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Found 10 results

  1. Hello guys, this has been a while that I have not been posting in a forum so I'm sorry for posting this in the incorrect category. I will post links to specific threads or posts or website and I will do my best not to mirror any files just to be sure I am not breaking any rules. Notes : Due to my limited (almost none) skill of scripting, there might be some cases I might not be able to help you out. This thread is meant to have collective support from other guys of forum (Exile community) to help each other out. P.S. THIS IS A TUTORIAL TO START FROM SCRATCH ========================================================================================== OPERATION : ESSEKER Requirements: @Exile (duh) @ExileServer (and again, it's basic server installation) @AllInArmaTerrainPack NOTE: HAVE THE LATEST AIA:TP VERSION AND APPLY THE HOTFIX. @Esseker (You can also find Esseker map within the Steam WORKSHOP) Esseker server .bikey Esseker Loot Spawns by @Hollow (DISCOUNTINUED) unPBO tool OR Eliteness (Can be found easily with a small Google search, depends which one you prefer) Notepad ++ (or if you use Eliteness, you don't need N++) m3Editor by @Maca134 ------ This is used for custom trader zone. Installation: In this stage, it is straight forward if you understand and have known before how to setup an Exile multiplayer server. If you do not have the prior knowledge, you may continue to read. A few notes before going in the installation stage: This is a tutorial made for self-hosted servers and I am not familiar with online services offering to host in a dedicated area. 1. For convenience sake I will cite @Maca134's guide / server package that includes the client files and server files of Exile. "" 2. Please, make sure your vanilla server with Altis does function correctly. If not, you may ask for help within this thread or search around in the forums. 3. After all of the above is done, extract the remainder in your server directory folder. In my case, it is located in "C:\Arma\Server\". 3. a) When you have successfully extracted @Esseker and @AllInArmaTerrainPack in the directory. INSTALL THE .BIKEY OF ESSEKER AND AIA:TP (add them to your Keys folder in the directory. 3. b) Proceed to go in @ExileServer and edit "config.cfg". 4. You need to modify a line under the class Mission (then class Exile). You have to modify the template so it goes from "template = Exile.Altis;" to "template = Exile.Esseker;". I have provided an example below. class Missions { class Exile { /* template = Exile.Altis; difficulty = "ExileRegular"; // ExileRegular or ExileHardcore */ template = Exile.Esseker; difficulty = "ExileRegular"; // ExileRegular or ExileHardcore }; }; 5.To enable Esseker within your startup parameters, edit your [whateverName].bat to be similar to this : @echo off color 0a title Exile Monitor :Serverstart echo Launching Server C: cd "C:\Arma\Server" echo Exile Server Monitor... Active ! start "Arma3" /min /wait C:\Arma\Server\arma3server.exe -mod=@AllInArmaTerrainPack;@Esseker;@Exile;Kart,Mark,Heli; -servermod=@ExileServer; -filePatching -config=C:\Arma\Server\@ExileServer\config.cfg -port=2300 -profiles=SC -cfg=C:\Arma\Server\@ExileServer\basic.cfg -name=SC -autoinit ping -n 15 >NUL echo Exile Server Shutdown ... Restarting! ping -n 5 >NUL cls goto Serverstart 6. After modifying your startup parameters, head to your mpmissions folder and rename your Exile.Altis to Exile.Esseker (Or do a copy if you want to preserve an Altis copy). 7. From there, you should unPBO the mission file and head to mission.sqm and open it with a text editor of your choice. 7. a) Add "Esseker" to the lines under addOns. I will provide an example. Like at the beginning = version=12; class Mission { addOns[]= { "exile_client", "Esseker" }; addOnsAuto[]= { "exile_client", "Esseker" }; And the end = class Intro { addOns[]= { "Esseker" }; addOnsAuto[]= { "Esseker" }; randomSeed=3611332; class Intel { startWeather=0.30000001; startWind=0.1; startWaves=0.1; forecastWeather=0.30000001; forecastWind=0.1; forecastWaves=0.1; forecastLightnings=0.1; year=2035; month=6; day=24; hour=12; minute=0; startFogDecay=0.013; forecastFogDecay=0.013; }; }; class OutroWin { addOns[]= { "Esseker" }; addOnsAuto[]= { "Esseker" }; randomSeed=15572598; class Intel { startWeather=0.30000001; startWind=0.1; startWaves=0.1; forecastWeather=0.30000001; forecastWind=0.1; forecastWaves=0.1; forecastLightnings=0.1; year=2035; month=6; day=24; hour=12; minute=0; startFogDecay=0.013; forecastFogDecay=0.013; }; }; class OutroLoose { addOns[]= { "Esseker" }; addOnsAuto[]= { "Esseker" }; randomSeed=13194853; class Intel { startWeather=0.30000001; startWind=0.1; startWaves=0.1; forecastWeather=0.30000001; forecastWind=0.1; forecastWaves=0.1; forecastLightnings=0.1; year=2035; month=6; day=24; hour=12; minute=0; startFogDecay=0.013; forecastFogDecay=0.013; }; }; 8. Now everything should be set, it is time to add what is missing : Traders, Safezones, Spawns and Loot spawns. ====================================================================================================== MAKING SPAWNS The rest of this tutorial will be time consuming. You will need to tinker around and find what markers, sensors (triggers) suits you best. 1. Fire up your ARMA 3 Editor with Esseker and AIA:TP loaded and scout for any possible spawnzones you want your players and yourself included to spawn. 2. Make a new mission file and add markers of where you want it to be. 3. After saving, get to where you have saved your newly made mission file (it might be named Esseker.Esseker). 3. a) There will be a mission.sqm inside that folder, open it up with your favorite text editor and copy all : class Markers { bla bla blah }; and replace (or add) to your mission.sqm file of the server. 4. I will provide an example of how it must look like (this is one of my spawns). REMEMBER THE " type="ExileSpawnZone"; " OR YOU WILL NOT SEE THE SPAWN IN YOUR LIST AFTER ENTERING YOUR SERVER. class Item0 { position[]={6678.9189,256.49823,3904.5002}; name="SpawnPlavaVranaMilitaryComplex"; text="Plava Vrana"; type="ExileSpawnZone"; }; Configurations (Trader, Safezones and Loot Spawns): This is where things might get tricky for some (myself included at the beginning). ======== LOOT SPAWNS ======= 1. Follow @Hollow's tutorial within his post for the installation of Esseker loot spawns. ======== Trader / Safezone ====== Due to the complexity and the anger-inducing process this might do to some, I will include a tutorial that has already been done by @spear. Things to remember : Within the mission.sqm, the marker for the trader will look something like this: class Item7 { position[]={9395.5059,6.7335639,4709.9023}; name="Maxwell"; text="Maxwell Trader City"; markerType="ELLIPSE"; type="Empty"; colorName="ColorBlue"; fillName="SolidBorder"; a=100; b=100; drawBorder=1; }; and the trigger (class Sensors) must look something like : class Item0 { position[]={9395.5703,6.7335668,4710.1016}; a=100; b=100; activationBy = "ANY"; repeating = 1; interruptable=1; age="UNKNOWN"; text="Maxwell SZ"; name = "ExileTrader"; expCond = "(vehicle player) in thisList"; expActiv = "call ExileClient_object_player_event_onEnterSafezone"; expDesactiv = "call ExileClient_object_player_event_onLeaveSafezone"; class Effects { }; }; THESE LINES ARE IMPORTANT TO HAVE THE SAFEZONE FUNCTIONNING PROPERLY. DON'T FORGET OR THE BOGEYMAN WILL GET YA. name = "ExileTrader"; expCond = "(vehicle player) in thisList"; expActiv = "call ExileClient_object_player_event_onEnterSafezone"; expDesactiv = "call ExileClient_object_player_event_onLeaveSafezone"; =========================================================================================================================== This is all I have to add, if I'm missing something please tell me and I will fix it right away. My server folder is so full that I might have skipped something so message me up here or Skype me if you guys want. Have a nice day everyone. - RX-777 "BAO".
  2. Commando_Kain

    InfiStar Help!

    I am trying to set up InfiStar on my server. I am using Host Havoc. I have followed this video to the T. How ever when I load into my server all i get is this... Is this a Battle eye issue?
  3. Sinopia™

    RHS config.cpp

    Hello! Anyone got the RHS config.cpp? And could someone tell me how to install it ? I've tried myself for the last 2 days, but my server wont start when i put RHS stuff in x~x
  4. For quite some time I've been thinking about "what's missing in Exile" I was thinking about the new user experience in the game, and last term in the game design program I teach I asked several students to evaluate the "first time player experience" of ExileMod from a game design student experience (I was somewhat self-centered and asked them to play on my server). The objective of their task was simply to look at some key points and underline some problems for a non-veteran of ARMA. They listed several "problems", some of which were ARMA-centered (like engine bugs, the problems of installing mods in ARMA and the problems with optimization, having to use launch parameters for optimum performance and things like that) and some gameplay-mechanics issues, of which the latter was what I wanted to focus on. Instead of boring you with a long list of issues, I will instead summarize the problem (and a somewhat preliminary conclusion) as this: The initial learning curve of playing Exile is a direct threat to expanding the playerbase of the mod. There simply is very few in-game cues as to what you're actually supposed to do. Ironically they did not agree with me that the "Vanilla"-state of the game is particularly "inviting" (ie. "easy"), instead they said that as a new player you tend to go to the "basics" of playing a game in which you are presented with a weapon, which is to shoot whatever moves, but that "there are very few options available beyond that which are self-explanatory" and "the in-game information about territorial control are severely limited and requires out-of game reading through wiki-pages that are outdated or (soon to be written)". Based on this, and some seminar discussions we had I've been pondering about what to do about this, and given my experience with ARMA I was thinking about how ARMA handles introducing players to the game generally (ie. what tools already are available in-engine) and suggest the following: Exile Objective System [EOS] Building upon the ARMA-objectives and map system EOS would serve as an introductory in-game guide, but also work as a simple in-game narrative (introducing the player to the story). It would take players through different experiences depending on what stage they are (playtime). Thus we would have to look at the players who are between 0-5 hours on a server and "give them" a particular set of objectives (that they can ignore, these should not be obligatory). Essentially EOS serves the player with objectives and works as a vehicle of communicating activities on the map (Look at DMS for example for as a simple reference as to how objectives would work), EOS would then work as a basic library of functions which script-writers then could use to launch events. What is important here is to have personal objectives that can be triggered based on certain factors (such as player age), this system could then allow different server owners the ability to expand upon it (for example) expanding on the solo-player's experience. Personal objectives expanded Based on "as new player of Exile, the impression of the game is that its empty" I figured that the EOS could be used to tell the player what he could/should do and approximately where to go to do it, some basic examples: The world of this prison island is a dangerous one, and thus you need to find some form of weapon to defend yourself. You're thirsty, your thirst and hunger is visible to your bottom right, you need to find items to survive on this prison island, look through buildings and loot them. You have found a bottle of water and you have some powdered coffee in your inventory, these items together can make coffee, but you need to start a fire and have a pot to do this, this is how you do that... The axe you recently picked up is not just a close-quarters weapon, with it you can also chop down trees and build yourself a shelter, this will also require the following items The pockets of your survivor overall aren't the most extensive for storing items, you need to find a backpack to expand your storage capacity The basic package of EOS could then simply work as a tool to give the new player some simple tasks that they could perform just to learn the basics of the mod. But be expanded to introduce them to the detailed base-building. You now have several logs of wood in your inventory, these by themselves aren't enough to build a base but need to be refined, you need to locate a handsaw and make more manageable wood pieces. You can now create a workbench which you need to build the foundation of your shelter A tool such as this is something I believe could then be used by the community to make "modular" expansions to this systems, either to expand the new player experience, or to add tiers of objectives for older players, that could perhaps be a way to get groups of players together (You need to add a friend to your group) and then expand to group objectives (The PIZZA family have a base here, you could raid it by gathering...) and furthermore as a way for mission makers (Read: Defent and co.) in Exile to streamline how information on the map is served. I was at a point this summer where I was thinking about doing this myself, but soon realized that creating something like this from scratch as a novice in SQF (basically you can call me Mr. Copy Pasta in that regard) I soon realized this was over my head. So instead I'm presenting my idea to the community and hope that someone might take upon themselves to realize this idea. There are a lot of details in this that I had planned and written down that I've chosen not to write here (the post is already long enough) but the basic concept is here. Feel free to expand upon the idea, and should anyone wish to undertake this project, I will be available and will gladly help with what I possibly can.
  5. Higgins909

    Eden Editor Video Tutorial.

    Made by me, sorry about the audio. Feel free to ask any questions.
  6. Uncle Boom

    (EASY) Customized Esseker Mission

    Hi everyone, This morning I was cruising the forums and I found some posts about people wanting Esseker.pbo for their server. Someone mentioned the file I used this last weekend, saying " has no traders..." and instantly people just moved on, needing a complete file for their server. Creating a custom mission is pretty easy to do, and wow- it feels great knowing when someone comes to your server - they are gonna see a piece of your work. Your Traders, your props, your locations... I made this post and I thought I would doctor it up and re post it here in case it could help anyone who might be interested in trying the recipe. /// Here it is: I thought I would share what I learned over the weekend. I wanted an Exile Esseker server for my friends in my community. I started with that blank .pbo with no traders. I wanted to learn, and learn I did, now I have my own custom version of Esseker WITH Roaming AI for my friends to play on - more importantly I know a little bit more about how this is done. It wasn't too difficult Here are my links that I found very helpful. All of my links will be for this Exile forum, no other sites. First I started here: (You'll need a tool to unpack/repack .pbos... I think Arma 3 tools on steam can do it for you, I use Pbo Manager to Unpack and Eliteness to Pack... You can get pbo manager from armaholic/BIS forums I believe, and Eliteness at a DevWith6 link, just google it...) Esseker.pbo (amateur version) ... Our friend posts a simple mission. Loot is spawning, but no traders. Off I go: Trader Setup Tutorial Using m3editor, I got a crash when I tried to save. Try it first, place an object and try to export .sqf .... if it crashes look for my post in that thread about ARMA2NET.dlls ... you'll need to locate the .dlls in the @m3editor folder and right click>Properties>unblock>apply for each file... Got the traders looking swagged out, all my own work placing the objects and stuff around them - making them look cool... Now the copy/paste work in the code. No Big Deal! In the video here on How to build custom trader zones we can see exactly how and where he edits the code... he uses a placeholder object for the Trader itself that you remove by following his steps here, just remember - in code its got to be PERFECT, watch the caps and punctuation. After that - he even shows how to add safe zones... That's as far as I have got. (Using A3XAI for the Roaming Baddys, it works flawlessly) Next I am working on a vehicle store, shouldn't be too hard. The vehicle stores use some sort of function to determine a safe place to spawn the vehicle, so assuming you put the trader in the right area, there should be no problems X] Good Luck, Hope this Helps! Remember...It's easy to ask, but you take away from the community if you do it too much. Everyone is asking on some level! You start asking for every question, waiting for a notification, others asking the same questions over and over - needing hand holding - its selfish and burns people out. - Yes there should be more quality info, no forums are not organized for a new reader to get around effortlessly... It's not that way, WE have to all work together on some level to get the information out there!
  7. Hello friends, some folks have been struggling with Battleye kicks and have not quite grasped how to resolve kicks that show up in their scripts.log file yet. For those who could use a little more visual description, I have created this little tutorial showing how I do it. I'm not a Battleye expert or scripting guru, so any other advice from people who fall into those categories is welcome, so long as it's contributed graciously! Spartan's Illustrated DIY Scripts.log Battleye Filter Exception Tutorial (Dropbox Link) (Also, if anyone notices any errors in what I prepared, please let me know so I can correct them.)
  8. CoBalt Jets

    [VIDEO] How to make a exile server 0.9.34

    Exile Server Setup 0.9.34 Click Below
  9. Spectre(1#)

    Making a trader

    Hello currently im trying to make my own exile server. This is the first time for me making my own server and i have some basic knowledge of programming. Im trying to use a different map then Altis so i need to add some traders but i have no clue where to start. I know how to put down units in the editor but how do i make it a trader. Any help would be much appriciated.