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Found 14 results

  1. SidewaysLlama7

    [UK] DayZ Plus Chernarus Redux

    Hi, Our server is aiming to remaster the good old days of Arma 2 Dayz Mod but with the good bits of arma 3! We're running Chernarus Redux with plenty of secrets and places to build. The server is UK based so the majority of players are British but anyone is welcome to join! Our community is always growing and we'd love for you to come check out our server! Here's a list of our Mods & Features: CUP Vehicles,Weapons, & Units Zombies NIArms all in one Enhanced movement TRYK's Multiplay Uniforms Base Respawns High FPS 15,000 Poptabs start Dynamic Missions & Server events Helpful community Active Admins
  2. Major Mittens.

    Exile Saviors|

    A cool Exile server with Exile Reborn located over in the United Kingdom! - We've got custom missions Custom loot tables. Roaming AI. A unique Terminal. - Laws of War DLC vehicles. RHS Vehicles and weapons. CUP Vehicles and weapons. CDAH Mod pack. Extended Base Mod. - Zoooommbies! A month for each territory payment. (We allow you to go on vacation) . The server has been going strong for about 12 months now. Everyone's generally polite enough to let one and another do their thing but occasionally shoot them. It's PvP afterall.
  3. Hey Guys we are opening up for some guys to join us in our discord to join in with playing exile with us but we dont just play exile. We play Rust,Tarkov, ARMA 3 Life and many other games we are a community that just wants to find others to play with nothing special. What we do look for in a person is just that you speak clear english so that everyone can understand you thats all we have some US and many UK players already so if you want come say hello and see if we are what your looking for discord :
  4. Luke Woodside


    We are a gaming community who host servers, originally we used to run Garry's Mod and Unturned servers, some of which are still running. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When you join our servers you can expect little to no lag as all our servers are on dedicated machines where we pay for the hardware and not the slot, unlike other servers who use the likes of host havoc who use shared CPU's and RAM. You can also expect a professional and easily accessible staff team, If you join our discord you are guaranteed to get help quickly if not instantly. Our website will be available shortly Server should be up on the 22nd at about 6 PM GMT
  5. Boxman80

    [UK] BSB Network - Est. 2002

    BSB NETWORK Est. 2002 Who are we? BSB Network is just a small clan of adult gamers that was established in 2002. Our aim is to provide a friendly and stable community for fair gamers, to socialise and game together regularly. We have no silly rules or requirements to be part of our community such as attendances, activity or even skill levels; all we ask is for fair play and a bit of common sense! Basically, we're just looking for other grown up/mature players who like a bit of banter and a bit of good craic as they game! We're an English speaking community that primarily hails from the UK (particularly well represented from the North-east of England!) but also have many members from all over the EU and even the world. We have no restrictions on locations but we do have a minimum age restriction of 18 - sorry to anyone younger it's just that there is some very mature subjects discussed on our TS and to be fair, as a group of guys in our 30's, 40's and 50's we don't feel it appropriate to be gaming with kids. What do we offer? We put our focus on our members, rather than simply supporting specific games and putting all our efforts into that/those games. Our primary interest is purely good game sessions with our mates. Our game support generally is we try to have 1 or 2 longer term "anchor" game campaigns (Currently A3 and Star Citizen) to keep the clan active and stable, but there's also a lot dynamic gaming going on based on the latest gaming trends. So when we are looking for new members, we're looking for players who are interested in jointing our group of players, NOT just players to play as part of a specific game clan. This is an important factor to consider if you are looking to join us. Outside of the games themselves, other benefits of being part of our clan include; Stability - We've been around for more than 13 years now so we're not going anywhere! Activity - Our community is very active and friendly with members from all over the the UK, EU and even the world! Experience - We've supported many different games and types within our time! Maturity - Our community and clan administrators are all adult gamers - so no spoilt brat-mins! Interactive modern website that is ranked as Enjin's #1 EU clan website! Teamspeak 3 & discord servers for use when playing any game. True multi-game support - for when you fancy playing a different game with your mates! Membership classes, activity based Crews and awards to decorate and reward activity and achievements through membership Regular events and tournaments on various games Regular meet up events - airsoft, paintball, BBQ's and pi$$ups are regular features! Much much more! What do we expect? To be fair if you're still reading this long post, chances are you're the type of gamer we're looking for and who would fit in well with us. All we ask is members of our community obey a few common sense conduct rules - nothing out of the ordinary or beyond decent folk. We have no strict policies on skill or activity - our members are all adults with work, study and/or family commitments and the whole point of the community is to relax and enjoy socialising with other like-minded gamers. The community is there for when you need it so it's up to you how involved you want to be. How to join To get involved with our games and community is easy, just join our Teamspeak3 server when you're looking for a game and join the action! There's no obligation to even join our clan, everyone is welcome to play with us. It's a good idea to join our steam group too to see when and what everyone else is playing! (details below) if you ARE interested in becoming an Affiliated member of BSB Network, then all need to register at our website and submit the Affiliation form (JOIN US page)! Website: TS3: Steam Group:
  6. Zippy

    TUF-Exile Hardcore

    Server Restart (BST): 0400; 0800; 1200; 1600; 2000; 0000 TUF was founded by a group players from a Life server, we've decided to create our own community within the "Exile" community. We've a discord channel for any in-game issues on our server and we have active admins who're always ready to help. This is our first Exile server and its still being constantly worked on to add in more features and balance out the game-play. All related updates and change logs are posted on our "Discord" channel in the "Announcements" section. Server will be taken down at restart times for updates to avoid any disruption to your game-play. Features Virtual Garage Dynamic Icons Grinding Hacking Wreck sites Head torches Repair Vehicles whilst in Combat Build whilst in combat Claim Vehicle Ownership XM8 APP - Mobile activated ViewRestriction; Whilst in combat or holding a weapon you'll be in 1st Person View DMS Missions Halo spawning Improved Kill Feed TravellingTrader Advanced Rappelling, Urban Rappelling,Towing Enhanced Movement Revive with Defibrillator
  7. Druum

    [WG] Arma 3 Exile RU|EU PVP

    Попробуйте единственный русский сервер Arma 3 Chernarus на котором все делают для игроков
  8. Mr.Jeges |  冷冰冰

    DFTP's Exile Server [Hords,ZCP]

    DFTP's Exile server ! !Hardcore! Badass Zombie's, AI's, Hords TS, WEB, Discord Coming soon
  9. coreyst

    CMM Exile Chernarus

    CMM is a new server with many scripts and addons we think make the game enjoyable from our own experience with the game. Friendly, active staff and admins are always willing to listen to players and even take suggestions into consideration. Features: Infistar, travelling trader, status bar, virtual garage, revive, advanced towing, deploy bike, DMS missions, capture points, 5k start, bandit trader, balanced vehicles, high loot, high fps, and more! Client side mods: CUP Units, Vehicles and Weapons, and A2OP.
  10. jd004g

    [UK/EU] Exiled Bandits | PvP

    Exiled Bandits is a fun pvp server where every playstyle is welcome. We have DMS which is a missions system, we like to have almost no scripts to keep it as lag free as possible. We have 1 admin and 1 moderator at the moment. So would you like to play on a server thats just starting out and doesnt haev alot of players on then join ours!
  11. Hi, I'm looking for a set of friends to play Arma 3 exile with. I started playing DayZ in 2014 beginning with Arma 2. I've had a half years break with gaming and looking for a group of gamers to get back into Arma with. I've played roughly 20 hours since i started gaming again last week, and my skill level is still fairly high. I can play all mods and maps except from Tanoa, I haven't came round to buying the DLC quite yet. I'm looking for a good laugh too, so folk that have no humour please leave me alone. 5pm - 2am is roughly the times i can play 16 years old, I'm mature though 980 hours on Arma 2. 165 hours on Arma 3
  12. loudnights

    LoudNights Exile chernarus Hey Guys and girls. This is a new Arma 3 Exile cherno server me and my team have created, this is a one of a kind server good for fresh players and also very good for the experienced. We have many unique things added and once you join the server you will be hooked onto it, at the moment its not very popular but of course we are working to make the server busier and busier so do us a favour hop on the server have a look at it, play with friends then jump back on here write us a review and tell all the other exile players what you think. Plugins added: Revive Missions 5Kstart many more to be added.
  13. InCoMpLeTe-T

    [project X] Namalsk

    the [Project X][Eu-UK] Exile-Namalsk[AD-TOW]AI Missons]PVP- High Lo server IS a fused Teamwork between a German community called [200ML] and a UK one called BFG and an all around Eu Admins team! the project x server is a hardcore server with roaming ai and really hard missions,1 of them "a10 mission 2 ai jets battle the sky until one is shoot down and then the exile mafie send a gosthawk to secure the reck", we are an growing community! and are looking forward to seeing you one one of our 2 servers !
  14. [40Cdo] Bridgestone

    Brotherhood Gaming Exile Serve

    We are a fun newly released custom Exile Server we have custom mods and have active admins and are always looking for new dedicated players to come join us! We offer cool competitions and in game events so our players have the best exile experience possible!