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Found 9 results

  1. Site: mARMA is a web-based tool that monitors various aspects of your ARMA server. Inspired by the well-known tool ASM, mARMA has been developed further to make remote-administration easier. mARMA has been written so work is as many places as possible including GSP servers, Windows & Linux dedicated servers. Monitor Performance CPS, FPS, IO, Memory, Objects, Players are monitored by default. Ability to add monitor any ingame custom values, i.e Vehicles, Buildings, Dead Bodies, Rabbits Custom Message Events & Metric History The ability log custom messages to Maybe you want to log what your admins are doing? Live Maps 2D & 3D Maps Support for AIATIP / CUPS Terrains / Bornholm / Esseker Watch player movements, with red tail lines. Remote Execute Commands Run Custom SQF Code to execute on your server. Ability to save SQF Code for future use or for other admins on your server. Share Access with other Admins You are able to define what your admins are allowed to access i.e access Performance, Live Maps, Remote Code Execution etc… Remote execute code on your server from Atom Editor, perfect for test You are able to define what your admins are allowed to access i.e access Performance, Live Maps, Remote Code Execution etc… Atom Editor Plugin View Metrics for your Server while coding. View mARMA Logs for your Server aswell . Ability to remote execute code + return data from Atom Editor. Very useful for testing / debugging some code on a server. mARMA Atom Plugin We have more feature just around the corner too! Developers: Torndeco & Maca134 (me)
  2. bAdmin Other Images:,WqSrwTf Admin Panel from A3Wasteland ported and customized for exile Features: Player Management (Infos, Spectate, Kill)Player MarkersShop Menu (No working yet)Add PoptabsAdd ScoreTeleport Menu (Map Pos, To Player, Player to)Show Server FPSToggle God-modeAdmin Levels: Owner(All Options)High Admin(Player Management, Player Markers, Shop Menu, Add Money and Score)Low Admin(Player Management, Player Markers, Shop Menu)Installation Step 1: Download all files from github (link below).) Step 2: Copy all content of mission-files folder to your mission Step 3: Add it to your description.ext (not add it inside a class) //bAdmin dialog includes #include "badmin\client\gui_base.hpp" #include "badmin\client\systems\common.hpp" #include "badmin\client\systems\adminPanel\dialog\adminMenu.hpp" #include "badmin\client\systems\adminPanel\dialog\modMenu.hpp" #include "badmin\client\systems\adminPanel\dialog\serverAdminMenu.hpp" #include "badmin\client\systems\adminPanel\dialog\debugMenu.hpp" #include "badmin\client\systems\adminPanel\dialog\shopMenu.hpp" #include "badmin\client\systems\adminPanel\dialog\playerMenu.hpp"Step 4: Your mission.pbo is already ready, you can pack it. Step 5: Now copy the bAdmin_settings folder to your server directory(same location as the arma3server.exe). Step 6: Add your UID at the admins.sqf into bAdmin_settings folder and save it(instructions inside file). Step 7: BE FILTERS Open your scripts.txt and add it: or you can replace your scritps.txt for it: Probably you will get kicked by "setvariable restrciton #0" I am trying to solve this problem, but the only solution so far is delete the setvariable.txt file from batteye folder Step 8: Open your server config file .cfg and search for allowedLoadFileExtensions(if you not found it, skip this step), you must enable the sqf file type, the line should be: (very important to load the admins UIDs) allowedLoadFileExtensions[] = {"sqf"};Step 9(After 1.52 Patch): Add the line below to you server config file .cfg after it you have to add the -filePatching parameter to you start server. allowedFilePatching = 1;Step 10: start your server and enjoy!(Press U in-game to open the menu) - Sometimes there is a delay for the script load for client, if you press U and nothing happens, go back to the lobby and sign in again. Spectate Camera Keybinds: Known Issues: Download: Github repositories: Licensing AgentRev commented 5 hours agoI hereby grant you the right to use the A3Wasteland admin menu system, and its referenced functions, under the GNU Lesser GPL v3. Since bAdmin is a derivative work of A3W, you must therefore release it under this same license. I have included in this pull request all the changes needed to make your project compliant. This will allow server owners to implement your addon in Exile Mod without conflict to its CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license, and without requiring further action on their part. If you accept these terms, please merge this pull request. Regards, AgentRev
  3. Hey, i just bought the InfiSTAR Tool and tried to install it on to my arma 3 Exile Server. I followed the readme Instructions but every time when i join the Server i get this Message : File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Chernarusredux\CFGRemoteExec.hpp, line 14: .CFGRemoteExec: Member already defined. I dont know if this is the Issuse for the Problem that theres no Message like "Logged in as Admin" or sth popping up, i also cant open the Admin Menu. Infistar is working tho, since some Windows of it are popping up sometimes when i press the wrong button. Any one a Idea what i did wrong and how to fix it? Im trying for hours already to get it work Btw i tried it first with the Readme Instructions and then with this Video : Gretz xReva
  4. Been working on a new BE RCON tool to replace the functionality of BE. I have made the source open for people to add too, fix, improve etc. It’s setup so it uses plugins to extend functionality and it comes with a Visual Studio templete. So far the tool has the following plugins: Console: Simply outputs stuff to a console window.Logger: Logs various BE events to logs.PlayerCheck: Can be used as a “global” bans list or a whitelister, using a file, http request or mysql database.BEFilterMonitor: Watches bans.txt and filters and reloads them when changed.RestartMessage: A simple plugin to do restart messages.ScheduledTasks: Perform BE commands at certain times.SimpleMessages: Sends messages to server at certain intervals.WebLogger: Sends logs to a URL.WebRcon: A very experimental plugin to allow access to a web-based RCON client.Check it out on Github Downloads: Source:
  5. Hello, TheMeq here. Just here to release a new version of my BattlEye Filter Manager Tool called BEM. BEM is a useful tool that you just drop into your BattlEye folder on your server. The server will read your filter files and make editing, adding and deleting keys and filters much more easier to do. The tool will also automatically format filters that appear in your log files correctly so you don't have to mess with adding \n or \". You can download the latest version of the tool from my newly created website for it: (Note: You may get a discard message on some browsers as this is a new "suspicious" program: Check here for VirusTotal Results: VirusTotal Results if your not sure.) Change log is on the website and I have included a screenshot to this post so you can see the layout. [] Upload scripts was broken somehow, this has now been fixed. [] Incorrect version was displayed in About screen. [] Added Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional (Thanks Kondou), Russian (Thanks MentaiCosmic) and French (Thanks Ilyasio). [] Fixed some textbox positions that where out of place when some language labels overlapped the textbox. [] Now saves the selected language on application exit and opens up with the saved language. [] Added Spanish (Thanks shinmai_rookie) and Korean (Thanks MinimalResults) [] Fixed some phrases not correctly pulling through [] Fixed some drop down box position's that where out of place with some language labels that overlapped the drop down field. [] Added language support. Currently supports English and Finnish (Thanks Lefafel). [] Minor fix on file detection [] Fixed an issue where the logging type of keywords was not saved when changed. [] Will no longer launch if the file is not in the correct directory (Needs to be in your BattlEye folder). [] UI fixes where some drop down boxes where editable and should not have been. [] Timer added that will check for updates every 5 minutes for people who keep the application open all the time. [] Added optional email field when submitting scripts incase you want to be contacted back. [] Added ability to submit filters that you are having issues with so I can make BEM even better! [] Fixed a bug where keywords enclosed in quotation marks where not correctly picked up causing a file error. [] Fixed a bug where keywords containing several space characters where not correctly picked up causing a file error. [] Fixed a bug where an error would appear if an exception contained a dash (-). [] Fixed a bug where script.log lines ended with " would not capture entire exception. [] Removed S7Gaming Toolbar as server no longer exists [] Added limit to imported lines on log importer to 50,000 [] Added support for CreateVehicle and SelectPlayer logs for importing. [] Added Select All and Select None buttons to importer. [] Moved most menu buttons to new Options sub menu, which will turn Red when a new version is available to download. [] Fixed error when filter files where saved. //new was added instead of //new2 causing an error. [] You can now import filters directly from your scripts.log [] You will be asked if you want backslashes escaped if you have a filter that contains \n that should be a newline. [] Will now escape backslashes preceding an n so there is no mistake for newlines. [] Will apply quotation marks to new filters if they are not present. [] BattlEye Files are now auto-detected instead of being built from a pre-determined list. [] BattlEye is now grammatically correct, rather then appearing as Battleye (lower case e). [] Rebranded to BEM instead of AABEFM [] Filters will now automatically format when added to a new keyword (all the \n and \" business will now be done for you! (only when adding a filter, not editing)) [] Line numbers now match error's given by Arma3. [] Incorrect message box type has been fixed. [] Application will now tell you if there is an update. [] Initial Release. Usage: Simply use the drop down to select a file, click load file. Keywords will appear on the left hand side, you can add, delete or edit these, if one of the keywords is selected, the filters will appear on the right side, and they can also be added, edited and deleted! Once you are happy with your changes, click on Save File. You previous file will be backed up, just in case! Criticism is much appreciated, or if you find a bug, let me know so I can improve this program! Many thanks and much loves, TheMeq.
  6. TNGxSusheji |

    Gratis Admintool das sich lohnt?

    Hi meine frage, gibt es irgend wo ein Admintool das man gut verwenden kann ausser infistar finde ich nicht´s hab aber zurzeit kein geld für so etwas noch extra geld in meinen server zu stecken....
  7. Hey guys, I've written a small and really simple database cleaner for Exile vehicles if anyone is interested. We use it on our own server and you are more than welcome to use it if you want to. No installation, script editing or pbo packing/unpacking. Just setup command line and shoot. (written in C# so needs .net 4.5.2, but you probably already have it) DropBox Link: Be sure to read included README.TXT. cheers, PoXe
  8. TNGxSusheji |

    Gratis Admintool das sich lohnt?

    Hi meine frage, gibt es irgend wo ein Admintool das man gut verwenden kann ausser infistar finde ich nicht´s hab aber zurzeit kein geld für so etwas noch extra geld in meinen server zu stecken....
  9. TNGxSusheji |

    Gratis Admintool das sich lohnt?

    Hi meine frage, gibt es irgend wo ein Admintool das man gut verwenden kann ausser infistar finde ich nicht´s hab aber zurzeit kein geld für so etwas noch extra geld in meinen server zu stecken....