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Found 4 results

  1. Lucifarius

    Mirror Mirror on the Wall !

    Hi All, Apologies if this has been covered. I've done my pre-flight checks prior to posting and can't find any info on this. Part of that might be due to the fact that I need a mirror and yeah, try searching for 'Arma' 'Exile' 'Mirror' 'Object' 'Item' and you'll see a whole host of results.... mostly for a ton of Exile related downloads that have mirror links LMAO! Anywho. To the point. I've tried several 'fixes' in order to get 3rd person view working in Exile. All to no avail. I think I might be implementing old fixes that Bohemia may then have patched. Hell, I don't even want 3rd person due to the cheating you can do with it. However, lets face it, after a while Exile can get a little samey, and 'dress up dolly' is a feature that in my experience, gamers tend to like and will devote a fair amount of time to. So, I'm sat there last night, with that face on... I'm an enterprise techy, so yeah, you know, that face we make when we're trying to find a solution to a problem that shouldn't be as difficult as it appears to be... Then my missus came in: Missus: Ok? Me: No.. still not happening... Missus: lol, you've been at that for hours... Me: Yeah... Missus: Why don't you just add a mirror? Me: A mirror? Missus: Yeah you know. What would you do in real life if you wanted to see what you looked like? Me: I love you... you're a f*@king genius... So... yeah... this post that is entirely a lot longer than it needs to be, can be boiled down to 3 questions and few words: Q1: Is there any kind of mirror object in Arma3? Q2: If so, how might I find this and incorporate it into Exile? Q3: If this does not exist can we make it so? (side note, the mirrors in Hitman are awesome, just saying).
  2. I have been struggling for days now, trying to figure out how to make an Exile server for me and my Brother. and everybody else in the World WHO wants to join ;P Problem is, I really can't figure out how to make the server. I want a server with atleast these mods: Ryan's zombie and hordes, enhanced movement, exile, some kind of good ai roaming mod aswell... and i wanna play it on the Altis map. I just really cant figure out how to set it all up, dont have too much experience in server setup. All the tutorials i find seems so confusing for me, from other game servers i made.... - Please help, kindly regards: Yonaz
  3. ThrusT #AEON

    infiSTAR removing "VALID" UID?

    Hey there guy's (Once again....) Ive got to the final conclusion, that I cannot work this damn thing. Im adding my friends UID to the infiSTAR config. My ID: 76561198037108033 His ID: 76561198060085809 My EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG.php: And i ultimately get the error message "<> 0 - adding valid admin uid 76561198037108033" "<> 0 - removing invalid admin uid UID2" "<> 0 - removing invalid admin uid UID3" Might help tagging @infiSTAR
  4. Magnetic

    Skooterz Gaming Esseker

    Skooterz Gaming is a new gaming community. Powered by 3 dedicated poweredge servers. Exile Esseker boasts awesome fps and gameplay. Fully militarized means everything. This is for both types of players. High end vehicles will be pricey but not overpriced. There will be some vehicles that spawn on the map with guns ie gpk's btr's etc. We need admins and mods also to keep up with work load. First 10 players and first 4 groups get a starter kit. 1 strider and a building box. Mods current Cup terrain/core nato weapons/vehicles to be added cup weapons,vehicles and units. extended base mod. scripts cap points gear drops supply drops new database fully militarized