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Found 57 results

  1. AdminToolkit for Arma 3 This tool is used to administrate Arma3 multiplayer servers. It also supports an option to overwrite the sections for additional features. Check out the Extensions avaiable for AdminToolkit PRESS THE F2 KEY TO OPEN IN-GAME PLEASE NOTE (MISSING IN THE INSTALL VIDEO): You need to ADD the "-servermod=@ExileServer;@AdminToolkitServer" parameter when running arma3server.exe README : RELEASE NOTES: DOWNLOAD : EXILE ADDON Buy me a coffee :-) Core Features: Players Setup administrators or moderators with limited access Teleport from/to players and to map position (by using the in-game map - hold ALT key and press LMB) Spectate player using WASD plus Q and E keys improved version 1.6 God Mode (incl. Ryan Zombies) Kick/Ban players Vehicles Vehicle spawn for yourself or a selected player (Exile Addon) Spawn persistent vehicles with PIN CODE Weapons add weapon to inventory add ammo to inventory Construction & Others NEW: Building persistence supported (since v1.4) Place buildings by using Q, E for rotation, PAGEUP/PAGEDOWN and HOME/END for moving the constructions (since v1.2 remove is supported) spawn additional "vehicle items" like Backpacks, GPS, Binocular, etc... (located in Other) Exile Addon Spawn (persistent) vehicles Remove vehicles new version 1.7 , Repair and destroy vehicle verrsion 1.8 Exile Money - Give admin some money Receive Exile Respect points new version 1.7 Exile Items (check Items section - use search E.g. "Wood") and more... Developer Notes: To create addons for AdminToolkit, please read the following instruction Thank you Regards
  2. If you have players rolling up to other vehicles in trader, then flipping theirs to launch other players vehicles, made a simple fix Pull ExileClient_object_vehicle_flip.sqf from the client files into your mission folder In class CfgExileCustomCode add ExileClient_object_vehicle_flip = "ExileClient_object_vehicle_flip.sqf"; Open that file, after _vehicle = _this select 0; Add _nearestVehicles = count nearestObjects [player, ["LandVehicle","Tank","Air","Ship"], 10]; if((ExilePlayerInSafezone) && (_nearestVehicles > 1)) exitWith { ["ErrorTitleOnly", ["Other vehicle in close proximity"]] call ExileClient_gui_toaster_addTemplateToast; false };
  3. Good day, So i have installed the A3XAI mod into my server and its working just fine except for one thing, the roaming vehicles, there seems to be some of them parking accross the map doing nothing but staying in there car, even if you start shooting at them, sometimes they seems mutain and sometimes they actually dies, but no other reaction at all, im not sure what is the problem, maybe its interfere with other mods i have ? I have also installed ( ZCP - CUP - DMS- Occupation ) all working fine. I have made changes to the Config. files of the a3xai mod, it was ( by defult ) disabling the roaming vehicles, so i changed that and enabled it, also i increased the amount of the roaming cars to 100 active car, i dont know if thats too much, maybe its the reason why they act stupid ? Please not that my scripting and coding skills is way under low, so yeah im a big noob here
  4. The current VR integration into ARMA is currently deleting all our clients vehicles. One client has only 4 vehicles in VR at their base and they come out just fine, but the majority of the clients have 15 or more vehicles. Vehicle limits are set to 30 on a level 10 base. Original database has been merged and things were fine until today. Please consult with solutions or direct me to a possible problem thats not been addressed. Thank you. JT
  5. Am I missing something, I have turned on radar in the config however I still don't see vehicles show up on the radar when flying around. I have tried ctrl r and r thinking maybe it was shut off but that doesn't do it either. Anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks
  6. Anyone interested in list of CUP Vehicles 1.9.0 classnames?
  7. Hi guys, Really simply I want to force a vehicle to spawn maybe 10m in front of trader and 1-2m higher. I dont want any of the other custom scripts that pick a safe location, more of a straight forward "right in front of me regardless" system. I looked around but couldnt find one. If thats possible I would love some pointers, thanks! Also, I know that there is an issue with players blowing up vehicles by buying in rapid succession however this is an unprotected trader so I figured that risk is negligible to non-existent.
  8. Firstly, I apologize if this is in the wrong section. I'm fairly new to Exile, and about a month ago I started making some skins for hunters/striders etc. Unfortunately, I realized it was pointless since I didn't want my mission file to turn into a huge download. Over the course of that time I was given rights to use quite a few vehicles from I3lueVein (many more will be added in the near future). Some of the models were complete, and others still need some work before they can be added to the mod. Shout out to him for allowing me to use his models. All in all, it's led me to where we're at today with Frenzied Mod Pack. It's a collection of vehicles, and vehicle skins, which are compatible with Exile. Currently the mod consists of 9 vehicles (standard bv_wheels vehicles), each with 25+ skins, as well as several skins for the Hunter/Strider. The mod is on both Steam, and A3 Launcher. Once you download it, there's a server key included in the download. I'll be adding more vehicles as the configs are completed for the models (there's quite a few). Current Vehicle List: - AMG - Beamer M5 - Crown Vic - Fe *cough* Perrari 458 - GTR Spec V - Ben Dover - Monster Truck (More like just a jacked up truck) - Caressa GT - Mercy Installation: 1. Download the mod from steam 2. Upload to your server directory as @FMP 3. Add the frenzied.bikey to your /keys/ folder 4. Add the vehicles and prices to your config.cpp (or add 1 of each vehicle as base, and reference the skins using skins [] = in config.cpp) 5. Edit server commandline to run FMP as a client side mod -mod=@FMP (or the name you picked as an install directory) 6. Adjust prices to your liking Config.cpp classes Config.cpp Prices Steam Link: Couple of Screenshots
  9. Saint's Exile PvE/PvP

    Just a fun server aiming at combining PvP and PvE elements with the normal Exile gameplay. Plus zombies and some military style vehicles allowed.
  10. Hi Guys, I have a series of errors in my rpt that i've added below. As you can see they start when my server begins spawning in cars. I'm not sure what these errors mean or if they are common or uncommon so I was hoping to get some feedback about what they probably mean and if/how/whether I should fix them. Thanks in advance.
  11. We did a clean install to 1.0.3 and upgraded to extDB3 a few days ago and since then we've been having higher than normal random acts of Arma. We're getting 6-8 players per 4-hr session blowing up in their vics while driving and other vics just blowing up at random. Although we all know that some of this is "normal", this has been a bit absurd. I don't think it's the 1.0.3 update necessarily because we had updated a couple of weeks ago and just did the clean install when upgrading the db.
  12. I don't know if anyone has shared how to add mod vehicles into the Vehicle Customs, but after hours of searching and using leads from many sources, I finally figured it out. I could never find any one straight answer. For anyone that is having issues with this and cannot find any actual information: For this example, I am using Hollows Vehicle Pack, adding his Monster Truck into the trader. Set up your vehicle under the CfgVehicleCustoms class in the main mission config.ccp just like the default Exile ones: Then, look for the vehicle .pbo in the mods folder. (For this example, you would look for Mrshounka_monster_p.pbo.) Unpack the .pbo in another folder and look for your vehicles config.ccp. (In this example, it is in the first directory after you unpack Mrshounka_monster_p.pbo) Open the config.pbo in notepad++, and look for code similar to this: (Note: most likely will look different for each mod. In this example, the code is located near the bottom) In the top of this bit of code, "class shounka_monsteur : Mrshounka_monster_base" lies the vehicles class you need. (For this example, "Mrshounka_monster_base" is what we are looking for.) Obviously this will be different for each vehicle and mod, but I hope it can help people struggling with this like I was. Some vehicles may not have names in the Vehicle Customs lists, such as the Monster Truck, but according to some information I gathered in my searching, that is on the mod author. I do know there is a script for Exile that allows you to add vehicles to the list as well as add your own skins, however I could not get the script to work. Also, this allows you to keep your mission file a little smaller.
  13. This is a Work In Progress and is subject to change at any time. This started out as a small project for the community I have been helping, and has just progressed from there. Now I know there are more efficient ways of skinning vehicles, but choose to do it this way. (No bashing me please) My 1st ever addon so will accept some constructive criticism to a certain degree. Classnames are included. Although I wont be doing trader files etc...... Few Examples
  14. Hello! We are having the following problems with our server: After server restart vehicles that had been parked outside the Safezone (In bases, hidden in woods and so on) are spawning inside the safezone and are unlocked. Basically they get teleported out of bases and end up at the trader. Another bug that started occuring around the same time is that doors can not be unlocked or are randomly open after server restart. All of the above bugs occured around the time the 64 bit update got rolled out. So far we tried two things: We completely wiped the table and updated the database to DB3 - without any successs. With the wipe we were going for a drastic solution but this didn't even help. Does anyone have any idea how we could approach this problem? Thanks everyone!
  15. I get a vehicle error 13 from trying to purchase RHS vehicles. from the research ive done, it seems that this error pertains to the vehicle not having enough space to spawn. this doesn't make any sense to me which ill explain, but i just wanted to point out that ive tried Tinboye replacement script for spawning vehicles from traders and i have attempted the solutions provide in another thread. Now the reason it doesn't make sense as to why the vehicles don't enough space to spawn is because one of the vehicles spitting out the error is a tiny dune buggy and the others are trucks and rg33's the smaller then the hemmet trucks i have working from the same mod pack. the largest vehicle i have can spawn at any of my traders no problem. so im just not sure what the deal is. please let me know if anyone can come up with a trouble shooting method for this or requires specific information to assist
  16. Right, i'm pretty sure i've read somewhere (or watched) someone add all vehicle variant of a particular class with one class name. for example i have Igiload installed and atm it only covers all exile vehicles. below is my list of offroads as you can see there is so many different types of offloads but that not covering the A3 Vanilla ones. My question is, can you write in offroad or any other vehicle for that matter in a way that covers all variants? Thanks in Advance SWEENNDAWG
  17. Got a problem with Igiload causing vehicles to move really really slow within the trader safezone. anyone had this issue in the past and found a solution ? Thanks in Advanced EDIT* Sovled - it was, sblock_safeZone_ramming ="true"; within the EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG in Infistar, changed it to false, and now its fixed.
  18. Let me explain. If i store stuff in the crates in my base, or in my vehicle, parked in my territory, that stuff is gone after the next server restart. But if i store stuff outside of my territory in my vehicle(for example), the stuff stays there after a server restart. It seems at it has something to do with my territory and my DB. The problem is, i don´t have any clue where i should start to search for the error. What could i do now? Has anbody an idea?
  19. Hello dudes, i had a short question. I didnt find a value to chance the respect players get if they sell a vehicle. I mean someone sell one offroad (normal) he get 6400 pop tabs and 640 respect. And I want to chance 640 to maybe 320. How can i reach this? Dear
  20. Is there a way, via admin console or otherwise, to report the total number of AI and AI vehicles on the server?
  21. Ok so here it goes, I have been banging my head with this for at least a month now. Im trying to have vehicles skins per UID, like the flags. I had someone help me, but sadly the code doesnt work properly. By looking at it, and with my limited knowledge, it seems it should work. But obvioulsy doesnt lol This is the file in question that seems to be the one that needs to be modified ExileClient_gui_vehicleCustomsDialog_updateVehicle.sqf the text in bold is what was added and here is the addition to the config.cpp oh and yes i did the CfgExileCustomCode part also. Any help would be greatly appreciate, as i've exhausted everything that i know... Duke
  22. I'm having an issue with players getting "stuck" to a vehicle when they try to get in it. I've experienced this several times myself. When you approach the vehicle and attempt to get in, the animation stops and you are unable to move in any way. The scroll wheel options are available and you can lock/unlock, but that's it. I've teleported away as admin but am still unable to move. I can fire my weapon, change optics, zoom, etc, but no movement at all. So far the only way to get un-stuck is to log. I think I'm starting to lose players because of this. The behavior has occurred in purchased, random spawn, spawn zone vehicles, admin spawned, exile vehicles, mod vehicles...
  23. PL/EU Away From Reality ESSEKER

    PL/EU Exile Esseker Server (In Development) Features: - Hardcore survival - High FPS - Immersive gameplay - CUP Units/Vehicles/Weapons - much more to come! (high end vehicles crafting, many immersive addons etc.)
  24. You can see and loot locked vehicles as well as view content (small vehicles and crates) can take vehicles crates gear even when locked I have been googling the loot locked vehicles and came across a few epoch things. but I didnt seem to locate a fix. doesn't ppar to be linked to anti theft, witch is working. I'm sure the answer is out there but I 've not been able to locate it . any direction would be appreciated. if I need to post any of the config content let me know. I honestly didnt know where to start.
  25. he there! I'm trying to get persistent vehicle spawns on my server on locations. the thing is that first I put 1 vehicle to test it and it worked! then I put multiple locations and vehicles in the config and now it isn' t spawning any vehicles! This my AVS_configuration.sqf: AVS_useSpawnedPersistentVehiclesLocation = true; // Spawns persistent vehicles at specified locations AVS_LocationSearchRadius = 0; // Set to 0 for exact positioning. AVS_spawnedPersistentVehiclesLocation = [ //["ID Tag", ["ClassName", "ClassName", ...], [DamageMin, DamageMax], NumberToPersist, [[Location1], [Location2], ...]] // NOTE: ID Tag is how AVS tracks how many to persist. If there's 5 vehicles with the ID tag "RandomVehicles" then no more will spawn here. ["RandomVehicles", ["Exile_Car_SUV_Red", "Exile_Car_SUV_Black", "Exile_Car_SUV_Grey", "C_Offroad_01_F", "C_Quadbike_01_F", "C_Offroad_01_red_F", "C_Offroad_01_blue_F"], [0.1, 0.75], 5, [[1934.0,7465.1,0], [2710.5,9887.1,0], [4736.7,6771.9,0], [1652.3,3947.4,0], [5857.7,4653.5,0], [7004.5,7656.0,0], [5912.9,10252.5,0], [9157.8,3750.0,0], 10146.0,5386.9,0], [9624.0,6493.1,0], [10739.6,8111.3,0], [10300.0,9809.9,0], [5042.1,12469.1,0]]] // OR //["ID Tag", ["ClassName", "ClassName", ...], Damage, NumberToPersist, [[Location1], [Location2], ...]] ["RandomHeli", ["B_Heli_Light_01_armed_F"], 0.25, 2, [[15186.8,16741.9,0.00143814]]] ]; There is no errors in rpt or console! Pleas hellppp me!