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Found 6 results

  1. UPDATE MAY 2018: Guide has been updated for 1.0.4 PINEAPPLE Hi All, This guide will address a Windows platform install from start to finish. The guide is accompanied by a download that includes all the necessary files you will need to setup your own server. You can also find the individual download links within the guide's pdf. Download Includes: EXILE SERVER INSTALLATION GUIDE V1.0.4.pdf Steam Installer MySQL Installer Vcredist Installer DirectX Installer Pbo Manager Installer Notepad++ Installer Server Launch Files DOWNLOAD UPDATED VCredist (Extract and run bat file as admin)
  2. [HG]RaVeN103

    Expanded Base Building

    I am currently working on new models and an upgrade system. These are just examples, but should clarify what I have in mind. First, build the frame and, depending on the existing material, fill it with wood, bricks or concrete. These can also be reinforced with metal. I will also consider other models such as larger garage doors into consideration. I also have to see how it works with the destruction...
  3. ..l.. ◣_◢ ..l.. Ŧдϛҙ™

    Territory upgrades respect bound

    Good evening dear community, I have a few open questions that I do not quite get answered for me. Maybe you can help me a little bit. The first and the most important question beforehand. Is it possible to tie territory upgrades to respect levels? So to set certain levels of respect to requirement as with items and vehicles? Then continue directly. Can I expand the level capacities and level levels with a simple listing? For example Level Respect Color 1 0 white 2 25000 gray 3 50000 dark green 4 100000 green 5 150000 bright green 6 250000 bright blue 7 350000 blue The colors play no role here is intended only for the later inking of the items in the menu. As further contribution I have already seen according to the forum that this should work so easily in which I change it so in the config.cpp class requiredRespect { Level1 = 0; Level2 = 25000; Level3 = 50000; Level4 = 100000; Level5 = 250000; Level6 = 350000; Level7 = 500000; Level8 = 750000; }; and so on. For the class coloring or level coloring of the items I must then in the exile_client.pbo edit the ExileClient_gui_inventory_updateItemColors.sqf Path is exile_client \ code \ ExileClient_gui_inventory_updateItemColors.sqf Starting at line 49, the following code begins if (_configName! = "") then { _quality = getNumber (configFile >> _configName >> _itemClassName >> "quality"); _color = [1, 1, 1, 1]; switch (_quality) do { case 2: {_color = [0.62, 0.87, 0.23, 1]; }; case 3: {_color = [0, 0.78, 0.92, 1]; }; case 4: {_color = [0.62, 0.27, 0.58, 1]; }; case 5: {_color = [1, 0.7, 0.09, 1]; }; case 6: {_color = [0.93, 0, 0.48, 1]; }; default {_color = [1, 1, 1, 1]; }; }; According to the forum, I'll just have to use more cases for more respect levels. As far as good and plausible. Nevertheless, the question remains for me at the end of whether I can also make respect requirements for the Territory Upgrades. Kind Regards ..l.. ◣_◢ ..l.. Ŧдϛҙ™ Original Post on German
  4. clarkycalLad

    Personal Server Rig - Specs help

    Current server specs: Ram: 16gb DDR3 1333MHz (I think) CPU: AMD Athlon X4 750k @ 3.40GHz OS: Windows Server 2012 R2 I want to run(I already run the server with no problems, but wanna upgrade the CPU just because of arma): TS Server (24/7) Arma 3 Exile server (24/7 40-60 slots with restarts) Now i heard AMD Cpu's are NOT good for Arma 3 servers, so i was looking to upgrade it to an Intel cpu, but i dont wanna break the bank, i was not looking to spend over £250(Hopefully motherboard included.). Anyone got any recommendation, do keep in mind i would like to reuse the 16gb DDR3 with the new cpu so a newer cpu such as Skylake(DDR4 right?) won't be an option.
  5. Hi, So I put a wall down and go to upgrade and i get Failed to upgrade you are retarded. Now I have 3 servers and the only one this happens to is Tanoa. Any idea guy? Thanks Kidesh
  6. Brobropopo

    Upgrade Base

    I have been getting multiple reports of players not being able to upgrade their base so that they can increase the amount of objects they can build on. Does anyone know how to fix this or what is needed to upgrade? One thing that we noticed might be different is that we can steal our own flags.