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Found 14 results

  1. PTWS Persistent Time and Weather System PTWS is a script that I made for my Exile server that I host for some friends that allows time and weather to persist through server restarts. It also has seasons defined by months that will change the temperature. Download Source Features: Persistent time (year, month, day, hour, minute) Time accleration Persistent weather NEW Dynamic weather (thanks to code34's Real weather) NEW Seasons that change the temperature NEW Snow based on temperature and current overcast NEW To-do List: Add Persistent weather Configure seasons based on months Make the seasons affect more than the temperature ???? Bugs: A script error occurs after every restart when PTWS is checking for the database entry, not sure why. Future: Afterword: Credits: @second_coming - I used his occupation mod as an example for some of the settings and debug. I also used his config settings for the time acceleration. @WolfkillArcadia - Thanks for the helpful tips, I was able to clean the code a good amount thanks to that. @code34 - The creator of Real Weather, I'm using his script for the dynamic weather.
  2. Hello Everybody! Have you ever noticed that on your mission that there are no ‘real’ moon cycles? No stars/constellations moving? Such as a certain star being in the East during Spring, and it will be in the West come Winter? Or for example, it is a ‘new moon’ and you never see a full moon which would happen a few weeks later? Ever notice that the start date and time are basically ‘written in stone’? Ever struggle with determining how much the time acceleration factor must be to have 3 hours server up time to 60 hours of in-game time? Afraid of changing these because you might change something you did not intend? Or maybe causing the dreaded ‘syntax error’? No more! Now you can have full moon cycles along with accurate star/constellation movements that occur in REAL LIFE IN REAL TIME! No more of this ‘static’ settings. Now, your server can be in REAL TIME with NO intervention from you! If you set it up, you could have your server start with the current date and time! Or just the time, or just the date! YOUR CHOICE! Want your server to run in REAL TIME? NO PROBLEM! Want your server to run in real time and have the correct time in-game EVERY BOOT? NO PROBLEM! This program will allow you to change/modify four settings every time it is run: Date, Time, Server Cycle Time, and In-Game Time Passage. So for example: Real Time: Server starts at 1200 Ends at 1600 Game Time: In-Game Time start at 1200 Ends at 1600 (28 hours later) Real Time: Server starts at 1600 Ends at 2000 Game Time: In-Game Time start at 1600 Ends at 2000 (28 hours later) Or Real Time: Server starts at 1200 Ends at 1600 Game Time: In-Game Time start at 1200 Ends at 1600 (4 hours later) Real Time: Server starts at 1600 Ends at 2000 Game Time: In-Game Time start at 1600 Ends at 2000 (4 hours later) (In other words, the in-game time will be set to the current date and time or to what you selected at every boot) This is accomplished by setting the 'staticTime' value to the value you have set in the program: // Uses Dedicated Server time as ingame Time useRealTime = 0; // Will overide RealTime useStaticTime = 1; // time in ARMA FORMAT << CONFIG // staticTime[] = {VALUES YOU HAVE SELECTED}; This mean that it will always use what you have selected. Even with the bug in v1.04 where 'useRealTime' is flawed and does not work, this does not prevent this program from working. So with the bug, you can always have the current date and time or any date and time you wish and it will always work - with or without this bug. You now have COMPLETE control over the time and date which was not possible in the past! I have used this program for 2+ years and works flawlessly. Once you set it up, which takes about 3 minutes, you will never have to touch it again unless you wish to alter the settings. This program will create a complete and ‘ready to go’ batch file command that you can easily insert into your ARMA startup batch file. It takes about 20 seconds to run so there is not a ‘big delay’ with running this. Proper usage should be that the command is inserted ONE LINE BEFORE the line that contains your ARMA server executable. Example of your ARMA batch file: Line 1 – ..... Line 2 – ..... Line 3 – ..... Line 4 – This is where the command line would go Line 5 – armaserver.exe Sadly, to use this program you MUST be able to edit your ARMA startup file and have the ability to put EXE’s on the server. If you do not, you MIGHT be able to get your host to ‘ok it’. The program itself is approx. 188kb in size and will run on any version of Windows, from Win95 –> Win10. When you download this program, you will have a choice on a ‘Stand Alone’ version or an ‘Installed’ version. Try the ‘Stand Alone’ first. Both will be included in the RAR file. ---> Make SURE YOU READ THE ‘READ ME’ BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING! <--- If you like this and wish to show your appreciation in a more tangible manner, please donate to me at: PayPal.Me/SuperChickenProduct If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let me know! DropBox Link
  3. I am searching since hours and afraid that i go bonkers. Because i know that i lowered it when i had a server running some months ago, but now i can´t find that setting again... We don´t need any disconnect time delay on our server, because it´s password protected and we are only some good buddies playing PvE/Coop. But it drives me crazy to wait 10 seconds to disconnect after testing, if i put something on the server or changed something. I am used to leave the average way of disconnecting instead of stopping the server and getting disconnected then, without having 10 seconds to wait... Please, could somebody tell me where i can find that setting... P L E A S E Thanks in advance!!!!
  4. KnatteAnka

    Infistar Time to restart

    Hi i wonder if it is possible to create a public value that is the time until next restart in server time ( time since start of server) that way i can edit exile and ExAd statusbar to show correct time even if worked with the server.
  5. xcplnathan

    FragWithUs Hardcore Exile Malden

    FragWithUs Exile FragWithUs Exile Hardcore Malden Mods Exile (latest) Find these + a workshop collection that the server uses at Features Custom Vehicle Rearm w/Persistent Vehicle Ammo Persistent Time ZCP - Capture Points Extended Base Mod (without addon) AI Missions/Invasions Hardcore first-person Heli crashes R3F Logistics Military Vehicles/LAV And lots more! Tweaks We run various tweaks to some of the mechanics of exile for a more hardcore experience such as: 1. You require a GPS in order to see yourself, and your fellow group members on the map. They cant see you without it: To view waypoints you also require a GPS. 2. You are not able to see who killed you, what they killed you with and how far away they killed you. You may only see that you died to a player/AI We have lots of various QOL improvements that are not worth mentioning, but all add up for a better 'authentic' exile experience Support We have friendly active admins ready to help and give support when needed! If you need support/want to report a bug, or just some people to play with come join our teamspeak:
  6. Is BEC the only option for sending restart warnings for restart schedules? Every other option I've found seems to be based on server up-time.
  7. Twenty7

    Zeit soll nach Reset weiterlaufen

    Hallo Community! Kleines Problem: Nach jedem Serverstart schaltet sich die Serverzeit zurück auf 12 Uhr Mittags. Ich will aber das die Zeit einfach weiter läuft nach dem Restart. Hab das Script für die Neustart Warnungen drauf. Hab jetzt selber gesucht und einiges ausprobiert aber es klappt einfach nicht.Kann mir jemand sagen in welchen Dateien ich was dafür einstellen muss? in der Exile_Server_Config.pbo und dort in Config.cfg habe ich schon die Realtime eingestellt und die Statictime ausgeschaltet, war das falsch? Danke im voraus für eure zeit und Mühe! Grüße Twenty7
  8. [ARC] almostOVERDOSE

    setting time for my namalsk server

    Hey all, Id like to set my namalsk server to a 4hr restart with 2hrs day,1 hr of dusk,and 1 of night. i have browsed the how-to's and all but for some reason my brain isnt catching on to what im reading concerning this specific config,i know i have to set static time, then say 15,1 for a 3pm start and normal time multiplier...but the rest is chinese to me. if someone could help with this id really appreciate it. thanks
  9. 榮紀

    Exile 0.9.6 time

    你好,我想問一下你放逐0.9.6速度腳本不再使用了,我不知道是什麼問題 我time.sqf init.sqf 謝謝你,幫我常見問題解答
  10. Proximate

    Set time&weather

    Hello there! After 2 days of looking for answer and wondering why it doesn't work, I decided to create this topic. I've managed to install, configure and start a server on my desktop, but the problem is I'm trying to create a zombie apocalypse server for me and my friends. For that I want nice, dark weather (fog, maybe rain and thunders) and to set time to mdinight. I read all the topics on this forum and have no clue, why it doesn't work. I have modified config.cpp in @Exileserver folder so it looks like this: Left only thunderstorm keyframe and set time to midnight. It's always 3:30 pm on my server! And the weather is totally random, once it's sunny and after restart it's cloudy and rainy. Can you help me with that? I saw time.sqf script, but I don't need to multiply my time, I just want it dark and scary! Thanks, Mark.
  11. Patrix87

    Improved time script

    Hi, I've modified ExileServer_system_weather_initialize.sqf and the Time class from Exile_Server\config.cpp The goal was to be able to use a static date or a static time independently and also to allow time zone adjustments. In the process I've removed useRealTime because it was redundant since useStaticTime is the opposite. I've also integrated a parameter to set a time shift that can be used with real time to push the night a little later. New Time Class : class Time { // Use a static server start time instead of the server UTC time. useStaticTime = 0; // Use a static server start date instead of the server UTC date. useStaticDate = 0; //Time Zone adjustment in hours. Will be applied regardless of previous settings. timeZone = -5; //Time shift adjustment in hours. Will be applied on to of the previous settings. Use it to delay night time. timeShift = -4; // time in ARMA FORMAT << CONFIG // staticTime[] = {05,30}; staticDate[] = {2039,06,24}; };The new : ExileServer_system_weather_initialize.sqf /** * Exile Mod * * © 2015 Exile Mod Team * * This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. * To view a copy of this license, visit */ private["_useStaticTime","_staticTime","_useStaticDate","_staticDate","_changetime","_dateTime","_startTime","_timeZone","_timeShift"]; call ExileServer_system_weather_thread_weatherSimulation; _useStaticTime = getNumber (configFile >> "CfgSettings" >> "Time" >> "useStaticTime"); _staticTime = getArray (configFile >> "CfgSettings" >> "Time" >> "staticTime"); _useStaticDate = getNumber (configFile >> "CfgSettings" >> "Time" >> "useStaticDate"); _staticDate = getArray (configFile >> "CfgSettings" >> "Time" >> "staticDate"); _timeZone = getNumber (configFile >> "CfgSettings" >> "Time" >> "timeZone"); _timeShift = getNumber (configFile >> "CfgSettings" >> "Time" >> "timeShift"); _dateTime = []; _startTime = ExileServerStartTime; _float = 0; if(_useStaticDate isEqualTo 1)then { _dateTime append _staticDate; } else { _dateTime append (_startTime select [0,3]); }; if(_useStaticTime isEqualTo 1)then { _dateTime append _staticTime; } else { _dateTime append (_startTime select [3,2]); }; //Time ajustement _dateTime set [3,((_dateTime select 3) + (_timeZone + _timeShift))]; setDate _dateTime; forceWeatherChange; _changetime = round(getNumber (configFile >> "CfgSettings" >> "Weather" >> "interval") * 60); [_changetime, ExileServer_system_weather_thread_weatherSimulation, [], true] call ExileServer_system_thread_addTask; trueI'm currently using the function overwrite to use this one. Thank you
  12. Definitely G0d

    How do you change respawn time?

    When you die you have a 2 min time limit till you can respawn, how can I lower this? Thanks
  13. Terd Fergasen

    config.cpp: custom dateTime

    Has anyone gotten this to work? class Time { // Uses Dedicated Server time as ingame Time useRealTime = 0; // Will overide RealTime useStaticTime = 1; // time in ARMA FORMAT << CONFIG // staticTime[] = {2039,10,24,12,0}; };Change to: class Time { // Uses Dedicated Server time as ingame Time useRealTime = 0; // Will overide RealTime useStaticTime = 1; // time in ARMA FORMAT << CONFIG // staticTime[] = {2039,10,24,16,0}; };I would expect 4pm, but it did not work...
  14. Smoky


    Hello, i want to change my serversettings to have in 6 hours (realtime) an 24 hours InGame Day. Anyone can help me?