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Found 34 results

  1. I was tired of people asking me one by one how to install infistar. I felt there was a better way to explain this so that anyone could not only DO the task but also understand WHAT they were doing. The instructions are a challenge and the reference to the @Folder in your start.bat is totally unneeded and very confusing to people. Rather than pasting calls and do this do that - I show people what "this and that" means. Here is my install video showing the easy way - Updated for the new additions in the Description.ext. (Version 90)
  2. Een videoproject waarbij ik veel uren in de montage heb zitten. Uniek dubbel perspectief. We spawnen in Zaros en horen veel schoten. Na de kleine militaire basis geplunderd te hebben gaan we op onderzoek uit. We zitten al gauw midden in de actie. Laat je reactie achter op de video. Ik ben erg benieuwd en altijd opzoek naar ideeën om te verbeteren. evt. subscriben kan hier Helaas verneukt YouTube het een beetje met de compression.

    A Visit to the Chernobyl Zone

    Hey Guys, A short video I made on the only Exile server running the Chernobyl Zone map...would love someone to do this map properly because it's awesome but the guys running this one still have a lot of bugs to iron out. Anyway hope you enjoy.
  4. Hey Exilemod ! I am looking at creating some Exile video tutorials on Setup, Configuration, Mods and Plugins. If you guys are interested seeing how to use the Exile Eden Plugin, let me know and what you would like to see first. Regards S.
  5. Moinsen Ich hab heute nen kleinen Trailer für meinen eigenen Server gebastelt der bald wieder Online geht und suche noch Vorschläge was ich beim Release Trailer vl besser machen kann. Konstruktive Kritik erwünscht.
  6. Texboygamer

    Looking for Exile Youtubers?

    I am looking for people to critique my video, give any criticism you can find please, and any advice is wanted.
  7. iamseth

    Exile Montage

    Hey guys so I've been making little short montages on exile for awhile now, and just thought I would share it on the forums for you guys to enjoy
  8. TurboDude555

    Exile Tanoa Trailer...

    Hey! So some of you may or may not know about my little ol' YouTube channel. I do many things, but as a fan of DayZ and all the mods and FrankieOnPc's work (ok so you know him at least) I also do a lot of "story-based" style videos in a similar style. In anticipation of my next video back on EXILE and on Tanoa....I present you loverly folks with this P.S Shout out to @infiSTAR for the discount on the Admin Tools to help me create, arrange and organize things. And to the people knowingly (and um unknowingly haha) featuring in the videos
  9. GibsAndPieces

    Devils Castle Hackathon Base Raid

    Hey there Lady's and Gents. Here is a cheeky little video of a crazy base raid we had a few weeks ago that involves new-ish base raiding mechanics like grinding through doors and hacking safes and plot poles. Thanks to everyone that turned up, things got so mental at some points I didn't have a clue what was going on (doesn't take much). Also if you enjoy this video then I also have some previous episode you may enjoy!
  10. YT/Lyrkas ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Exile Funny moments Video (GER)

  11. Higgins909

    Eden Editor Video Tutorial.

    Made by me, sorry about the audio. Feel free to ask any questions.

    My Life in Namalsk Part 2

    Part 2 of my adventures in Namalsk

    My Life in Namalsk

    Hey Guys, Just wanted to share a short video of my first few days in Namalsk. Hope you enjoy it.
  14. Brothers in Exile - The King of the Hill: "Dropped in near Zaros, geared up, flanked some spawnkillers, got into a heavy CQB gunfight." I got footage from my buddy too which allowed me to make a smooth double perspective video. Spent many, many, many hours editing this. Too bad YT murders it with compression I hope you guys enjoy, leaving a like and a comment on YT would really be appreciated. It helps my channel to get some momentum. I got more of this in the pipeline... So if you like this style of video, be sure to stay tuned. If you really like this, you can sub here
  15. Hi everyone. I have a YouTube channel with 6,500 views, 62 subs, and 20 Exile related videos focused on everything from missions, to base raiding, to vehicle interdictions. Some are montages synced up with great music (example). I just cleaned out all the shit videos and finally put some work into my thumbnails. My channel still gets around 150 views per day however I've hit a bit of a stall in my goal to reach 100 subs. Please have a look and hopefully you'll find something you like. Thanks for watching and please subscribe.
  16. MDawgTV

    When ArmA Physics FAIL

    For some context a buddy and I were fighting with this guy for about 20/30 minutes back and forth. When I got tired of dealing with him I went and picked up 2 satchels from terminal and 2 3GL MX's with 3 grenade rounds. I shot off all 9 grenades at a window he was next to and at one point was just standing at 2 of them blew up in his face and did no damage because of the bugged windows. I dropped one of the MX's for my buddy with 1 mag in case things went sour and then placed a charge. It apparently glitched him so you hear me place a second one. When we started to fall I set off the second....and well you can see what happens. We had a good laugh about it back at terminal 5 minutes later.
  17. taikonaut

    TRINITY # Arma 3 Exile - Esseker

    WATCH! LIKE! SUBSCRIBE! The lads are going on a three mission rampage. Watch the epic video of an evening full of drama and despair! Enable subtitles for English captions. Feel free to comment.
  18. Hi everyone. I started up a YouTube channel not long ago mainly with the hopes of sharing clips amongst my group of gaming friends. Turns out I really enjoy editing and others seem to enjoy my content as well, so please have a look and let me know what you think, or if you have any suggestions for future videos I'd love to hear those too. Found below is the video of a quick (1:30) trailer for my channel. Thanks for watching!
  19. ~LoSt.BoY~

    VAMP Mission mit den Senilen