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Found 2 results

  1. Ultima-weapon

    [Release] Sell Crates to Waste Dump

    This will allow you to sell a crate (or the contents of the crate) directly to the waste dump trader. How your players get the crate to the trader depends on how you have your server setup. To get crates to the trader, you can use Advanced Sling Loading, IgiLoad, R3F, etc.. It does not matter how you get the crate to the trader. What does matter, is that once it is there, it cannot be attached to anything to be detected by the Waste Dump trader. This was done to prevent players from selling someone else's crate before it is even unloaded from a truck or dropped from a helicopter. Once unloaded or dropped, anyone will be able to sell the crate to the Waste Dump trader. You will need to modify two client-side files and one server side file. Additionally, you will need to include these three files in the CfgExileCustomCode. Client-Side File: ExileClient_gui_traderDialog_updateInventoryDropdown.sqf Client-Side File: ExileClient_gui_wasteDumpDialog_show.sqf Server-Side File: ExileServer_system_trading_network_wasteDumpRequest.sqf CfgExileCustomCode: Make sure you set the appropriate file path in your CfgExileCustomCode if it is different than mine or your server will not be able to find the files. Note: This will NOT require any changes to Advanced Sling Load, IgiLoad, R3F or any other logistics script needed to transport crates to the Waste Dump trader. Enjoy!
  2. Продажа ящиков у waste dump + igiload . Дам денег за готовый скрипт, какова Ваша цена за скрипт?