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Found 8 results

  1. [HG]RaVeN103

    Added 2 Exile

    Hello Exilers, i am currently working on new signs / flags / icons / textures for the traders, missions, vehicles, uniforms and UI. Here my first release at Steam Workshop I hope you enjoy it... Added 2 Exile Update April 14th More coming soon
  2. SaintADW

    Saint's Exile PvE/PvP

    Just a fun server aiming at combining PvP and PvE elements with the normal Exile gameplay. Plus zombies and some military style vehicles allowed.
  3. Commando_Kain

    Help with CUP

    OK I am trying to get CUP weapons, Cup Units & Cup vehicles on my server. I am running into and issue that is causing my server to not Start up My server log is telling me this. 7:08:38 Warning Message: Addon 'CUP_AirVehicles_A10' requires addon 'CUP_Creatures_Military_USArmy' My startup Parameters are. -noPause -noSound "-cfg=A3DS\basic.cfg" -ranking="" -par="" "-config=A3DS\server.cfg" "-profiles=A3DS" "-servermod=@ExileServer;@Exile;@Ryanzombies;@CBA_A3;@Advanced Rappelling;@Advanced Urban Rappelling;@AdvancedTowing;@CUP_Vehicles;@CUP_Weapons;@CUP_Units;@CBA_A3" "-mod=@Exile;@Ryanzombies;@CUP_Vehicles;@CUP_Weapons;@CUP_Units;@CBA_A3" -malloc=system -enableHT -world=empty -autoinit -maxMem=6144 Do I need to run Cup on client and server or just client? Do I need to Run CBA on both? Do I need to add and thing to my mission.sqm in the addons section?
  4. MickScandalous

    Units showing on map

    So a bit if a noob question probably but i cant seem to figure out how to make it where ai units dont show up on the map, i dont want to make it a hardcore server either to do this
  5. Alright... so i was using occupation vehicles in my server for creating roaming vehicles and boats. Now i noticed that they seem to crash alot, get out of the vehicle for no reson or spawn in the middle of the woods on Tanoa. Plenty of resons for me to finally start with a hello world script that replaces the roaming boats and vehicles. Now.... roaming boats was easy... mission file side script that spawns a couple of groups and sets waypoints. Easy... got that working perfect. Now i was starting on the vehicles.... They spawn... Crew gets created and assigned waypoints set... vehicles start driving. BUT as i was expecting... 1 hour in a 2 of the 4 vehicles have started to do some treehugging losing their frontwheels. Vehicle is immobile... crew gets out... and moves away. So i started looking at how occupation handles these things. Occupations couples in a MPEventHandler "getout" to the vehicle to capture AI getting out of vehicles. So i completely rewrote the getout function to stop units from moving away... set them to combat except for one. This one unit then gets the command to stop moving... goto GREEN mode and start a repairing animation. However this animation never comes up of shows. But the animations never show. And the sleepcommand is not executed (will do everything in half a second). Now im quite sure this is becouse im spawning units in the mission file script (as server). And the Getout function is handled serverside (still by occupation in @exilemod/addons so far). Yes i agree, right now its getting quite the mess. My question thus is...... can i either move the getout function to the missionfile (still detecting the exiting of vehicles by AI). Or how can i get this specific unit to play the repair vehicle animation visible for ALL players? sleep command doesnt work serverside so i implemented it into a [] spawn function but this doesnt seem to work aswell. Any tips here would be appreciated. Ive still got alot to do on this so some parts dont exacly function the way they are suppose to at the moment but most of it is fine. Here are my complete files for now: Spawner: GETOUT function (@ExileMod/addons/a3_occupation/eventHandlers): THIS SCRIPT IS NOT WORKING! IF YOU WANT TO USE IT. GOOD LUCK. With kind regards,
  6. Hello! I've been trying to install the cup mods on my server, but cant seem to do it right, are there any1 that can help me? My server is hosted on GTXgaming
  7. Heya guys. I'm really in need of some help here. Two nights (three?) ago, an update was released for CUP. As many of you have heard, they originally released Weapons pack in Units, but was later fixed. Since then I have completed removed and re-downloaded the mod. Nothing else has changed since then. Now, with 100% certainty I have the newest CUP Units/Vehicles/Weapons. Here are the errors I am experiencing: AI are not spawning with any of the CUP weapons and just walk around (vanilla guns come out fine) Cannot purchase any CUP vehicles. Half of them don't give any message when you try to purchase, just nothing happens. The other half produce error 12, meaning it cannot find the vehicles name (as I understand it) Hella' RPT errors Please see the RPT below. I'm afraid that somehow this fucked with my database, and that's what's producing these errors but I'm not sure. I apologize in asking for advice, but I'm really stuck here. (Anyone notice how all the problems arise, right when you start getting a lot of population? -__-' ). Edit: If someone fixes this, I'll kiss your right on the face!
  8. I have a real hard time to understand how to install @CUP on a server. i have followed some of the guides here on But my English is not the best so i would seriously appreciate if somebody could help me out. I am "kinda" new to being a server owner to Arma3 so i might not be the best to understand it. And i would really like the help in an indept explenation. Thanks in advance