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Found 6 results

  1. Ghostrider-DBD

    Class Extraction Tool Updated v0.42

    One of the big challenges facing server owners is pulling class names for new mods and formatting them appropriately for traders or loot tables. To address this problem, I developed set of small tools that: well pull the class names for uniforms, vests, weapons, magazines, aircraft, boats, etc. The tool will: The tool will discard any class names that are in a blacklist, which might include all default arma and exile vehicles; It include only class names that have a certain root; if you set GRG_Root = "CUP", for example, only classnames beginning with CUP will be included. You can configure it to include only classnames that meet the above requirements and do not already a defined price in the arsenal which is handy for identifying classnames from an update of a mod. - Note that this requires that you add a description.ext to the mission folder containing the tool and that you include your config.hpp from your mission folder. The tool copies its output to the clipboard to to recover it just Alt-Tab out of Arma, select your favorite text editor and paste the results. The tool outputs classnames grouped by category (e.g., cars, trucks, tanks, planes, helicopters, boats) in 3 formats: lists for your traders, preconfigured for your aresnel, and preconfigured for loot table compilers. Note that you still need to edit the respect level and price; the tool saves you endless typing and formatting to get all those price lists set up. Downloads: License: Installation / Use: see the github. This is released to the community with no promise that it will work for your application and no promise of support. If you find the tools helpful please like the tool.
  2. deltagi

    [Release] Arma Restart Plus

    Arma Restart Plus Summary: This tool was designed with being extremely light weight, and having the ability to monitor the server. I specifically designed this tool because I want my server to restart a certain way, as in, I wanted the server to have one restart be fully night. This was fairly easy in other mods, allowing you to control time with in the .bat itself, but in this is is stuck behind a pbo file. So I got creative and made a application that allowed me to on board different pbos files if needed. It also won't let the Arma server fail. If the application for any reason quits, it will open it back up. So as long as you server is stable, this application won't let it fail. Installation: This part is a little bit of a problem, the current version has no settings to adjust, so if you'd like to make this work, you'll have to change the source code provided. I provided the whole file on my github (.rar). Github Link: Notes: This is my first release so be polite please Also ill continue to update this thread when I add more features!
  3. Pixmaip

    Unable to connect with RCON

    Hi everyone. I know there are a lot of existing threads about that subject: I read and tried all of them. But I still can't get my RCON to work. First of all, I am running a Linux server (Ubuntu 15.04) so: NOT Windows. The RCON password is set in the BEServer.cfg in /serverroot/battleye/. The same password is set in the repacked exile_server_config.pbo and in the config.cfg. My startup script contains the option "-bepath=[path-to-battleye]" (this path is also correct). I double-checked everything I just said. The server is perfectly running, I can join and play on it. Battleye is running (the console is showing it, and I can get kicked for using non-authorized scripts). I tried to connect with a ton of different RCON tools like EPM, DaRT, MsRcon... even locally from a python script (as all of the RCON tools are Windows-only) and it didn't work. Here's some of the errors: Connection failed for server : [servername] Couldn't connect to server! 2016-03-13 13:11:50,344 INFO Connecting to #1 2016-03-13 13:11:50,344 DEBUG Sending login information 2016-03-13 13:12:00,355 ERROR Socket timeout: timed out [2016-03-13 | 12:53:55] Failed to connect. Please make sure that you properly set a password in beserver.cfg and the server is running. I know these errors are not really helping but this is the only thing I have. I spent the last 3 hours (and the entire last night) searching the internet for clues, but after all this time, still nothing. Can you help me find a solution? Thanks to you all, Pixmaip.
  4. DooMBlooD

    Admin Tools/Admin Commands

    Hello there, I've been experimenting with creating a private Exile Server and I got it to work, but unfortunately I cannot seem to find any resources on how to use admin commands, (e,g giving pop tabs). I understand there are paid addons like Infistar but since it is a temporary server, I was looking for a free solution.
  5. Capt Caveman

    Admin Tools

    Having just started my own server, and by the way its the best server ever in the big whole wide world and will be forever and ever, I was wondering what are the best admin tools to use? I have infistar available but was wondering if there is any other?