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Found 8 results

  1. Bulleit

    Bigfoot's Shipwrecks

    Summary Here's a mod that will spawn random shipwrecks around the map, each with its own loot crate. This is a very extended version of the water_crates.sqf script that has been floating around. This does NOT include AI (yet...). Some enhancements are: Shipwreck with configurable class spawns near loot crate. Configurable loot which supports guaranteed loot crate items with optional percentage to spawn, random loot crate items with optional percentage to spawn, random loot class selection (e.g spawn one of three types of underwater goggles), random poptab generation based on seed distribution, and percentage chance of spawning loot. Configurable Exile toast and chat notification sent to all players when a player reaches the shipwreck/lootcrate (to encourage PvP piracy). Configurable spawn center and distance. Configurable loot crate class. Marker cleanup after players arrive near loot crate. All configurable settings are here: Disclaimer: Loot crate inventory cannot be accessed underwater. You'll need Igiload, R3F, or default Exile crate mounting with SDV able to mount these crates in order to bring them to the shore. I am new to Arma modding, so this code can certainly be improved. All code criticism is welcome, and there are many features that (you!) can add. I've been running this for several weeks on my server without issue. Our server sells Rubber Ducks (literally, yellow rubber ducks) for a huge number of poptabs. If yours doesn't, you may want to remove those from the default loot options in config.sqf. Credits (if you should be listed here, let me know and I'll add you!) Earliest known script variation: Darth_Rogue, Chisel, deadeye, and Robio. Based on modified script by @Tuna. @Taylor Swift for very helpful mod template. @second_coming for Occupation mod from which I learned techniques. @StokesMagee - my scripting Mr. Miyagi Source and Install Instructions Source code and pre-packaged PBO can be found here: Current latest release: 1.0.3 Read the README.txt! Drop BigfootsShipwrecks_Server.pbo in your @ExileServer/addons/ folder. Many settings can be modified in BigfootsShipwrecks_Server/config.sqf. OPTIONAL: Exile Supply Box mounting on SDV and boats! You will need a way to load or mount the Exile_Container_SupplyBox on SDVs, since inventory cannot be accessed underwater in ARMA. It is also convenient if they can be loaded on boats. This can be done with R3F, Igiload, or by modifyng the built-in Exile towing. Here is how I do it without R3F or Igiload. In mpmissions/config.cpp, modify class cfgVehicleTransport so it uses boats and SDVs: class CfgVehicleTransport { class Exile_Container_SupplyBox { vehicles[] = { "Exile_Car_Van_Abstract", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Abstract", "Exile_Car_Zamak_Abstract", "Exile_Car_HEMMT_Abstract", "Exile_Car_Tempest_Abstract", "Exile_Boat_RHIB_Abstract", // Added: this is necessary "Exile_Boat_RHIB", // Added: not sure if necessary "Exile_Boat_Rubberboat_Abstract", // Added: this is necessary "Exile_Boat_RubberDuck_CSAT", // Added: not sure if necessary "Exile_Boat_RubberDuck_Digital", // Added: not sure if necessary "Exile_Boat_RubberDuck_Orange", // Added: not sure if necessary "Exile_Boat_RubberDuck_Blue", // Added: not sure if necessary "Exile_Boat_RubberDuck_Black", // Added: not sure if necessary "Exile_Boat_SDV_Abstract", // Added: this is necessary "Exile_Boat_SDV_CSAT", // Added: not sure if necessary "Exile_Boat_SDV_Digital", // Added: not sure if necessary "Exile_Boat_SDV_Grey" // Added: not sure if necessary }; class Exile_Car_Van_Abstract { attachPosition[] = {0, -1.1, 0.2}; cargoIndizes[] = {2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7}; detachPosition[] = {0, -4.4}; }; class Exile_Car_Offroad_Abstract { attachPosition[] = {0, -1.6, 0.4}; cargoIndizes[] = {1, 2, 3, 4}; detachPosition[] = {0, -4}; }; class Exile_Car_Zamak_Abstract { attachPosition[] = {0.03, 0.3, 0}; cargoIndizes[] = {2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7}; detachPosition[] = {0.03, -4.8}; }; class Exile_Car_HEMMT_Abstract { attachPosition[] = {0.05, -0.1, 0.3}; cargoIndizes[] = {1, 2, 8, 9}; detachPosition[] = {0.05, -6.1}; }; class Exile_Car_Tempest_Abstract { attachPosition[] = {0.08, -0.85, 0.4}; cargoIndizes[] = {1, 6, 7, 9}; detachPosition[] = {0.08, -6}; }; // Added: Contains positioning for supply boxes loaded in RHIB. class Exile_Boat_RHIB_Abstract { attachPosition[] = {0, 1.5, 0.4}; cargoIndizes[] = {1, 2, 3, 4}; detachPosition[] = {0, 5}; }; // Added: Contains positioning for supply boxes loaded in Rubber Boats. class Exile_Boat_Rubberboat_Abstract { attachPosition[] = {0, 0.5, 0.25}; cargoIndizes[] = {1, 2, 3, 4}; detachPosition[] = {0, 6}; }; // Added: Contains positioning for supply boxes loaded in SDV. class Exile_Boat_SDV_Abstract { attachPosition[] = {0, -1, 0.5}; cargoIndizes[] = {1, 2, 3, 4}; detachPosition[] = {0, 8}; }; // Added: Applies positioning defined above to specific vehicles. class Exile_Boat_RHIB: Exile_Boat_RHIB_Abstract {}; class Exile_Boat_RubberDuck_CSAT: Exile_Boat_Rubberboat_Abstract {}; class Exile_Boat_RubberDuck_Digital: Exile_Boat_Rubberboat_Abstract {}; class Exile_Boat_RubberDuck_Orange: Exile_Boat_Rubberboat_Abstract {}; class Exile_Boat_RubberDuck_Blue: Exile_Boat_Rubberboat_Abstract {}; class Exile_Boat_RubberDuck_Black: Exile_Boat_Rubberboat_Abstract {}; class Exile_Boat_SDV_CSAT: Exile_Boat_SDV_Abstract {}; class Exile_Boat_SDV_Digital: Exile_Boat_SDV_Abstract {}; class Exile_Boat_SDV_Grey: Exile_Boat_SDV_Abstract {}; }; };
  2. kidesh

    Players spawn in the water

    Hi, So on my server I took off the spawn points as I want people to be randomly spawned around the coast. But now most of the time people spawn in the water on the NE of the map and have to suicide to get back to the coast. Anyone got any ideas that can stop this ? I don't want to put spawn points in as people spawn closest to their base.
  3. TheKuky_CZ

    How to make persistence stats

    Hi, I just set up new server and I have a problem w/ saving stats like HP, food, water etc. When you log out and join again, you have full stats everytime. Does anyone know how to fix it? For example, on CCG servers you have the same stats after re-join and after restart too, so must exist some script or way how to make it persistence. Thanks
  4. Eichi

    Water Barrel

    Can be used to re-fill your water bottles with dirty water. May taste suspicious.
  5. Eichi


  6. Flamingturtle

    Cant cook food/water

    its so simple but so annoying, I have almost an empty inventory of stuff but when i go to my campfire to cook my food/water it just tells me "need more inventory room"
  7. Hello, and congratulations on creating a very exciting mod for ArmA 3. I've been playing for quite a while now, and I must say I thoroughly enjoy the mod so far. But, I've encountered the following problem. Water Sources Exile mod runs not only on Altis and Stratis, but also Esseker and Chernarus. I'm not sure about Esseker, but in Chernarus, the water sources of A3 are unavailable. As a result, it is entirely impossible to fill water bottles with fresh or dirty water. I think it'd be good if the water sources available on Chernarus are added to the allowed sources list (water tanks, lakes, wells, water pumps). I suggest this here instead of the map's developer forum (if there even exists one for A3) since it'd be easier to add existing props as water sources rather than replace an entire map worth of props with the new ones that actually are considered water sources. Revival A reviving item wouldn't hurt either. I believe it'd make gameplay a lot more engaging, since if you die, you won't have to instantly respawn (frustrated), and pressure is added on your teammates who are expected to revive you. Please let me know if my suggestions are in error, and if so, why. Thank you.