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Found 1 result

  1. Ambu5h

    ALIAS Waterfall's for Exile

    All credits go to ALIAS for creating the base of this script! I mearly improvised, adapted and overcame. Waterfall's Steam Workshop Page A while back i tried adding in ALIAS Cartoons waterfalls script into exile. Unfortunately for exile it wasnt as straight forward as his tutorial's made it look. So, after detoxing from PUBG and smoking some fresh batches of ARMA 3 i decided to give it another try. And here it is, modified his scripts a tiny bit and added a file for easy modification's and management of multiple waterfall's and waterfall bases. 1. Create a folder named custom\waterfall\ in your Mission.pbo 2. Add this to Init.sqf (if you dont have this file, just create it) [] execVM "custom\waterfall\waterfall_init.sqf"; 3. Add this to description.ext make sure to merge the class CfgSounds with the one you already have. (ie: just add class cascada to class CfgSounds) class CfgSounds { sounds[] = {}; class cascada { name = "cascada"; sound[] = {"\custom\waterfall\cascada.ogg", 0.9, 1}; titles[] = {1, ""}; }; }; 4. In the waterfall's folder create the following files: cascada.ogg This can be downloaded from the original mod, if you want you can replace this with your own sounds. waterfall_init.sqf (configured for Tanoa) al_waterfall.sqf al_spring_base.sqf KNOWN ISSUES and NOTES: 1. Z Location (starting height) is defined from sea level, not from terrain level. Use "diag_log getPositionASL player;" in the debug window to get the propper coordinates. 2. Hiding the object doesnt work at this point. I tried both hideObject and hideSelection but both didnt work. 3. This script could be quite a bit simpler at this point, feel free to improve and ill update it.