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Found 13 results

  1. IT07

    a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07 Based on VEMF (Vampire's Epoch Mission Framework) DOWNLOAD: DESCRIPTION A reliable engineering masterpiece of a mission system for Exile and Epoch.
  2. D-Day Josh

    VEMFr No Notifications

    Hi, I've recently made a new exile server installed a few mods/scripts (VEMF, DMS, Occupation, etc etc) All working well except the VEMF notifications, I've allowed them in the configs class DynamicLocationInvasion // DynamicLocationInvasion (mission) settings { allowCrateLift = yes; // Allow/disallow the loot crate to be lifted with helicopter allowLaunchers = no; // Allow/disallow AI to have rocket launchers allowRepeat = no; // Allow/disallow re-invading of a previously invaded city/town/location announce = yes; // enable/disable mission notificatons etc etc etc etc etc bagSlotsMin = 1; }; So as per installation instructions, i've put the pbo's inside the @Exileserver/addons. I've put the init.sqf inside the exile.tanoa.pbo (unpacked pbo, put init.sqf inside, repacked etc) When i join my server i get VEMFr_client initClient.sqf not found. error or something or rather Been trying to put that b@stard everywhere and can't figure it out. Any ideas? what simple technicality have i missed Thanks in advance. D-Day Josh
  3. Hi, so i've had VEMFr running for a little while now, decided to go do a few missions upon completion there was no loot marker on the map. I checked the rpt logs immediately to see if loot had dropped and sure enough it had and told me the coordinates. Sure enough loot was there, Also no smoke on crate either. All other notifications and markers work.... (Notifications about mission start, mission complete & Dynamic Mission Markers) these lines are enabled announce = yes; // enable/disable mission notificatons useMarker = yes; // enable/disable mission markers markCrateOnMap = yes; // enable/disable loot crate marker on map called "Loot" markCrateVisual = yes; // enable/disable loot crate VISUAL marker (smoke and/or chem) smokeTypes[] = { "SmokeShell", "SmokeShellBlue", "SmokeShellGreen", "SmokeShellOrange", "SmokeShellRed", "SmokeShellYellow" }; spawnCrateFirst = no; // enable/disable the spawning of loot crate before mission has been completed i've disabled the other missions
  4. [Crazy] MrPromo


    You can find the Server on A3Launcher, or the standard ARMA 3 Launcher! ![CAP]EXILE|Chernarus|HackingGrinding|DMS|Vemfr|Revive| !!!!!!!------TS3 Daten auf anfrage------!!!!!!! ______________________________ Restarts every 4 Hours Server is Running on Root! _______________________________ Custom map Content KI Static Mission with High Loot! EBM Mixer (for Crafting Extended Base Mod Parts) Exile Mixer (for Crafting Exile Parts) Radiation Zone (High Loot Zone) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mods: VemF Missions VemF Base Attack HVP Vehicles DMS Ocupation DMS Extended Base Mod CUP Vehicles CUP Units CUP Weapons CUP Terrain Core CUP Terrain CWA CUP Terrain Map Enhanced Movement Extended Bas Mod ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scripts: ExAd Apps ExAd Grinding & Hacking Recipes Enigma Revive Vehicle Towing StatusBar und vieles mehr ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Screen Shots: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- wir sind täglich daran neues einzufügen! Alle Mod's für den Server findet ihr auf dem A3Launcher zum Download einfach Abonnieren, Downloaden und ab geht die Party! Jeder ist Wilkommen


    New Portuguese Arma 3 server Exile in tanoa Island, where you can doe anything outside safezones!
  6. ZoEx Staff

    [GER] Warthogs

    Wir sind bisher eine Kleine Gemeinschaft von rund 15 regelmässigen Spielern mit einem Altersdurchschnitt von rund 30 Jahren. Auf unserem Server laufen verschieden KI Scripts u.a. Zombies, mobile KI Patrouillen, KI Missionen, Dynamische DMS Missionen und statische Missionen mit bis zu 40 KI. Zudem kann jeder bei uns eine Base mit bis zu 350 Teilen bauen, einen Clan gründen und am PVE und PVP Geschehen teilnehmen. Fair Play steht bei uns an erster Stelle. Auch sind wir stehts bemüht unseren Spielern etwas Neues zu bieten und modden auch selbst die Map. Wer Interesse an einer guten Gemeinschaft hat oder einfach nur zocken möchte, der ist bei uns gern gesehen. Wer möchte kann ins TS kommen und mit uns zocken, wer seinen einen eigenen Clanchannel bei uns möchte, kann dies auch gerne bekommen. Für Bugs, Probleme und auch Anregungen haben wir ein offenes Ohr, denn letzten Endes macht die Community einen guten Server aus, und das wollen wir sein. Das erwartet dich bei uns: -Server Restarts alle 3 Stunden -verschiedene Missionen -Towing/Lifting Script -Creepy Nebel bei Nacht -Virtuelle Garage -Zombies -Safezone Transporte zwischen den Safezones -Highloot -Airdrop - Bestelle dir Fahrzeuge etc per Helikopter -Defibrilator - Hole Freunde zurück ins Leben -Doppelklicke auf dein Funkgerät und erhalte jedesmal ein Bike oder einmal ein Fahrzeug -Server Events -350 Teile pro Base -... und eine verdammt gute Community!!! LG Micha aka Ripsaw IP: TS: Mods: VSM| Ryan Zombies | EXILE Mod | Extended Base Mod oder über den A3 Launcher einfach nach WARTHOGS suchen.
  7. D-Day Josh

    Exile looting ai bug

    hi, anyone else got an issue of not being able to loot items out of ai clothes? Can take the guns, nvgs etc but nothing from their shirts, vests, backpacks i can get naked then take their clothes with all the gear inside, but i can't take individual items..... Yes i have room in my inventory... hahaha newest version of exile (1.0.1) sweet potato
  8. kenzo47

    Tripwire Exile Lingor EU

    We're working on the website. Welcome to Tripwire Gaming's Lingor server. We're here to stay. Newly started server with active admins and loads of content. Unlike other Exile Lingor servers we use fair trader prices. Not pay to win crap. Teamspeak Password: tgc
  9. [Crazy] MrPromo

    [DE]CMGC©|Tanoa|1.0.0 PVP

    [AT|DE]CMGC Tanoa 1.0.0 !!!!!!!------TS3 nur für Spieler auf unserem Server------!!!!!!! Mods: VemF Missions HVP Vehicles DMS Ocupation DMS Extended Base Mod RHS Vehicles RHS Units RHS Weapons CUP Weapons Scripts: XM8 Apps XM8 Scurity XM8 ViewDistance XM8 Recipes Enigma Revive Vehicle Towing StatusBar und vieles mehr wir sind täglich daran neues einzufügen! Unser ModPack für den Server findet ihr auf Steam zum Download einfach Abonnieren, Downloaden und ab geht die Party! Jeder ist Wilkommen
  10. Junglur

    =PVI= Tanoa NZ

    Come check out our server. along with the listed features below we also have full stats tracking on our website. You can look up your player stats, family stats, territory information (including email reminders for protection money) Required mods: @Exile @Ryanzombies Features: Multiple Mission frameworks (DMS, VEMFr, Occupation,Ryanzombies) Roaming AI Zombies Heli crashes New Zealand based.
  11. [Crazy] MrPromo

    Bitte Löschen Danke

    Topic Bitte Löschen. Danke
  12. xXLaser


    Our Server is PVE only. It has all of the popular AI Missions installed so there is always something to do. We all vehicles from the Offroader to the T-140. Also Armed Helicopters are available for purchase. For better (or funnier) looking bases we have Extended Base Mod installed. And because sometimes is quit empty even with the Roaming AI we got Ryan's Zombies and Demons. I hope some of you will have a look. Have fun!