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Found 3 results

  1. Tuna

    Underwater Crate Script

    Here is a script i am using to have crates spawn under water. These crates only spawn once per restart. I take no credit for this script, i only modified it. You will need R3F Tow script enabled to be able to pick up the crate underwater. The crate class name i am using is Box_NATO_Wps_F. Add this to your init.sqf [] execVM "watercrate.sqf"; Then create an sqf called watercrate.sqf and add that file to your mpmission folder. //All CREDIT GOES TO ORGINAL OWNERS AND MODIFIERS// //Random Loot Crates by Darth_Rogue & Chisel (tdwhite) //HUGE thanks to deadeye & Robio for helping work out the last bugs! ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Modified by Tuna to only spawn in water on out skirts of map //watercrate.sqf if (isServer) then { _numberofcrates = 5; // Number of crates around the map _spawnCenter = [15199.1,14300.6,0]; //_spawnCenter = getmarkerpos "center"; // Use this if you want the global center of the map, it's declared in mission.sqm, island specific _min = 7000; // minimum distance from the center position (Number) in meters _max = 12000; // maximum distance from the center position (Number) in meters // _max = 4; // Example : maximum range of spawned crates, to keep them INSIDE the sector B compound _mindist = 1; // minimum distance from the nearest object (Number) in meters, ie. spawn at least this distance away from anything within x meters.. _water = 2; // water mode (Number) 0: cannot be in water , 1: can either be in water or not , 2: must be in water _shoremode = 0; // 0: does not have to be at a shore , 1: must be at a shore _marker = True; // Draw a green circle in which the crate will be spawned randomly _markersize = 100; // Radius of the marker in meters diag_log format['Starting spawncrates.sqf']; for "_i" from 1 to _numberofcrates do { _pos = [_spawnCenter,_min,_max,_mindist,_water,800,_shoremode] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; // find a random location within range if (_marker) then { _event_marker = createMarker [ format ["loot_marker_%1", _i], _pos]; _event_marker setMarkerShape "ELLIPSE"; _event_marker setMarkerBrush "Solid"; _event_marker setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; _event_marker setMarkerAlpha 0.45; _event_marker setMarkerSize [(_markersize+15), (_markersize+15)]; //green circle slightly bigger , box can spawn just outside if not increased _pos = [_pos select 0, _pos select 1, 0]; }; diag_log format['Spawncrate %1 : Location %2',_i,_pos]; _box = "Box_NATO_Wps_F" createvehicle _pos; //create the crate .. These ARE liftable with chopper like the CH-67 , but will not stay after restarts ! clearMagazineCargoGlobal _box; clearWeaponCargoGlobal _box; clearItemCargoGlobal _box; _box setVariable ["permaLoot",true]; //stay until reset _box allowDamage false; // Prevent boxes to explode when spawning // Add items to the crate Ex. 2 + random 2 = possible 4 /// random 8 possible 1-8 items _box addItemCargoGlobal ["Exile_Item_DuctTape", 2 + (random 2)]; _box addItemCargoGlobal ["Exile_Item_JunkMetal", (random 8)]; _box addItemCargoGlobal ["Exile_Item_MetalPole", (random 7)]; _box addMagazineCargoGlobal ["ClaymoreDirectionalMine_Remote_Mag", (random 2)]; _box addItemCargoGlobal ["Exile_Item_WoodFloorKit", 2 + (random 10)]; _box addItemCargoGlobal ["Exile_Item_WoodPlank", 20 + (random 10)]; _box addItemCargoGlobal ["Exile_Item_WoodWallKit", (random 7)]; _box addItemCargoGlobal ["Exile_Item_InstaDoc", 1 + (random 2)]; _box addItemCargoGlobal ["Exile_Item_FortificationUpgrade", (random 4)]; _box addItemCargoGlobal ["Exile_Item_BBQSandwich_Cooked", 1 + (random 4)]; _box addItemCargoGlobal ["Exile_Item_Energydrink", 1 + (random 3)]; _box addWeaponCargoGlobal ["srifle_LRR_camo_F", (random 1)]; _box addWeaponCargoGlobal ["srifle_mas_ksvk_c", (random 1)]; _box addWeaponCargoGlobal ["srifle_mas_m107", (random 1)]; _box addWeaponCargoGlobal ["arifle_SDAR_F", 1 + (random 1)]; _box addMagazineCargoGlobal ["20Rnd_556x45_UW_mag",3 + (random 5)]; _box addMagazineCargoGlobal ["SatchelCharge_Remote_Mag", (random 1)]; _box addItemCargoGlobal ["Exile_Item_Bandage", 1 + (random 5)]; _box addMagazineCargoGlobal ["150Rnd_93x64_Mag", (random 2)]; _box addMagazineCargoGlobal ["130Rnd_338_Mag", (random 2)]; } }; Have fun watching players dive 500m under water to get loot! I would like to add AI with SDAR at the crates, if anyone can help with that let me know.
  2. Super Jerome

    [Release] Chernarus Redux Water Fix

    Ok so I really like the Chernarus Redux map, however, the fact I can't see underwater really bugged me. So I created this addon for people who want to utilize diving missions, crates, etc. in order that they can actually see underwater. The mod is now on A3Launcher. ChernarusReduxWaterFix This mod must be run clienside (-mod) for players to be able to see the change in the water.
  3. Lambo

    Ultsg Exile Tanoa 1.0

    We have our Exile Tanoa server up and going. We use have smooth fps normally around 30-50 fps for the average user. Active non-abusive admins. We have Revive,Virtual-Garage,Ai-Missions,1HrDay1HrNight1HrDay Cycle,Customized Xm8 apps,Base Spawn,Hacking/Grinding,Claim Vehicles. New dedi running a I7 6700k at 4.2ghz, with 64gbs ddr4 ram, 2-2tb hybrid ssd drives,1gb data connection