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Found 4 results

  1. PunisherTX

    Looking for Partner in Crime- US

    Hey all!! I am a somewhat seasoned ArmA 3 player looking to start anew on any Exile map. Have tons of mods if the server requests. Just looking to have some fun, blow some stuff up and have a little fun with a friend or friends! I am in Texas, 35 years old and don't have the time or patience for anyone under 21. International players welcome of course! Just looking for a partner in crime!! I have TS and Discord and a very fast internet connection. Let's do this! Steam name- DrVenturePwnz or just hit me up on here! EDIT- I am mainly looking to join a strictly PVE server. So if you want in on that PvP action, im out. Thanks!
  2. Sebas

    ***K3B*** Custom Chernarus

    K3B*Chernarus*Custom|20K|VECTOR|RHS|DMS|ZCP|HACK|GRIND||QC|FR|US| Hello everyone. KEB GAMING [K3B] Is a Arma 3 Exile Mod Community since 2016. We currently have Exile Mod servers. Both PVP. Please visit website for list of rules and features. It is made by 2 guys. (Uwilldie and Baklava) and is hosted in New York. Maintenance every 10 days. Protection, vehicles, safe. Mods Required: Exile RHS AFRF RHS GREF RHS SAF RHS USAF Extended Base CUP Terrains Maps CUP Terrains Core DS House (which opens several houses) Enhanced Movement (to climb on the roof) Mr Sanchez (which gives a chance to burst their heads with a head shot) Features: Custom Traders Custom Crafting Custom Static Mission (has 78 AI and 4 boxes of equipment of all kinds) Custom ZCP Mission DMS Mission Voting day/night Vector (move the walls in all directions) Hacking safe and Virtual garage Grinding doors Mobile XM8 for Android Advanced towing Spawn base Claim vehicle 20k to start your journey View Distance Virtual garage High FPS Loot crate ground and underwater Rocket and grenade launchers Armed and armored vehicles (Cal .50 max) Deploye Quad Heli crash Igiload (Load crate on vehicle) Status bar 4H restart MORE... We have: Facebook: Website: Discord: See you there!
  3. Danedeath

    Old Guys Gaming Exile Reborn PvP

    This is a semi hardcore PvP server. It strives on having large player vs player combat that can result in hours of long hard combat. But don't worry if you're a lone wolf one shot and it can turn into chaos giving you the edge to take down large groups bagging yourself plenty of loot. But be careful the AI can cause you more problems than you think.
  4. jimmya3

    A3Armory Exile Altis

    A3Armory Exile Altis Hardware Specs i7 6700K CPU 8GB DDR4 64GB SSD Server Info 72 Player Slots Active Admins $10K Poptab Start DMS Missions/Roaming AI VEMF Missions Virtual Garage Enigma Revive System Stats Bar Settings Customization View Distance Settings Customization Tweak Loot/Vehicle Spawns $100K Max Bank We are best known for our top Wasteland servers. Exile offers a unique experience to Arma 3. We will continue to improve features as time rolls on of course. Check us out!