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Found 2 results

  1. The Exile Expansion Project aims at customizing and expanding the gameplay content and possibilities of the Exile Mod with various additions. So far the mod includes assets and configurations for the following content: Mod Content: 3 Flag Textures 12 New Map Markers (Eden Editor Asset Browser Support) 6 New Gameobjects (Eden Editor Asset Browser Support) 5 Different Sign Textures 18 Hold-Action Icons 12 Statusbar Icons 9 Exile Toast-Notifcation Icons 6 Exile XM8 App Icons So you may ask yourself what can you do with the Exile Expansion Mod so far? Using new types of map marker icons: Using new types of Exile Toast notifications with icon display: Use the Exile Expansion Container Loot System and also the holdAction icons and function: Use the Exile Expansion Statusbar Icons: Latest update informations about Exile Expansion CLS: - Support for Exile Mod 1.0.3. - Rewriten functions. - Full customizable and easy to configure! - Added optional override for ExileServer_system_lootManager_spawnLootInBuilding to replace the dafault Exile loot spawn with a full container loot spawn system. The system uses the Exile loot tables and building positions to spawn interactable containers with the loot inside like the custom spawn system does. - Added new configurations for new type of hold action icons (Exile Expansion Client Mod update). Latest update informations about Exile Expansion Client Mod: - Added 3 new container objects (Loot Container). - Added one new XM8 App icon (Virtual Garage). - Added Eden Editor asset browser support for all mod map markers. - Added new unit Exile Expansion Drones Trader. Example for Drones trader setup: - Added new sign objects for drones trader. - Added new sign object for trader zones. You can find all objects, units and markers of the Exile Expansion Mod in the Eden Editor Asset Browser! Extra Images of concept proofs: More is coming soon and regular updates are planed! If you need some examples how to use the new content just let me know! Download: Steam Workshop: or download the Mod with the A3Launcher. Installation: Please Note! If you want to use the Exile Expansion Mod for your server then every client/player needs this Mod and they have to load it like the normal Exile Mod. The server also have to load the mod normal, not as server mod. This is the correct load order: Add the provided key to your servers keys directory! This is just an expansion for the Exile Mod! You still have to use the normal Exile Mod 1.0.3 in combination!
  2. Monkeynutz

    Monkey's Welcome Toasts

    Monkey's Welcome Toasts This is a script that allows for welcome messages when a player first joins the server in the form of Exile Toasts. Download from my GitHub: You can customize the way they look and the text in the toasts super easily by changing the variables set at the very beginning of the script. All you have to do is change them to be your server name, community tags, website links, teamspeak IP and donation link if you have one. You can also change the colors easily by getting the Hex code of the colors you want for the text and the RGBA color format in ArmA for the toast color too and it will carry through the whole script. The script is set up to display a new message after a certain amount of time so it's not spammy. The player name and server's map is picked up automatically so there is no need to edit those! There are a set that are important and have a different color configuration to the rest of the messages!