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Found 12 results

  1. im wanting too get extended base mod on my server but how would i go about that ?
  2. Affe

    Fahrzeug einfügen

    Hey, ich hab da mal ne frage und zwar... es gibt in der mpmission config ja "vehicle Skins" Da ist zbsp der hunter so drin /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // HUNTER /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// class Exile_Car_Hunter_Abstract { skins[] = { {"Exile_Car_Hunter", 1000, "Exile White Edition", {"exile_assets\texture\vehicle\Exile_Hunter_Snow_co.paa","exile_assets\texture\vehicle\Exile_Hunter_Snow_Back_co.paa"}}, {"Exile_Car_Hunter", 1000, "Exile Hex", {"exile_assets\texture\vehicle\Exile_Hunter_Hex_co.paa","exile_assets\texture\vehicle\Exile_Hunter_Black_Back_co.paa"}}, {"Exile_Car_Hunter", 1000, "Exile Black", {"exile_assets\texture\vehicle\Exile_Hunter_Black_co.paa","exile_assets\texture\vehicle\Exile_Hunter_Black_Back_co.paa"}}, {"Exile_Car_Hunter", 1000000, "ASS", {"Skins\hunterass.paa","Skins\hunterh7.paa"}} }; }; Der letzte zbsp ist jetzt mein Skin, läuft soweit auch... jetzt hab ich die "textur" außen Ansicht von dem hunter übernommen und sie als Basis für den hmg genommen und ein MG eingefärbt.. (der hunter an sich bleibt ja eigentlich der gleiche deswegen hab ich für den hmg die Basis vom normalen übernommen)... Wie füge ich den jetzt aber ein sodass man ihn beim Trader Lackieren kann? Habe zbsp auch nen Hemmt ammo, den hunter hmg und einen panzer geskint aber mein Problem dabei ist das es ja keine "geschriebenen zeilen" dafür gibt wo ich ihn einfügen kann, wo abgerufen wird das der Hemmt.Ammo ne Lackierung hat also das der Trader mir net sagt das es keinen Skin für das Fahrzeug gibt..
  3. Hello I'm having really bad issues starting up my server with mods i can get exile to work just the base mod i cant get my others to work it keeps kicking me off my game too, ive tried fixing a pbo called dms because it says it has an error but i've re downloaded the base file and it still does not work, i have added a pastebin link if any of you can help me with my RPT Thanks so much for taking the time to read! All i want to work is Exile Z 2, Bloodlust (if not thats fine) ,DMS
  4. Hello! So, I am not experienced with big server setups like that of ArmA's (so don't expect me to be too computer-smart), but I have come a long way with setting up my ArmA 3 server until I got to my BEC setup. I've gone through everything the instructions say and everything should all be connected and working, but... I keep getting and error saying: BePath is not a valid directory Now, i know this should be a simple fix, but no matter what i do the error won't go away! I'm using TADST for my server setup, so I'm using the Battleye directory stored there. the path I put in the config.cfg for BEC is: C:\Users\andre\Desktop\Arma3_server_stuff\server_files\TADST\SirRapplez\BattlEye (yes I made sure I didn't have an accidental space put in anywhere... I'm not that stupid) I also put a BeServer.cfg file in the same directory as the BeServer.dll with the following: RConPassword password RConPort 2309 If anyone knows what my problem is, please help. I hope my question isn't super dumb, but I'm lost so, again, help would be much appreciated! Thanks.
  5. Papawolf

    Exile Takistan?

    Hey Leute, neben meinem Chernarus Server, würde ich gerne noch einen Takistan Server laufen lassen, allerdings finde ich keine vorgefertigte Missions.pbo oder sonstiges. Klar, leute die sich sowas aufbauen wollen das sicherlich nicht mit der ganzen Welt teilen, versteht sich ja. Aber wie fange ich denn mit dem Server an, wenn ich "nichts" habe? ^^ Den Chernarus Server konnte ich aufsetzen, da ich eine vorgefertigte Missions.pbo gefunden habe, war sehr hilfreich. Muss ich nun die Lootspawns, Trader, Playerspawns. etc. selber setzen?
  6. I have been struggling for days now, trying to figure out how to make an Exile server for me and my Brother. and everybody else in the World WHO wants to join ;P Problem is, I really can't figure out how to make the server. I want a server with atleast these mods: Ryan's zombie and hordes, enhanced movement, exile, some kind of good ai roaming mod aswell... and i wanna play it on the Altis map. I just really cant figure out how to set it all up, dont have too much experience in server setup. All the tutorials i find seems so confusing for me, from other game servers i made.... - Please help, kindly regards: Yonaz
  7. Papawolf

    Waffen komplett vom Server entfernen

    Hallo / Guten Morgen Dudes und Dudeen's. Ihr wisst ja; der frühe Vogel... hat noch nicht geschlafen. Ich habe einen eigenen Exile Server der soweit auch ganz gut läuft, nun möchte ich aber einige Waffen entfernen. ( Aus Balance Gründen ) Nun was habe ich getan? Die gesagten Waffen, bsp.: CZ550 .22LR in der Missions.pbo ausfindig gemacht und aus der Trader Kategorie oben und ganz unten im Verzeichnis auskommentiert. (Sprich, zwei "/" eingesetzt damit der Server diese Zeile nicht liest.) Sah auch ganz okay aus, bis plötzliche bei einer DMS Mission (Hunter Steal), in der Kiste eine CZ550 drinne lag. Mir ist klar, dass das Verzeichnis für die Trader gilt. Gibt es in einer Datei die Möglichkeit, eine Waffe komplett aus dem Spiel zu nehmen? Wenn ja, - wo finde ich diese Datei ? Denke, das war erstmal alles, schönen Tag euch noch.
  8. Papawolf

    Occupation Ai (Vehicles)

    Hey there! First of, i really hope that's the right place for the Question. If not, please tell me or move/remove this Thread, thanks. Secondly, u will may have a rough time to understand my english, i will try my best. i promise! So, here we go. I've set up a Exile Server with G-Portal and everything works fine but at one point im not happy with the occupation script. Is there a way to Spawn them near the player/s and despawn them when they are out of range (ca. 2-3km). My server runs with the chernarus map and its quite huge, so do i have to set up the roaming vehicle amount up to ~20 to see them quite often? that would be a mass fps decrease i guess. My Goal would be to see them at every second - third corner to have a quite "realistic feeling". The server is only for Clanmembers of my Clan (6 Slots). Atm it feels really empty and it's set up to 10 roaming vehicles. Well, thanks for ur patience to read this. Wish u guys a nice day, Greetings!
  9. You all hate it to update your current Exile installation without installing any heavy Software? Then this is the way to go! So I am currently working on a small lightweight Exile Launcher and Downloader and i would like to ask you about your opinion on my small project. It Downloads all data via http! You can download it here: Link (requires .NET 4) (note if your download is to slow i cant do anithing about it it is not my server) Windows 8/8.1/10 skip SmartScreen: Link Changes: Link In case you do not trust me or have any ideas (i can undersand this) here you have the source code: GitHub (all Controls are designed by me feel free to use them in your Project) VirusTotal: Link Some Screenshots: You want to develop something? This is how you can open this code in VisualStudio: License: This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit
  10. Hey guys, i search a install guide for the DEV Branch Server....(only Linux) can anyone help me? System: Debian 8 64 Bit What a Homepage you use for Gameserver...this here: have a nice day
  11. Tom ♋ ツ Flames

    Chernarus Traders and spawns

    hi, i am a server owner and my arma 3 editior is not working. and i have tried for so long to fix it and it does not work, is there anyone who wants to PM me their traders and spawns? will appreciate it alot. many thanks Tom
  12. CoBalt Jets

    *VIDEO* Make a Exile Server Easy!