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Found 109 results

  1. IbziDk

    Chernarus boat trader help

    We are trying to set up a Chernarus server. Got everything working but are missing a boat dealer. Does anyone know and being willing to share how to set up a boat trader either in solnichniy, Balota or both places Theese are our files in mission.pbo initPlayerLocal.sqf: initServer.sqf: mission.sqm: What do I add to theese files, to get a working boat trader? Thx in advance
  2. aNNDREH

    Wolfsrudel Cherno Redux

    Server Features - Wiederbelebung - Advanced Waste Dump - Fast Building - Base Respawn - Halo / Ground Spawn - Respect Loadouts - Shipwrecks - Loot Vehicle - Salvage Vehicle - Paintshop - Repair / Rearm Shop - Trader Plus - Blackmarket - Vector Buidling - Claim Vehicles - Crates Logistic - 4 Events - Announce Pay - Login Rewards - Dual Arms - Enhanced Movement - Customs Missions - Gear Crates - Heli Crashes - Abandon Territory - Radioactive Island with Mission "Area 51" ......... Join the server and convince yourself
  3. ☢☠†✪Recon✪†☠☢

    Cup Weapons Trader Addon

    All you have to do is insert these into your Exile.mission folder E.x. [Exile.Altis] Easy as that!!
  4. DemonAn9el

    Trader code 12 CUP mods

    Hey guys, new to server building and needing some help here. I am getting a trader code 12 when trying to purchase cup vehicles from the traders. Not sure whats going on i know its the Mutex error but i haven't been able to find anything on this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks DemonAn9el
  5. [HG]RaVeN103

    Added 2 Exile

    Hello Exilers, i am currently working on new signs / flags / icons / textures for the traders, missions, vehicles, uniforms and UI. Here my first release at Steam Workshop I hope you enjoy it... Added 2 Exile Update April 14th More coming soon
  6. ecortes

    Iron Front in Exile.

    Good Morning Exile community, I've tried to add the following weapons to my Exile server config.cpp. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Pistols /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// class hgun_ACPC2_F { quality = 1; price = 50; }; class hgun_P07_F { quality = 1; price = 50; }; class hgun_Pistol_heavy_01_F { quality = 2; price = 80; }; class hgun_Pistol_heavy_02_F { quality = 2; price = 80; }; class hgun_Pistol_Signal_F { quality = 1; price = 100; }; class hgun_Rook40_F { quality = 1; price = 50; }; class Weapon_LIB_M1896 { quality = 1; cost = 250; }; class Weapon_LIB_Colt_M1911 { quality = 1; cost = 250; }; class Weapon_LIB_FLARE_PISTOL { quality = 1; cost = 250; }; class Weapon_LIB_M1895 { quality = 1; cost = 250; }; class Weapon_LIB_P08 { quality = 1; cost = 250; }; class Weapon_LIB_P38 { quality = 1; cost = 250; }; class Weapon_LIB_TT33 { quality = 1; cost = 250; }; class Weapon_LIB_WaltherPPK { quality = 1; cost = 250; }; and here class Pistols { name = "Pistols"; icon = "a3\ui_f\data\gui\Rsc\RscDisplayArsenal\handgun_ca.paa"; items[] = { "hgun_ACPC2_F", "hgun_P07_F", "hgun_Pistol_heavy_01_F", "hgun_Pistol_heavy_02_F", "hgun_Pistol_Signal_F", "hgun_Rook40_F", "Exile_Weapon_Colt1911", "Exile_Weapon_Makarov", "Exile_Weapon_Taurus", "Exile_Weapon_TaurusGold", //Apex "hgun_Pistol_01_F", "hgun_P07_khk_F", "Exile_Weapon_SA61", "Weapon_LIB_M1896", "Weapon_LIB_Colt_M1911", "Weapon_LIB_FLARE_PISTOL", "Weapon_LIB_M1895", "Weapon_LIB_P08", "Weapon_LIB_P38", "Weapon_LIB_TT33", "Weapon_LIB_WaltherPPK" The pistols show at the trader but with no image (icon) and are all 0 poptabs. I try to click on it and it shows my "load/carry weight" go red. I've tried just adding one, and also just adding the Iron Front Pistols....still nothing works. This also happens for some CUP weapons and most of the RHS stuff. Is this a common issue? Can this be fixed? Or is this something to do with the mods. Thank you in advance.
  7. SynysterDemon

    [REQUEST] Family / UID traders?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone knew how to go about making a trader that only deals with certain UIDs or even better members of a certain family? Cheers!
  8. Greetings all, I would like to try limiting the amount of ammo/guns ... actually everything sold at traders.... thus forcing players to scrounge/kill and be more resourceful. I know how to add/remove items however adding the code to set quantities is another matter. Help Please.
  9. need help to find scripts to add stuff to the traders in to sell stuff to and a better looking trader menu for the Equipment , gun , and food traders
  10. Hello, I have the probelm that when I start the server and joine, this error message comes in the Log ErrorMessage: File mpmissions \ __ cur_mp.Altis \ config.cpp, line 1657: '/ CfgExileArsenal.': '"' encountered instead of '='
  11. SidewaysLlama7

    Admin/Moderator trader?

    Hi, On my server i'd like to add a custom trader for my moderators with some fancy cosmetic stuff in it, i've looked all over the forums and haven't seen anything! we'd like for it to be UID based. any help will be much appreciated
  12. Hi, What i did and what was my goal : To suit my needs, i added some attributes & functions in Exile 3den plug-in to export in a specific file my own 'static objects' with a trader type attribute value. Then in code, i added the actions to these objects as defined in the Exile traders type sub-class useractions. This way, i use some static objects as traders and it's (seems) working pretty well. But there is a problem : The problem is the time to update the trader dialog store list in 'ExileClient_gui_traderDialog_updateStoreListBox' (e.g with equipment trader) The time it takes to complete the update (depends on the categories&items quantity) is about 5X faster with a standard Exile trader. (e.g 0.218 vs 1.14) I've tested this in the Editor, on a dedicated server, with static objects or camanbase classes as well. That does not sound like a real big deal but depends on items-qty and that leaves sufficient time for the player to see that in the right part of the dialog : So, what is the main difference between instancing a trader with his useractions sub-class and a man with same action manually added afterward ? Is there some sort of pre-load thing cache in the first case ? If someone can help me please, by pointing me what i definitely did not understand, or with some idea/workaround ? Thanks !
  13. Hello Guys. I want to change that players on my server aren't able to purchase flags at the office trader. Like, if they go to the purchase option, they get a message when the press the purchase button 'Error! You don't have permissions to buy a flag. Please contact an admin.' Does someone know how to change that? I have found the ExileClient_system_territory_network_purchaseTerritoryResponse.sqf file, where you can change the notifications, but for some reason, it does not work. private["_responseCode"]; _responseCode = _this select 0; switch (_responseCode) do { case 1: { ["ErrorTitleAndText", ["Failed to purchase!", "You do not exist."]] call ExileClient_gui_toaster_addTemplateToast; }; case 2: { ["ErrorTitleAndText", ["Failed to purchase!", "You are too dead for this."]] call ExileClient_gui_toaster_addTemplateToast; }; case 3: { ["ErrorTitleAndText", ["Failed to purchase!", "You do not have enough pop tabs."]] call ExileClient_gui_toaster_addTemplateToast; }; case 0: { /* //[player, "Exile_Item_Flag", 1] call ExileClient_util_playerCargo_add; */ ["SuccessTitleAndText", ["Error!", "You don't have the permission to buy a Flag. Please contact an Admin."]] call ExileClient_gui_toaster_addTemplateToast; }; }; true
  14. Monkeynutz

    Roaming Trader Script.

    Hey @infiSTAR, People are complaining that the addon (Roaming Trader) is being blocked and people are being kicked for it. OP found here: < Latest Here is the updated version that i released, apparently was working until V91. Use the version on my Git to go off of as Second Coming hasn't updated his main repo yet. Below is a hacklog. Anything temporary would be great if at all possible, otherwise i saw listed in Discord to ask for addons that are blocked to be solved Thanks bby :*
  15. I may have missed the post but couldn't find anything about it - sorry if I did! I am having an issue with the traders that I would like to fix. In the game if the price is over 1 million it shows up as: "1e+006", 10 million as "1e+007" etc, is there a way to fix this so that it will show up normally (1000000) or even slightly differently such as 1m or something similar? Any help appreciated! Thanks
  16. stefan.kueneth

    Traders wron on Map

    Hello friends, I have a problem with the traders. Some are on the map and on wrong places and some are not visible. The coordinates are ok I check it. Has anybody a solution ? The Spawn Points are ok
  17. JakeHekesFists

    Disable UAV in SafeZone (Script)

    ExileClient_object_player_thread_safeZone.sqf This script was made to stop people from being cheap and using the UAV in a god mode area. copy the contents of the pastebin link below to your mission pbo, add overwrite to CfgExileCustomCode. eg. for example if you place the script in an exileOverwrites folder, do as below. class CfgExileCustomCode { ExileClient_object_player_thread_safeZone = "exileOverwrites\ExileClient_object_player_thread_safeZone.sqf"; // disable UAV/Bicycles in Safezone }; pastebin link below /** * ExileClient_object_player_thread_safeZone * * Exile Mod * * © 2015 Exile Mod Team * * This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. * To view a copy of this license, visit */ /***** JakeHekesFists Edit: 2017 *****/ private _vehicle = vehicle player; // use these settings to toggle features on and off private _disableUAV = true; // disables player from connecting UAV to terminal in safe zone private _disableBikes = false; // ejects players from bicycles in safe zone to prevent crazy bicycle ramming - players can still pack bike if using enigma script. if (!ExilePlayerInSafezone) exitWith {false}; if (_disableUAV) then { if (alive (getConnectedUAV player)) then { player connectTerminalToUAV objNull; ["ErrorTitleAndText", ["Warning!", "Do not operate the UAV from inside the Safe Zone"]] call ExileClient_gui_toaster_addTemplateToast; }; }; if (_vehicle isEqualTo player) then { if !(isNull ExileClientSafeZoneVehicle) then { ExileClientSafeZoneVehicle removeEventHandler ["Fired", ExileClientSafeZoneVehicleFiredEventHandler]; ExileClientSafeZoneVehicle = objNull; ExileClientSafeZoneVehicleFiredEventHandler = nil; }; } else { if (local _vehicle) then { _vehicle allowDamage false; }; if (_disableBikes) then { if (_vehicle isKindOf "Bicycle") then { player setVelocity [0, 0, 0]; player action [ "eject", _vehicle ]; ["ErrorTitleAndText", ["OFF YA BIKE M8", "Bicycles are not allowed in the SafeZone"]] call ExileClient_gui_toaster_addTemplateToast; }; }; if !(_vehicle isEqualTo ExileClientSafeZoneVehicle) then { if !(isNull ExileClientSafeZoneVehicle) then { ExileClientSafeZoneVehicle removeEventHandler ["Fired", ExileClientSafeZoneVehicleFiredEventHandler]; ExileClientSafeZoneVehicle = objNull; ExileClientSafeZoneVehicleFiredEventHandler = nil; }; ExileClientSafeZoneVehicle = _vehicle; ExileClientSafeZoneVehicleFiredEventHandler = _vehicle addEventHandler ["Fired", {_this call ExileClient_object_player_event_onFiredSafeZoneVehicle}]; }; }; true Script works in a very simple way, it just checks if a player is connected to a UAV in the traders, and if they are. it disconnects them. There is also a feature in this script to automatically eject players from bicycles in the safezone, I have disabled it by default. I had some major issues with people griefing with the crazy collision physics of the bicycle in the traders. Can save your admins a lot of headaches if you turn it on. Edit line 15 and 16 to toggle the features on/off. Feel free to use and edit the code however you see fit.
  18. TBsThug

    Trader Items

    class Exile_item_WoodWindowKit { quality = 1; price = 500; }; Can someone tell or point me in the right direction what the quality = 1 stands for? I see some that have quality = 4. to me that means when you buy it for 500tabs you get 4 of that item. Not clear on this.
  19. SheepishShaun

    Custom PVE Zone

    Hey guys, I need some help. I was wondering, how do I go about creating a PVE only zone on my map? I made a zone in the mission.sqm using a trader safezone as a template and it worked great. It wasn't until players tried building and it said "You cannot build in a safezone", I remembered that using the safezone template was not the best idea. I'm thinking I will need to make a custom trigger, then link it to a custom file (ExileClient_object_player_event_onEnterPVEzone.sqf), then just put the code I need in there. Would that work? How do I make a custom trigger? And where would I need to place the custom " ExileClient_object_player_event_onEnterPVEzone.sqf " File? Or am I going about it the wrong way? Thanks Everyone!
  20. Affe

    Fahrzeug einfügen

    Hey, ich hab da mal ne frage und zwar... es gibt in der mpmission config ja "vehicle Skins" Da ist zbsp der hunter so drin /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // HUNTER /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// class Exile_Car_Hunter_Abstract { skins[] = { {"Exile_Car_Hunter", 1000, "Exile White Edition", {"exile_assets\texture\vehicle\Exile_Hunter_Snow_co.paa","exile_assets\texture\vehicle\Exile_Hunter_Snow_Back_co.paa"}}, {"Exile_Car_Hunter", 1000, "Exile Hex", {"exile_assets\texture\vehicle\Exile_Hunter_Hex_co.paa","exile_assets\texture\vehicle\Exile_Hunter_Black_Back_co.paa"}}, {"Exile_Car_Hunter", 1000, "Exile Black", {"exile_assets\texture\vehicle\Exile_Hunter_Black_co.paa","exile_assets\texture\vehicle\Exile_Hunter_Black_Back_co.paa"}}, {"Exile_Car_Hunter", 1000000, "ASS", {"Skins\hunterass.paa","Skins\hunterh7.paa"}} }; }; Der letzte zbsp ist jetzt mein Skin, läuft soweit auch... jetzt hab ich die "textur" außen Ansicht von dem hunter übernommen und sie als Basis für den hmg genommen und ein MG eingefärbt.. (der hunter an sich bleibt ja eigentlich der gleiche deswegen hab ich für den hmg die Basis vom normalen übernommen)... Wie füge ich den jetzt aber ein sodass man ihn beim Trader Lackieren kann? Habe zbsp auch nen Hemmt ammo, den hunter hmg und einen panzer geskint aber mein Problem dabei ist das es ja keine "geschriebenen zeilen" dafür gibt wo ich ihn einfügen kann, wo abgerufen wird das der Hemmt.Ammo ne Lackierung hat also das der Trader mir net sagt das es keinen Skin für das Fahrzeug gibt..
  21. Sneezton

    [Help] Trader add more

    hey idk if im in the wrong thread to create a topic but i was wondering how to add more stuff into a spec ops trader or just some other trader. for example if i want a lynx to black market how do i do and sry for my grammar and English
  22. luca2849

    [SOLVED] Member Already Defined

    Hi Guys, On startup my server says: /CfgExileArsenal.Exile_Uniform_BambiOverall: Member already defined I've already researched this over the forums but none of the fixes worked for me. I'm using the easy trader files: And this is the link to a pastebin of my config.cpp in my mission file: The current mods I have installed are all of the vanilla DLC, RHS (USAF, GREF and AFRF), CUP weapons and vehicles . Thanks in advance .
  23. Hey guys, iam currently working on a mission script where players first have to talk to npcs to get informations about the mission, where to find and so on and for that i went into my initPlayerLocal. under private _npcs = [ ["Exile_Trader_CommunityCustoms", [], "Exile_Trader_CommunityCustoms", "WhiteHead_09", [[],[],[],["CUP_U_C_Fireman_01",[]],[],[],"Exile_Headgear_SafetyHelmet","",[],["","","","","",""]], [11551.2, 15344.5, 114.116], [0.874928, -0.484253, 0], [0, 0, 1]] ]; I added ,["Feuerwehrmann ansprechen","mission\feuer1.sqf"] so it now looks like this: ["Exile_Trader_CommunityCustoms", [], "Exile_Trader_CommunityCustoms", "WhiteHead_09", [[],[],[],["CUP_U_C_Fireman_01",[]],[],[],"Exile_Headgear_SafetyHelmet","",[],["","","","","",""]], [11551.2, 15344.5, 114.116], [0.874928, -0.484253, 0], [0, 0, 1],["Feuerwehrmann ansprechen","mission\feuer1.sqf"]] then i went a bit down to the _trader section and added _trader addAction (_x select 8); The option does show up now but the script is not getting executed.. can someone help me out with that ?
  24. Admiral EliteSuicide

    Players get Memory Error in Trader Zone ?

    Hey Guys, I have an Problems since I have today add mine 2rd Trader to the Server.. If I walk normal through the new Trader its all ok and the game is running good but if me or any other Player drive a car inside the Trader Zone his screen "froze" and gets an Memory Error / Time Out... Someone have an Idea what the Problem is ?? Or did I have set to much Items in the Trader Zone / Is it possible ?? I hope someone of you can help me Heres an little Video about the Error:
  25. Yeiij

    FFAA mod prices

    Hi there, i want to share that prices for the mod FFAA