get the sun out of their eyes. I very highly doubt a server like this exists and/or will ever exist without me renting my own but I'm just plain tired of having it easy. I am interested in joining a milsim community but I'm not a big fan of the "always planned and scripted" nature of them. I like to free roam. So please, I beg you, if anyone knows of a server like this or is willing to create a server like this please let me know.
  11. =TBM= BangL ExileZ

    MODS: - Exile 0.9.6 - Namalsk 1.0 - CBA_A3 2.3.1 - TFAR 0.9.8 - Zombies & Demons 3.6 - RZ Infection 0.3a EXILE SCRIPTS: - DMS (Missions) - A3XAI (Patrols) - Exile-Z - StatusBar - Travelling Trader - Enigma Exile Revive System - XM8 Apps (Stats, View Dist., Crafting) - Welcome messages - 3rd person view only when driver, pilot or unarmed! - Advanced Banking SETTINGS / TWEAKS: - Base size/object limits x2 - DMS respect x10 - Vehicle spawns x2 - 2500 Starter poptabs (500 on body, 2000 in bank) - Custom intro music - Custom loadout - rebalanced loot secured by infiSTAR (and me) PLANNED: - loot table reworks! - trader reworks! - animals & pet dogs! - more weapons! - more vehicles! - more AI missions! - more "hardcore" settings (like no crosshair, even less 3rd person and so on) - eBase? - Scratchies & Lottery? - igiLoad? - detailed vehicle repair? - ACE? - i might wanna write and release my own virtual garage script, lets see if i find the time for that - and more