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Found 102 results

  1. red_ned

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    Thought I should give back to this community so here goes, please be gentle with criticism but I will attempt to keep updating, especially with your help. I wanted and easier way to deal with mods and items in the traders, all happened when we decided to change our server from CUP and MAS to RHS/MAS/HLC and the mission config became a nightmare. I had come across this technique before in A2 using the flat-file system and something almost identical in A3 Epoch so thought it was possible. The basic idea is to have separate trader files for each mod you use, each mod has classes unique to it, and each class has that mods items, this allows you to turn off classes quickly. I have included: CUP vehicles, CUP weapons, HLC, RHS vehicles (US and RUS 0.4.1), MAS vehicles, MAS weapons, RHS weapons (US and RUS 0.4.1), TRYK, PODS, Arma 3 base vehicles, HVP v2.1, R3F Weapons, Extended Building Mod, Apex, Fox Vehicles, HAP, Jonzie, RHSGREF and NIArms - as I said we did a whole mod change on the server so I had most of the trader files already, but as always there are things I will have missed although everything seems to be working without issue on my current server (except we aren't using clothes outside of the Exile mod and no longer use CUP/TRYK + I don't use loads of the other mods any more). To keep the theme running I also made and Exile file-set so you can call those too and it keeps it all in the same structure (plus made the recent update really easy to update my files). This trader system is offered free without any guarantee or promise and users should back up their files before proceeding. All the folders and files are included in the download, I have also included full instructions and mod class list and trader list and have updated to recent update prices and structure but have mainly updated prices of mods we currently use (as I don't know when TRYK etc. will fix issues with clothes). Download the scripts from GiTHub - *** Update v7.2 *** Added : TankDLC Thanks to @ItsDutch for the files *** Update v7.1 *** Added : HAFM Added : MASWW2 Added : NLD Added : POOK Thanks to @ItsDutch and his contributors *** Update v7.0*** Updated for Exile Pineapple *************************************************** ****** Thanks to all the following for help *************** ****** XxFri3ndlyxX, [RG] Salutesh, SE7EN *************** ****** Tobias Solem, pomp4h, Bob_the_K ************** ****** Razor77, jmayr2000, C][G GhostTown™ *********** ****** ElShotte, Killerpoodezz *********************** *************************************************** Installation is in the text files but basically you unzip, copy the TRADERS folder into your mission PBO, then delete whatever you don't use. In your mission folder you remove all the pricing, replacing with file calls, and then remove item classes, again replacing with file calls (again its in the zip with more detailed instructions) and finally copy in the traders over the top of what's in the file (or replace with external file call) removing any unused classes or mods. There are 2 files in each folder one contains prices, the other makes items into classes (a full list of the classes I used is in the zip), this method seems pretty good at helping to change over mods on your server or controlling what parts of each mods are in the server traders (we only have guns and vehicles from any of the mods till all of them are fixed so we just leave out the clothing classes). I have tried to balance the prices but I am sure you can change it to suit (you can copy items straight out of your config file as long as the formatting remains the same) and also I have tried to add all the items from each of the mods I have included but some are harder to track down every possible item. I don't claim to have invented this script as there are many out there like it (probably), but I have compiled everything I have found or information/knowledge I have got from making games servers for 16 years so please don't shout "you ripped me off" as I am sure to have done just that in some way as we all have when we "borrowed" other servers trader prices etc but as ever I will take down anything which people say is 100% theirs (but I am pretty sure I haven't done that). I hope this just makes it easier with trader lists. cheers ****** You may not use my script on a server which takes real money for items in game ******
  2. kidesh

    Isla Abramia

    Hi, So I made a Isla Abramia map for some friends but they decided to go back to Altis, so I thought I would share this so it would not go to waste. ##*** PLEASE NOTE THIS COME WITH A SNOW CUSTOM TRADERS AND YOU NEED TO DELETE IF YOU WANT RID OF IT***## initServer.sqf initPlayerLocal.sqf mission.sqf I hope someone will use this and will love the map the way I did
  3. WolfkillArcadia

    [GUIDE] Trading Error Codes

    Hello everyone, I've seen a few posts about different error codes and not knowing what they mean. I looked through the code and compiled this list of error codes. NOTE: THIS IS NOT A SUPPORT THREAD! Server Side Trader Error Codes Code 1: Player Object is non-existent Code 2: Player isn't alive Code 3: Item doesn't exist in CfgExileArsenal Code 4: Item/vehicle price listed in CfgExileArsenal is less than or equal to 0 Code 5: Sale price is greater than player's money Code 6: Vehicle Object is non-existent Code 7: Vehicles parent class doesn't exist in CfgVehicleCustoms Code 8: Error code doesn't exist Code 9: Error code doesn't exist Code 10: Error code doesn't exist Code 11: Pin code gathered from player has more than 4 digits Code 12: Player has MuteX applied (Meaning they are already trying to process a request) Code 13: Cannot find suitable position to spawn vehicle Code 14: Respect cost is greater than player's respect
  4. DOWNLOAD UPDATE: MAY 2018 - Download link updated MALDEN SILVER EDITION Malden Siver Edition focuses on a single Trader hub rather than a scattered island approach. There is a single boat and aircraft trader located on the main island as well as spawn points. The main island has two mixer locations (one being at the Trader hub), and only one spec-ops trader on the entire map. The contamination zone has been moved to the Eastern Island 1x Trader City Hub 1x Contamination Island 1x Spec Trader Location 1x Boat Trader Location 1x Aircraft Trader Locations
  5. Hello Exile Server Owners that run Chernarus , I have something special for you The last couple of days I've been searching for Stary Traders and Bash traders, but there none to find. They may be in the corners of the Exile Forums. But look no futher! Today I've decided to release some files that may benefit us who run Chernarus servers. These files may not be perfect, but I'm trying my best. As of right now I have created to locations: Bash and Stary and one type to each of them. This is compatible with Chernarus Winter, Chernarus Summer and normal Chernarus. All of these require CUP. I have decided to put them into "modules" which means that you can merge them with your own! Already have a Bash Trader, and is looking for a Stary Trader? Then merge my Stary Traders with your Bash Trader! The files required are in their seperate folders, and should be easy to install. I wont be providing installation guides. If you need a guide check our this fine genteman's guide on how to install them. GitHub Link:
  6. Bloodshot_pico

    Many Map Files To Come!

    Many Map Files To Come! Slowly Rolling out updates. ^^' Custom Traders, Loot Tables/Spawns! So around the Exile forums I have seen threads that have been removed due to people either stealing something from someone else or some other reason, but I know there's a bunch of people looking for map files along with Traders and maybe loot tables. And I've always wanted to make a bunch of mission files for Exile and just give them to the community because why not? I enjoy helping and it's good for me to keep this stuff in my head so I never forget. People might find this tedious or boring or just don't want to do it and I can understand that but well, basically hopefully I can keep everything updated and running so there can be more options to people! Enjoy the mission files along with traders and loot tables. How Do I Create These? So I never used to be able to understand how to do all of this like many. I just learned and gave up so on so forth, but the tools you need are provided via the Exile Team themselves. If it wasn't for the mpmissions folder within their ExileServer download then no custom map would have been able to have been made into a mission.pbo but they gave everyone the base for what needed to be done. I've just looked into their work via the mission files and altered them to work for any other map. The only files I edit are the mission.sqm, initServer.sqf and initPlayerLocal.sqf. For the loot tables I will explain that when I get to that point. Map Files: Info! All of these mission files have 100 player slots (I think? ) so all you have to do is change them yourself. And if you want more, for whatever reason then you can add more. If you're wanting some custom traders or different map markers etc. Message me and I see what I can do for you. Also if you have any suggestions for map missions I should create then list them down below. I've had a short break from ArmA as the map things were getting a little too much along with not being able to figure something out via server side so I kind of gave up but I'm back and hopefully will get some of these done soon. ~Bloodshot_pico Licensing: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. CREDITS: Adam Kadmon and Odizzzzle from AWG ( - Providing Isla Duala Loot Tables - @Adam Kadmon & @odizzzzle
  7. maca134

    M3Editor - 3DEN Edition

    So, I got around to making 3DEN easier to use for adding crap to the map and getting the output as SQF. (It will export objects, traders and relative positions). THE OBJECT OUTPUT ARRAY IS NOT HE SAME FORMAT. YOU HAVE TO COPY-PASTE ALL THE SQF OUTPUT AND NOT JUST COMBINE ARRAYS FROM OLDER VERSIONS OF M3E. Download will be on A3Launcher. Github: Tutorials: By @[TiC] ucjohn
  8. Brennen11B

    Error 13- please contact admin

    I have added CUP vehicles in, just for everyone of them to not be able to spawn when purchased, given then error "13". anyone have any idea how to help?
  9. DOWNLOAD UPDATE: MAY 2018 - Download link updated Hi Exilemod. Chernarus Siver Edition will focus on a single Trader hub rather than a scattered approach. There will be no boat trader and the aircraft traders will be located at the main Trader hub. A contamination zone might be added depending on how busy the map feels.
  10. Thanks goes out to Paul for highlighting the error of my ways Instructions: Edit config.cpp in your mpmissions>exile.altis.pbo Add required vehicle under the following subsections: class CfgExileArsenal class CfgTraderCategories Repack mission pbo file. DONE
  11. 34ludo

    Remove totaly traders

    hi I want to know if someone have remove traders with no problem (no mod installed a this time). I just want to know i have try to remove by initplayerlocal.sqf but the mission type (survival) isn't visible when i touch this sqf.... and mission don't load or anythink. i have try to remove from mission.sqm / initplayerlocal.sqf / inistserver.... heum everythink i find someone have a solution or can save me thank you all and sorry bad english i'm french.....
  12. **I'm Currently away from the ArmA Scene so am unable to update this thread, if anyone wants to take over this and keep it updated feel free to contact me** How to setup Traders Ok ive been looking through these forums for info on how to setup traders, move them, build trader citys etc and found that the information is very disjointed and all over the palce. So I thought I would put it all together before I ask my question. What Ive found that works: 1. Use M3Editor by @maca134 to place the objects you want in your trader city (M3Editor Thread: (Tut to place Traders: ) 2. Use this method to get your custom map content onto the server (Keeps the mission file small) 3. Edit the initPlayerLocal.sqf to add/move current traders to your new trader locations In initPlayerLocal.Sqf : /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Example Trader /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// [ "Exile_Trader_Aircraft", <-- Trader Type "AfricanHead_03", ["Acts_Kore_IdleNoWeapon_loop"], <-- Trader Animation type [10165.2,18644.1,0], <-- This is the position of the trader 313.349 <- This is the orientation of the trader ] call ExileClient_object_trader_create; Get the co ordinates for the trader by placing an object using M3Editor and copying the co ords and orientation info from that object to the trader info: example from M3Editor output sqf: ["TargetP_Civ_F",[17500.5,7168.5,0.228912],0,[[0,1,0],[0,0,1]],false], 4. Edit SafeZones To edit safeZones copy the mission.sqm to a folder in your Users\USERNAME\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\ARMA3PROFILE\missions in the abover folder create a folder called Exile.MAPNAME i.e. Exile.Altis and past the sqm file there. Open ArmA3 Editor and your mission should be visible to open. Once open use the Marker placement tool to place SafeZone Triggers and Safezone Markers as you require SafeZone Trigger Code: Once you have all your triggers and markers placed save and exit. Copy the sqm from the Users\USERNAME\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\ARMA3PROFILE\missions\Exile.MAPNAME to your server mission file and re-pbo. It seems from testing that you can only place 28 traders, anymore and they don't seem to spawn in-game. 5. Adding Items from other mods: (In progress) Once you have your traders setup its time to add mod content to them (If you want to run mods such as @Mas, @RHS etc) Open your config.cpp (In mission file). The config.cpp is layed out as follows: 1. Clan & Crafting Settings 2. Item Costing 3. Item trader definitions First you want to add any mod items to the Item costings section as shown below: Once you have added your items you need to add them to the releant area in the definition section to allow the items to be added to the relevent area in the trader menus. to do this add the items again in the areas shown below: Ensure that the mod from which your adding items is added to your servers startup parameters and you should be good to go. ArmA has a good error checking function so if you have added items incorectly on server startup it should inform you of any errors and the line in which the error has occured. * Ensure that clients have the required mods active for the items to show in the trader menu's. Community Customs Traders: To be done Anything else people want in this guide (Trader Related)?
  13. so after the jets DLC release i was curious as to how to implement the USS Freedom. and after reading it was done in editor i thought i would try and learn how to edit the map. it took a while to get it working and after some help from @Rafterman and @110 and also thanks to @Ambu5h for the ExileServer_system_trading_network_purchaseVehicleRequest override he published. i've decided to include my files to help others implement the USS Freedom. download and unpack your mission pbo, eg. Exile.Altis.pbo Copy this code to the bottom of your initserver.sqf. Next add this to the bottom of your initplayerlocal.sqf next add this to the bottom of your init.sqf next Create a file named "ExileServer_system_trading_network_purchaseVehicleRequest.sqf" HAS to be exacly that name and place it in a folder called overrides in your mission file. And put the following code in it: Goto your config.cpp in your missionfile and at the "class CfgExileCustomCode" add the following line: open your mission.sqm file and add the trader icon map marker using the same co-ordinates for "Land_Carrier_01_base_F" in initserver.sqf Now repack your mission pbo and upload to your server, good luck. Don't forget to hit like if this helps you
  14. AaiRez

    Island of the Exiled

    ArmA3: Exile Name: | | Island of the Exiled | PVP | IP: World Reload: 4/17/18 Our group of 20 something to 60 something gamers. All of us have some sort of anxiety issue, so we are looking for low key, down to earth players, around the same age group.. There are some younger kids but the average is around 20-40. We play several games and have several of our own hosted servers. Just looking for some like minded people who work real jobs and have real lives, to just chill and play a few hours of games and talk about random funny shit. If you think this is you, come check us out! Web: Discord: Guilded: Steam Group: Group: Bungie Clan: Facebook: Donate:
  15. Mattmad1234

    Exile Traders Empty

    This is my first post on the forum because i'm having a large problem. Whenever I try and Trade with one of the traders I have placed on a custom map, an empty screen appears with no items. I have tried multiple fixes for this issue but with no luck so far. config.cpp I attached an Image of the problem I am having, not one I took, but of the same problem. If there are anymore files that I would need to post to help diagnose the problem please let me know as I would like to resolve this issue quickly!
  16. DOWNLOAD UPDATE: MAY 2018 - Download link updated Hey Exilemod ! I am finally releasing my new Tanoa traders as promised, alongside my website where I will be releasing more traders shortly. Starting with Malden ! TANOA SILVER EDITION: Tanoa Siver Edition focuses on a Trader hub rather than a scattered jungle approach. There are boat and aircraft locations on each individual island as well as spawn points. The main island has two mixer locations (one being at the trader hub), and the only spec-ops trader on the entire map. The contamination zone has been moved to the western island and a guard has been placed at the bridge to keep out looters 1x Trader City Hub 1x Contamination Island 1x Spec Trader Location 3x Side Island Spawn 3x Main Island Spawn 4x Boat Trader Location 4x Aircraft Trader Locations
  17. kidesh

    DayZ Redemption

    Hi, Welcome to DayZ Redemption. Are you fed up with playing servers with no admins and half working scripts? Are you fed up with having no input to the server after playing for hours on end? Do you want to go back to back to the DayZ roots and play a server with scripts that make it happen? Do you want a server that is unique? Well look no further. The guys at DayZ redemption have listened to all of the players who have been joining and put together a fantastic server! They have taken all the gaming experience of playing DayZ and Exile and combined it into a server that will keep you working and grinding, doing fun stuff and in return will make you feel that when you leave for the day you have achieved things you wouldn't on most server. So what can they offer? 1- When you spawn in you will be put into a rank class 2- MarXet Traders that all the players need to grind and sell or buy in order to get what they want. 3 - Players can scavenge all around the map to find loot even in places that loot is rare. 4 - Custom crafting that includes making your own Zombie Apocalypse Vehicles. Plus the loved or hated Mozzie 5 - They have also brung back and modified the Dayz Heli-crashs with armed guards for that rare loot such as M107s . 6 - They have also have there own custom DMS missions to suit the server. 7 - There discord channel is always there for players to get help from admins ( who have the app on their phones) and to discuss what they would like to see in the future. 8 - Zombies that are made for the server to keep players on their toes and they also have the hordes at the custom loot box. 9 - 90% of the loot that is picked up can be crafted into something including Ghillie suits,Ak47s, insta-docs and many more. 10 - Your flag and vehicles will stay on the server for 365 days and you will not need to pay the rent for 365 days. This way you do not have worry about making tons of cash and just focus on the survival aspect of the game. So if anyone out there is looking for a DayZ/zombie apocalypse style server with active admins, plenty to do then come join the fun DayZ Redemption|25k|MarXet-Traders|Custom-Loot
  18. Super Jerome

    [Release] Exile Trader Compostions

    The trader compositions within this mod were created utilizing Zeus and Eden Compostions (ZEC) with a few additions. The traders do not come with their custom animations so you will need to set them yourself within Eden. I included my guide to help you with all of the Exile related inquiries. You can either use the guide included in the mod folder or utilize the link below. This mod requires Exile Mod, Extended Base Mod, & CUP Terrains Core. Also included within the folder is any changes you may need to make to your map pbo to have vehicles spawn in correct place. Please read the "READ ME" file included when you subscribe. Required Addons: Exile Mod (Duh) Extended Base Mod CUP Terrains Core DOWNLOAD When you open the addons folder after you subscribe it contains all the information you will need to make this happen. I am aware of some items that spawn with their height (Z) set incorrectly. Just manually adjust their height in Eden Editor. My guide is also included upon subscription or use the link in my signature if you need help. There are currently 3 compositions, I have included a few pictures of two of them. Enjoy.
  19. Vampyre82nd

    Traders not showing up

    I have a fresh server with exile and Australia mods only running. Followed all the instructions in the video and he shows how to get it to work and it does work for him. The only variation from the video that i did was that i used the in game editor to place all the military buildings. Then used the cords from the same file as the spawn points. I was able to verify that the cords are the same in the file as in the game editor. I have looked through the forums and have not been able to find a fix. Any help would be great. Thanks!
  20. Tazhar - | Zombie Survival

    Hey folks! Over here at Metanix we've set up and custom built a brand new Exile Zombie Survival server. To keep the description short, Metanix is a community full of mature, 18+ gamers and our server reflects that! We offer exactly what you'd expect from a survival-based game mode and we are constantly developing the server, adding new features as well as bug fixes and improvements. Come and join us on Discord to find out what we're about! We look forward to seeing you in the wild.
  21. [x] iDanich

    ACiDy Portable Trade zones

    ACD_PT - ACiDy Portable Trade zones Features: Place as many trading zones as you want and wherever you wantTurn ON and OFF safe zone triggerTurn ON and OFF any specified traderChangelog: Version 0.2 Added _ID to assign unique number of szUsage: [ _isSafe, // [boolean: true/false] - Turn ON/OFF safe zone trigger _pos, // [array: getPosATL _obj] - Building position _general_direction, // [number: getDir _obj] - Direction of building _Armory, // [boolean: true/false] - Turn ON/OFF Armory trader and props _Equipment, // [boolean: true/false] - Turn ON/OFF Equipment trader and props _Food, // [boolean: true/false] - Turn ON/OFF Food trader and props _Hardware, // [boolean: true/false] - Turn ON/OFF Hardware trader and props _Office, // [boolean: true/false] - Turn ON/OFF Office trader and props _SpecialOperations, // [boolean: true/false] - Turn ON/OFF Special Operations trader and props _Vehicle, // [boolean: true/false] - Turn ON/OFF Vehicle trader and props _WasteDump, // [boolean: true/false] - Turn ON/OFF Waste Dump trader and props _ID, // [number: unique] - Designated number of safe zone ] call acd_fnc_createTradingOffice;Example: [true,[15137.3,16695.4,0.00143814],300,true,true,true,true,true,true,true,true,347] call acd_fnc_createTradingOffice; GitHub: DOWNLOAD:
  22. luca2849

    [SOLVED] Member Already Defined

    Hi Guys, On startup my server says: /CfgExileArsenal.Exile_Uniform_BambiOverall: Member already defined I've already researched this over the forums but none of the fixes worked for me. I'm using the easy trader files: And this is the link to a pastebin of my config.cpp in my mission file: The current mods I have installed are all of the vanilla DLC, RHS (USAF, GREF and AFRF), CUP weapons and vehicles . Thanks in advance .
  23. Hello, I am having a problem getting my traders to spawn, I have made 1 trader city and they work perfectly, then i went to create another trader city but the npcs won't spawn, if anyone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it. The BOLD lines of code are the new traders. Thanks. EDIT: I checked my other trader city and it's not there either. EDIT 2: Added "Exile_Trader_Food", "Exile_Trader_Hardware", "Exile_Trader_Armory", etc... and still no traders anywhere on the map, can anyone please help me out?
  24. UPDATE: v2.0 Three concrete mixers now available. One within primary trade zone Thx to @chuanman2707 for pointing out the lack thereof. Traders support use of the set vehicles spawn script: LINK DOWNLOAD: initServer.sqf initPlayerLocal.sqf mission.sqm ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Custom Esseker TradeZones 2 Details: 1x Primary Traders (Vehicle, Air, Waste, Office, Russian, Lockers, Food, Equipment, Hardware, Armory) 1x SpecOp Traders (Located towards central Esseker map) 1x Boat Traders (Not much water in Esseker very basic trader) 1x Dive Traders (Not much water in Esseker very basic trader) 0x Contamination Zone (Next update maybe)
  25. This prices are made for PvE Server with sell price factor set to 0.25. I think there isn't anything else to explaind