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Found 10 results

  1. Hey, im running a custom arma 3 exile server and i dont get it how to add the vanilla arma 3 hud back (i mainly want it for the vehicle ammo
  2. Hello Exile Community, Today I present to you a serverside addon for editing the client UI! This script requires a good knowledge of how eliteness works due to you having to debin your exile client. I will not provide a description of how to do that. How does this script work? It creates a thread on the client to change and update the UI on the fly, meaning you can update this script with the server running (if you know how variables work :P) Download: Good luck with this! If you have any questions relating to the addon and not mikero tools, please feel free to post them here!
  3. When using Advanced Sling Loading, the small UI that is supposed to appear in the upper-left screen is not appearing. The mod still works but you have to tap your action key a couple of times and don't get to choose options. It always appeared to me, but many players wouldn't see it. We just migrated servers and did a fresh install and it's now not appearing for anyone. I've tried placing it in the client mod CM and the server mod CM with no change. I have the CfgRemoteExec class functions listed as well: Am I missing something? I've had it working since the 1.0.3 update, but not since updating dd to extDB3.
  4. Cpt. Jethio

    Very dark UI

    I'm getting a very dark (low gamma/brightness/contrast) only in exile's UI. I can't find any solutions. My windows and driver settings are in default.
  5. Wippity Wappity

    Ui Messup

    My ui is messed up. Help?
  6. Hi, I'm working on modifying the UI of the vehicle trader to add more useful stats about the vehicles. I got the script part working and I can get and display the following stats Armor Capacity Seats Fuel Capacity Speed Engine Power Engine Torque Max RPM Weight Sling Load Max Float The only problem is that I can only display the first 4 because the UI only as 4 lines configured. So I took "class RscExileVehicleTraderDialog" from the Exile client config.cpp and moved it to the mission config.cpp and edited it. The problem is that I now have to re-declare every part of the UI formatting like : RscText and such. I can't even find where it was declared in the first place as even the client side config.cpp assumes it's already declared. Maybe there's a file I have to include or I just missed something. If you could point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  7. Notifications such as "loot spawned" and "buy/sell" notices in trader zones have a 'woosh' alert sound when they appear on screen and another woosh sound when they disappear from screen. It doesn't make sense to have an alert sound when a notification disappears from screen. When a new notification appears, an alert sound directs the player's attention to this new information. When a notification disappears, there is no new information and hence, no need for an alert sound. Due to a slight lag when purchasing items in the trader zone, it's actually confusing to have two alert sounds per notification. Please make it so on-screen notifications make an alert sound only when they appear, and then disappear silently.
  8. Kayne711

    ACE 3 and Infistar Anti-Hack

    So I'm having trouble getting ACE3 and Infistar to play nicely together, but nothing I've done works. The problem I'm having is the ACE3 Menu's (Medical Menu, ect.) dissapearing after popping up, I've tested it with Infistar not loaded and it works perfectly. I've tried disabling most of the Anti-Hacks settings and this problem still persists. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also not sure if it's able to be fixed, but when I'm logged in as an admin I'm unable to use ACE3 entirely. I need to log out as an admin and log in as a regular just to get it to work. Not a big problem though.
  9. Assassinator

    Code Lock UI Bug (0.9.34)

    Hey, I have recently updated to the latest Exile version on my server, however whenever I try to lock or unlock a vehicle or door the UI used to place the code appears for a second then disappears unexpectedly. Then after that, when I attempt to try again, selecting Unlock or Lock, the UI is never brought up. Any assistance would be appreciated Regards
  10. Napstar

    Stream Friendly UI

    Hello Exile world! After finally getting my OBS working properly i wanted to stream some Exile! Everything worked out great but theres still some problems with the Stream Friendly UI. After the latest patch of Exile the numbers in the keylock shows **** insted of numbers. Which is great BUT the viewers can still see where your mouse is pointing! So the smart viewer can just look what numbers you press in. If you can type in the password with the numpad then im an idiot! hahah otherwise it should be possible to use the numpad or "hide" the mouse when you type in the password. Also i think viewers can see the waypoint on your map - So if you set a waypoint at your base, then your viewers know where your hideout is. Can this be hiddin as well. Happy Hunting - Napstar