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Found 17 results

  1. After adding the UCAV Sentinel, I realized that it's a NATO bird and that (Independant/Guer) players would not be able to use it. So, I added the UAVHacker trait to the players so that the sentinel could be hacked with the UAV Terminal. Here's what to do: NOTE 1: I'm not going to explain how to setup overwrites in this post. There's plenty of info in the forums on how to do that. NOTE 2: If you run infiSTAR, your BadActionCheck and/or BadActionContentCheck setting(s) in the EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG.hpp might cause players to get kicked/banned. You will either need to set both to false or add "Hack UAV" to the allowed actions. Setup overwrites for ExileServer_object_player_database_load.sqf and ExileServer_object_player_createBambi.sqf if you haven't already done so for another feature/function/addon. If you already have overwrites for these files, just edit those files. ExileServer_object_player_database_load.sqf After this line: _player setVariable ["ExileXM8IsOnline", false, true]; Add this line: _player setUnitTrait ["UAVHacker" ,true]; ExileServer_object_player_createBambi.sqf After this line: _bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileLocker", (_accountData select 4), true]; Add this line: _bambiPlayer setUnitTrait ["UAVHacker" ,true];
  2. BrutalBirdie

    UGV Stuck/Frozen after restart

    Hello guys, my UGVs get stuck/frozen after restart. I can see via AI ESP that both AIs for driver and gunner. I use DMS ,Occupation, infiSTAR, Ryanzombies, Enigma Revive, ExileZ. I set in DMS AI Freeze all to off, also offload to client to off. Here the RPT log after restart when the stuck/freeze happens
  3. JakeHekesFists

    Disable UAV in SafeZone (Script)

    ExileClient_object_player_thread_safeZone.sqf This script was made to stop people from being cheap and using the UAV in a god mode area. copy the contents of the pastebin link below to your mission pbo, add overwrite to CfgExileCustomCode. eg. for example if you place the script in an exileOverwrites folder, do as below. class CfgExileCustomCode { ExileClient_object_player_thread_safeZone = "exileOverwrites\ExileClient_object_player_thread_safeZone.sqf"; // disable UAV/Bicycles in Safezone }; pastebin link below /** * ExileClient_object_player_thread_safeZone * * Exile Mod * * © 2015 Exile Mod Team * * This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. * To view a copy of this license, visit */ /***** JakeHekesFists Edit: 2017 *****/ private _vehicle = vehicle player; // use these settings to toggle features on and off private _disableUAV = true; // disables player from connecting UAV to terminal in safe zone private _disableBikes = false; // ejects players from bicycles in safe zone to prevent crazy bicycle ramming - players can still pack bike if using enigma script. if (!ExilePlayerInSafezone) exitWith {false}; if (_disableUAV) then { if (alive (getConnectedUAV player)) then { player connectTerminalToUAV objNull; ["ErrorTitleAndText", ["Warning!", "Do not operate the UAV from inside the Safe Zone"]] call ExileClient_gui_toaster_addTemplateToast; }; }; if (_vehicle isEqualTo player) then { if !(isNull ExileClientSafeZoneVehicle) then { ExileClientSafeZoneVehicle removeEventHandler ["Fired", ExileClientSafeZoneVehicleFiredEventHandler]; ExileClientSafeZoneVehicle = objNull; ExileClientSafeZoneVehicleFiredEventHandler = nil; }; } else { if (local _vehicle) then { _vehicle allowDamage false; }; if (_disableBikes) then { if (_vehicle isKindOf "Bicycle") then { player setVelocity [0, 0, 0]; player action [ "eject", _vehicle ]; ["ErrorTitleAndText", ["OFF YA BIKE M8", "Bicycles are not allowed in the SafeZone"]] call ExileClient_gui_toaster_addTemplateToast; }; }; if !(_vehicle isEqualTo ExileClientSafeZoneVehicle) then { if !(isNull ExileClientSafeZoneVehicle) then { ExileClientSafeZoneVehicle removeEventHandler ["Fired", ExileClientSafeZoneVehicleFiredEventHandler]; ExileClientSafeZoneVehicle = objNull; ExileClientSafeZoneVehicleFiredEventHandler = nil; }; ExileClientSafeZoneVehicle = _vehicle; ExileClientSafeZoneVehicleFiredEventHandler = _vehicle addEventHandler ["Fired", {_this call ExileClient_object_player_event_onFiredSafeZoneVehicle}]; }; }; true Script works in a very simple way, it just checks if a player is connected to a UAV in the traders, and if they are. it disconnects them. There is also a feature in this script to automatically eject players from bicycles in the safezone, I have disabled it by default. I had some major issues with people griefing with the crazy collision physics of the bicycle in the traders. Can save your admins a lot of headaches if you turn it on. Edit line 15 and 16 to toggle the features on/off. Feel free to use and edit the code however you see fit.
  4. Pariah1515

    Drone / UAV bug

    Are there any plans to address the issue where multiple players can connect to a single drone? I understand Exile puts everyone on the same team, so drones can be stolen by other players while switching from pilot to turret. This happen to me last night while playing. I was in auto-hover and using the turret control, when someone else connected to my drone. They flew it to a safe zone and packed it. I was connected to the drone the entire time. At no time did I disconnect or release controls. Is there a work around for this currently or a way to prevent this from happenning, besides having two people on the same team in a drone as pilot & turret? UAV usage adds a great dimension to the gameplay, but this bug kind of ruins it.
  5. targetlock

    how can use another faction uav terminal

    hello everyone! I have a question I put a UAV unit in my server and bought it to the merchant. next buy UAV terminal too but disabled action menu... i can't connect NATO and CSAT terminal only can use AAF terminal how can i enable NATO / CSAT terminal action menu? plz help me
  6. Screamer

    Armed UAVs problem

    So I have a funny bug on my militarised server. We have armed UAVs but only (independent green) I_class_name working with Exile player. The problem is when player kills other player using this UAVs then he is instantly killed by exile (suicide). When UAVs are used against NPCs (red) then all working fine. We have these UAVs and UGVs: I_UAV_02_F I_UAV_02_CAS_F I_UGV_01_F I_UGV_01_rcws_F It's looks like some kind of punishment for killing player from the same fraction. Any idea how to disable ???
  7. Screamer

    Armed UAVs problem

    Please delete, I posted in wrong place... sorry
  8. chizzlemad123


    i cant seem to get uav terminals to work on my server, they are enabled on my infistar aswell and they still dont work can someone help.
  9. Obscuritas

    Ändern der Fraktion

    Hallo, ich habe eine Frage bezüglich der ArmA 3 Fraktionen und zwar ist man ja standardmäßig GUER also Wiederstand als Spieler auf dem Server. Somit kann man auch nur auf die UAV's der eigenen Fraktion zugreifen.. Wenn man allerdings z. B. eine MQ-12 Falcon benutzen möchte müsste man theoretisch entweder seine eigene Fraktion in Nato (WEST) ändern, oder die Drohne in GUER ändern. Ersteres habe ich in der Mission.sqm versucht zu ändern. Ich habe dort alle GUER in WEST geändert, doch passiert ist rein garnichts. Ich konnte immer noch nur das AAF Terminal verwenden. Kann mir da jemand helfen bzw. ist das was ich mir da gedacht habe überhaupt möglich? Vielen dank im voraus LG Obscuritas
  10. Jangbyung

    UAV keep stuck middle of ocean or land

    it happens very often when crossing river, ocean. just stuck, more like freeze. can't do anything like engine off or turn camera or move. it takes random time till uav back online. happened various server, and saw various victim of freeze. once i saw a almost 4 uavs are just freeze on ocean.
  11. Non's

    Overfak Exile

    UPDATE 27.02.2017 · Sell crate directly in waste trader · Revive your buddies with a defibrillator available in Trader Zones · New Tanks, Planes and Uavs · NO SKYBASE. Maximum height is now set to 30M · Respawn in your base possible every 5 minutes · Loot + · Prices updated · Custom ZCP · Jonzie Cars elcome to Overfak Exile ! I'm a new Exile server admin and i'm proud to announce my new server : /!\ It's a brand new server and it will still be in "Testing" Mode for a few weeks. /!\ During 1 week from now, every player who goes in and tell me the secret code "FAK" in Private Chat will be rewarded with a customized gift (Send to "Non's Walt") Mods / Addons (Everything works fine ATM) · 20K Start · Infistar · DMS Missions - Custom Money, loot and vehicles · · Gear Crates - With Batteries inside ! · Random AI - Town Occupation - Uav AI patrols · Airlift - Movable Cases and Load inside vehicles · Grinding · Hacking (Virtual Garage hackable) · · Occupation Airlines · Admin Custom Events (Heli War, Balota's Tank, 100K Massive Crate...) · Uavs, Tanks, Missile & Rocket Launchers XM8 Apps · Deploy Bike · Viewing Distance · Player Scan · Private Chat · Vehicle HP Bars · Remote CCTV · BRArma CookBook TODO : · Optimize Loot Tables · Optimize Poptabs Balance Our goal is to build a new Exile community, we are available on our Discord and ingame to listen to your suggestions to make the best experience possible ! Discord : Server on a3Launcher Server IP : Non's
  12. Hi guys! I have an Exile server running smoothly, and I have managed to add a few vehicles with success, but! The only aircraft I am interested in getting in the air, is the MQ4A Greyhawk. But I can't connect using the Exile UAV terminal. I have made sure that the GreyHawk is WEST, and added more UAV terminals at Spec-Ops guy just to test them out. None of which work. Would anyone have a clue as to where I should look, if I want to control the drone?
  13. When our base was being raided, i was providing air support with a UAV purchased on a server that allows them. After some time and many kills later the UAV was acting strange. I lost control of it but still was able to look through the camera. I was being flown back to one of the players we were fighting. It was landed and i lost visual. I somehow regained control and saw that player mount a satchel charge to it and was trying to fly it back. I tried to continually take back control and after fighting with the player to get it he just shot it down. My question is... is this normal mechanic in Exile/Arma to allow others to take control of a UAV while under control of someone else? I would think that this is not normal game play. Could someone explain why this happened? FYI, This happened before the apex update.
  14. astrochimp

    UAV Connection Issues

    We added the Greyhawk and the armed Stomper to our server but we are unable to connect to the UAVs with the UAV Terminal. We even tried spawning in the different faction's UAV Terminals. The normal non armed Stomper works perfectly as does the Darter. Any ideas?
  15. Asinego


    I'm sure this has probably been asked multiple times. Why is it that the MQ4A Greyhawk does not work with Exile Mod on a server, is there any plans to fix the bug?
  16. kidesh

    UAVs and UGVS

    Hi, So in some of the addons and just in the game we can get UAVs and UGVs. Now and not talking about he drones and on about things like reapers and the stompers. Is there anyway we can add these to the UAV terminals that you get at the traders?
  17. javelin10

    Another player can connect to UAV

    Today I found another player had taken control of my UAV. This is not possible in Vanilla A3 unless you 'disconnect the terminal' first, even if the other player is on the same side as you. When it happened, I was able to control the turret, but could not take control of the uav itself as the other player was still in the 'pilot's seat'. This could prove expensive