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Found 29 results

  1. AdminToolkit for Arma 3 This tool is used to administrate Arma3 multiplayer servers. It also supports an option to overwrite the sections for additional features. Check out the Extensions avaiable for AdminToolkit PRESS THE F2 KEY TO OPEN IN-GAME PLEASE NOTE (MISSING IN THE INSTALL VIDEO): You need to ADD the "-servermod=@ExileServer;@AdminToolkitServer" parameter when running arma3server.exe README : RELEASE NOTES: DOWNLOAD : EXILE ADDON Buy me a coffee :-) Core Features: Players Setup administrators or moderators with limited access Teleport from/to players and to map position (by using the in-game map - hold ALT key and press LMB) Spectate player using WASD plus Q and E keys improved version 1.6 God Mode (incl. Ryan Zombies) Kick/Ban players Vehicles Vehicle spawn for yourself or a selected player (Exile Addon) Spawn persistent vehicles with PIN CODE Weapons add weapon to inventory add ammo to inventory Construction & Others NEW: Building persistence supported (since v1.4) Place buildings by using Q, E for rotation, PAGEUP/PAGEDOWN and HOME/END for moving the constructions (since v1.2 remove is supported) spawn additional "vehicle items" like Backpacks, GPS, Binocular, etc... (located in Other) Exile Addon Spawn (persistent) vehicles Remove vehicles new version 1.7 , Repair and destroy vehicle verrsion 1.8 Exile Money - Give admin some money Receive Exile Respect points new version 1.7 Exile Items (check Items section - use search E.g. "Wood") and more... Developer Notes: To create addons for AdminToolkit, please read the following instruction Thank you Regards
  2. I recently started playing on an Exile server. For the first time I tried buying a silencer for my primary and secondary weapon when they were the same silencer. What I mean is, I had a 9mm SMG and a 9mm Pistol. Both were equipped. When I purchased the first silencer it automatically fitted to the SMG. Then I purchased the second silencer. When I checked the silencer had NOT fitted to the pistol and was nowhere to be seen in my inventory. Nor was it on the ground. However I tested it and I was charged for the silencer. Tried this about three times. Then I manually moved the silencer from the SMG to the Pistol. Went back and purchased another silencer. The silencer fitted itself to the primary weapon [SMG]. This appears to occur when you have two weapons equipped that will take the same fitting. Unfortunately I don't own the server and did not have the funds to do more extensive testing. I thought I'd ask here if anyone had experienced this fault and perhaps find someone who can test it further.
  3. SaintADW

    Saint's Exile PvE/PvP

    Just a fun server aiming at combining PvP and PvE elements with the normal Exile gameplay. Plus zombies and some military style vehicles allowed.
  4. clarkycalLad

    Exile weapon bug

    Not really sure if this is client or server side. But exile weapons seem to be bugged see attached screenshot: As you can see there is something floating above the weapon and moves when your player moves...
  5. th3soulofg4m3

    CUP weapons disappear at restart

    Hi, in first sorry for my English. Is my first topic on this forum, I appreciated your work. I have a problem with my Exile linux server, I add CUP weapons and CUP unit in my server, all it's ok the server load the mod and i can buy at trader, but if I have an M107 for example and a CUP backpack at my gear, when restart my server the gear disappear. Can anyone help me, thank you.
  6. ZZK-Gaming

    NiARMS with Apex [Loottables]

    Hello, someone have a Loottable for Tanoa with NIARMS Weapon? I try this with the but he say me he can not find Food or Trash...:/ can anyone share me your Loottables with NIARMS Weapon? i can give you the class name for all weapons. have a nice day ^^
  7. I'm having some trouble getting the trader attachment compatability button to work with my RHS weapons. As of now every vanilla and apex arma weapon show attachments as they should, but eg a RHS m4a1 only shows magazines as compatible attachments when it shoudl show tons of different grips and scopes. Do I need CBA/ASDG or any other addon to make this work? Or is there an easy fix? mod params: -mod=@exile;@RHSAFRF;@RHSUSAF;@Ryanzombies;
  8. KuwaangamizaMakafiri

    Retarded Operations

    If you are tired of immortal guys in V class vest armor, overwhealming amout of high caliber guns and never ending fights because of stupid spawn emplacement, this is the perfect server for you. Main assumptions of server: - spawns are located in the north and east place of the map , and there is only few of them so the whole gameplay is focused on reviving teammates ( 10 minutes for that , 15 seconds revive delay ) - no V / IV class armor (and even level III is hard to find ) - most common weapons are 5,56 and 7,62, weapons like Mar or Cyrus available only in black market or radiation zone and the best guns like Navid or Lynx can only be found in the military bases inside radiation zone with a very small chance to spawn. Mods required: @Exile @CBA_A3 @Cup_Weapons @Arma Enhanced Movement
  9. Hi guys, i just want to share the classnames of the APEX DLC Sneak Peak 1.63.136817 [DEV BUILD] (THX @Digital Purge) Hope you enjoy :-)
  10. DavieReid88

    Trader Weapons

    I was wondering if someone could help me, Everytime i place a weapon on a table/wall when i start up my server it disappears, i know that your suupose to use BBQ tins for it to work, is there something im missing because i place the BBQ tin on my weapon but it still disappears and the BBQ tin is still there when server is up and running? Thanks
  11. Stoll

    Duping Weapons

    Hey guys, I assume you know the problem that weapons that will spawn as loot and having attachments can be used for duping when selling the attachments. I didn't want to remove the nice feature to sell from vehicles, so I removed all weapons that spawn with attachments. Was a piece of work to track down that stuff. When you have found more stuff, post it and I will add it to the list. This list contains weapons from CUP, MAS and RHS so far: CUP_muzzle_snds_M14 CUP_arifle_AK74_GL_kobra CUP_srifle_SVD_wdl_ghillie CUP_srifle_SVD_des_ghillie_pso CUP_srifle_M24_ghillie hgun_mas_usp_l_F hgun_mas_mak_F_sd arifle_mas_mp5sd_ds arifle_mas_m27 arifle_mas_m27m arifle_mas_m27_v arifle_mas_m27m_v arifle_mas_m27_d arifle_mas_m27m_d LMG_mas_Mk200_F LMG_mas_M249_F LMG_mas_M249_F_v LMG_mas_M249_F_d LMG_mas_M249a_F LMG_mas_Mk48_F LMG_mas_Mk48_F_v LMG_mas_Mk48_F_d LMG_mas_M240_F LMG_mas_M60_F arifle_mas_asval arifle_mas_asval_ds srifle_mas_vss srifle_mas_ksvk srifle_mas_ksvk_c arifle_mas_m79 //WEAPON DOES NOT SPAWN! rhs_weap_m4_bipod rhs_weap_m4a1_bipod rhs_weap_m4a1_carryhandle_bipod rhs_weap_m16a4_bipod rhs_weap_ak74m_2mag_npz_dtk The following backpacks spawn with stuff: rhs_assault_umbts_ammo rhs_assault_umbts_engineer rhs_assault_umbts_medic rhs_assault_umbts_demo
  12. ADKgamers

    =ADK= Exile Chernarus

    Server Specs: Intel i7 4900k (8M Cache, 4.0 GHz) Samsung Enterprise SSD for Speed & Efficiency 32 GB Ram Mods: Exile ADK Texture Mod CBA_A3 CUP Units CUP Vehicle CUP Weapons CUP Terrain - Core CUP Terrain - Maps Features: ADK Texture Mod - 30+ Base Skins for Wood, Reinforced and Concrete ADK Texture Mod - 50+ Vehicle Skins for loads of vehicles ADK Texture Mod - Increased Cargo Boats and Unarmed Jets ADK Crafting XM8 App with Extra Buildables/Vehicles ARMA 3 Version of the A2 Mozzie Stats and Live In Game Scoreboard Major Content Mod for Greater Selection of Vehicles, Weapons & Gear Tow & Lift for Vehicles Repair, Re-Arm and Refuel Service Stations Balanced Prices across all Vehicles, Weapons & Gear Custom NWAF, NEAF and Balota Map Edits 4 Different AI Systems for Greater Selection Custom Island Static Mission (Skalisty Island) Custom Klen Static Mission Revive Dead Players (Requires a Defibrillator) Bury bodies (Requires a Shovel) XM8 Apps (Journal, Apoc Airdrop, Deploy Bike, ADK Crafting, Recipes, Statusbar Customize) Custom Craftables, Bandages, Can Opener and More 100% Custom Trader Setups
  13. Hello! I've been trying to install the cup mods on my server, but cant seem to do it right, are there any1 that can help me? My server is hosted on GTXgaming
  14. Hi Guys, Since the update i've been gettin these errors in my rpt: I'm not really sure what these mean and on joining my server players are getting an annoying popup saying something similar to "bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/WeaponSlotsInfo.scope" Players can still join the server and play but these popups occur twice before they enter and it just looks unprofessional. Does anyone know how to fix these? Thanks
  15. So i recently started my new exile server with some mods, evrything is working fine. I know how to add new items in the game/shops etc. But is it possible to add a lot of stuff faster? let's say that i want to add cup weapons to the armory trader do i really have to type in all those classes by hand? and that's only the weapons.. i would like the mags/equipment etc also.. So i was just wondering how you guys so it? do you type everything or use some tool? cheers!!!

    Community Ran Server

    We will be needing staff to help this project get up and rolling! Please read below for more info Hello and thank you all for taking your time to read this post. First i would like to start off by saying this is a "community ran exile server" this server will be established based on the survey you guys will take. A few friends and i had the idea of starting an exile server, we know that for the server to become popular it needs to be different from the hundreds of other servers. We do have the resources to start this community but before investing time/money we would like to hear your guys ideas. To make this the best server possible i will be posting a link below to a survey you can take to help us decide how we can make this server as popular as possible. The survery will also ask if you are planning on joining the server so that we can kinda get a "head count". Survey: The survey will ask: -What type of map you would like to see -What mods you would like to see -What scripts you would like to see -what the starting money should be -Should there be a respect system to buy certain vehicles/weapons -what the community name should be -any other info you would like to add -would you like to sign up for staff -would you join this server
  17. Hello all. I've been very very very slowly combing through the weapons list for both @MAS and @CUP aswell as Exile.Tanoa.PBO, Config.cpp. I'm trying to match all weapon prices and respect level but it's such a grind since once you finish all three Assault weapons you scroll down and find APEX and ARMA 2 weapons that have no organisation and i end up getting lost pretty quickly. Is there any script that blocks any duplicates from being loaded? Is there an easier way to find all weapons named "AK107_GL" across 3 notepad++ windows? Any help would be greatly appreciated since i'm fed up of loading in to the server, checking the trader and seeing "AK107 = missing respect 2000" while just a little down the list you have "AK107 = no respect needed" as the CUP/MAS/Exile weapons requires repsect but i missed Arma2 and Apex etc... Thank is advance James
  18. Hello guys, I was unable to find an updated classlist of RHS weapons (from all three mods) So I sat down and extracted every (weapon,accessory,magazine) classnames, and formatted it so you just have to include them to your traders. Might have missed some accessories / magazines, so if you find anything missing please let me know here. I am planning to make it complete with uniforms and vehicles as soon I have time It's roughly organized but does its job. prices: categories: Here are the raw exports if you need them for loottables or something: UPDATE: exported equipments (uniforms backpacks vests headwear) didn't include backpacks like bipod packs etc. again. the prices are random/placeholders, set it up the way you want it. prices: categories: raw:
  19. Shy VicZ

    UKZ Nation | Exile Tanoa

    A Fresh Arma 3 Server on Tanoa, On this server you will find the best performence. The server includes alot of new and custom scripts. If you want to join a Real server join us and make the server the best in the Exile community
  20. Screamer

    Rocket launchers problem, RPG, NLAW

    Hello, I created highly customized server on Esseker map. So far I cant fix only one issue with rocket launchers. Does Exile have some black list of weapons save in code files? We add RPG and NLAW to traders but after purchase launcher didn't appear on player. Missiles working fine in trader but launchers not... Any idea why? p.s. It is not infiSTAR problem for sure (black weapon list modified), also BE filters added (no kicks) Thanks for little help
  21. Hello guys, i grouped the class name of CUP Weapons pack 1.2.2, if i forgot class name said in the topic Created by GRK last update 21/03/2016 Cup Weapons 1.2.2 class_name //Weapon name (caliber) /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Assault Rifles /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// >AK CUP_arifle_AK107 //AK107 (5.45) CUP_arifle_AK107_GL //A407 GP25 (5.45) CUP_arifle_AK47 //AK47 (7.62) CUP_arifle_AK74 //AK74 (5.45) CUP_arifle_AK74_GL //AK74 GP25 (5.45) CUP_arifle_AK74M //AK74M (5.45) CUP_arifle_AK74M_GL //AK74M GP25 (5.45) CUP_arifle_AKM //AKM (7.62) CUP_arifle_AKS //AKS (7.62) CUP_arifle_AKS_Gold //AKS GOLD (7.62) CUP_arifle_AKS74 //AKS74 (5.45) CUP_arifle_AKS74U //AKS74U (5.45) >SA58 CUP_arifle_Sa58P //SA-58P (7.62) CUP_arifle_Sa58P_des //SA-58P Desert (7.62) CUP_arifle_Sa58V //SA-58V (7.62) CUP_arifle_Sa58V_camo //SA-58V Desert (7.62) CUP_arifle_Sa58RIS1 //SA-58 RIS 1 (7.62) CUP_arifle_Sa58RIS1_des //SA-58 RIS 1 Desert (7.62) CUP_arifle_Sa58RIS2 //SA-58 RIS 2 (7.62) CUP_arifle_Sa58RIS2_camo //SA-58 RIS 2 Desert (7.62) CUP_arifle_Sa58RIS2_gl //SA-58 RIS 2 GL (7.62) >M4 CUP_arifle_M4A1 //M4A1 (5.56) CUP_arifle_M4A1_black //M4A1 Black (5.56) CUP_arifle_M4A3_desert //M4A1 Desert (5.56) CUP_arifle_M4A1_camo //M4A1 Woodland (5.56) CUP_arifle_M4A1_BUIS_GL //M4A1 M203 (5.56) CUP_arifle_M4A1_BUIS_desert_GL //M4A1 M203 Desert (5.56) CUP_arifle_M4A1_BUIS_camo_GL //M4A1 M203 Woodland (5.56) CUP_arifle_M4A3_desert //M4A3 Desert (5.56) >M16 CUP_arifle_M16A2 //M16A2 (5.56) CUP_arifle_M16A2_GL //M16A2 M203 (5.56) CUP_arifle_M16A4_Base //M16A4 (5.56) CUP_arifle_M16A4_GL //M16A4 M203 (5.56) >XM8 CUP_arifle_XM8_Carbine //XM8 Carabine (5.56) CUP_arifle_XM8_Railed //XM8 Railed (5.56) CUP_arifle_XM8_Carbine_GL //XM8 Carabine GL (5.56) CUP_arifle_XM8_Compact //XM8 Compact (5.56) CUP_arifle_XM8_Compact_Rail //XM8 Comapact Rail (5.56) CUP_arifle_XM8_Carbine_FG //XM8 Carabine Forgrip (5.56) CUP_arifle_xm8_SAW //XM8 SAW (5.56) CUP_arifle_xm8_sharpshooter //XM8 Sharpshooter (5.56) >MK16 CUP_arifle_Mk16_CQC //Mk16 CQC (5.56) CUP_arifle_Mk16_CQC_FG //Mk16 CQC Forgrip (5.56) CUP_arifle_Mk16_CQC_SFG //Mk16 CQC Surfire Grip (5.56) CUP_arifle_Mk16_CQC_EGLM //Mk16 CQC EGLM (5.56) CUP_arifle_Mk16_STD //Mk16 Standard (5.56) CUP_arifle_Mk16_STD_FG //Mk16 Standard Forgrip (5.56) CUP_arifle_Mk16_STD_SFG //Mk16 Standard Surfire Grip (5.56) CUP_arifle_Mk16_STD_EGLM //Mk16 Standard EGLM (5.56) CUP_arifle_Mk16_SV //Mk16 SV (5.56) >MK17 CUP_arifle_Mk17_CQC //Mk17 CQC (7.62) CUP_arifle_Mk17_CQC_FG //Mk17 CQC Forgrip (7.62) CUP_arifle_Mk17_CQC_SFG //Mk17 CQC Surfire Grip (7.62) CUP_arifle_Mk17_CQC_EGLM //Mk17 CQC EGLM (7.62) CUP_arifle_Mk17_STD //Mk17 Standard (7.62) CUP_arifle_Mk17_STD_FG //Mk17 Standard Forgrip (7.62) CUP_arifle_Mk17_STD_SFG //Mk17 Standard Surfire Grip (7.62) CUP_arifle_Mk17_STD_EGLM //Mk17 Standard EGLM (7.62) CUP_arifle_Mk17_SV //Mk17 SV (7.62) >L85 CUP_arifle_L85A2 //L85A2 (5.56) CUP_arifle_L85A2_GL //L85A2 GL (5.56) >G36 CUP_arifle_G36A //G36A (5.56) CUP_arifle_G36A_camo //G36A Camo (5.56) CUP_arifle_G36K //G36K (5.56) CUP_arifle_G36K_camo //G36K Camo (5.56) CUP_arifle_G36C //G36C (5.56) CUP_arifle_G36C_camo //G36C Camo (5.56) >FN FAL CUP_arifle_FNFAL //FN FAL (7.62) CUP_arifle_FNFAL_railed //FN FAL Rail (7.62) CUP_arifle_FNFAL5061 //FN FAL 50.61 (7.62) CUP_arifle_FNFAL5062 //FN FAL 50.62 (7.62) CUP_arifle_FNFAL_OSW //FN FAL OSW (7.62) >CZ CUP_arifle_CZ805_A1 //CZ805 A1 (5.56) CUP_arifle_CZ805_GL //CZ805 A1 GL (5.56) CUP_arifle_CZ805_A2 //CZ805 A2 (5.56) CUP_arifle_CZ805_B //CZ805 B1 (7.62) CUP_arifle_CZ805_B_GL //CZ805 B1 GL (7.62) /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Light Machine Guns /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// >RPK74 CUP_arifle_RPK74_45 //RPK74 (5.45) CUP_arifle_RPK74 //RPK74 Drum (5.45) CUP_arifle_RPK74M //RPK74M (5.45) >MG36 CUP_arifle_MG36 //MG36 (5.56) CUP_arifle_MG36_camo //MG36 Camo (5.56) >M249 CUP_lmg_m249_SQuantoon //M249 Sqantoon (5.56) CUP_lmg_m249_pip1 //M249 RIS (5.56) CUP_lmg_m249_pip3 //M249 RIS/PIP (5.56) CUP_lmg_m249_pip4 //M249 VFG/PIP (5.56) CUP_lmg_M249_E2 //M249E2 (5.56) CUP_lmg_m249_pip2 //M249E2 RIS (5.56) CUP_lmg_m249_para //M249E2 Para (5.56) >Mk48 CUP_lmg_Mk48_des //MK48 Desert (7.62) CUP_lmg_Mk48_wdl //MK48 Woodland (7.62) >Fn Minimi CUP_lmg_minimi //FN Minimi (5.56) CUP_lmg_minimipara //FN Minimi Para (5.56) CUP_lmg_minimi_railed //FN Minimi RIS (5.56) CUP_lmg_L110A1 //L110A1 (5.56) CUP_arifle_L86A2 //L86A2 (5.56) CUP_lmg_L7A2 //L7A2 (7.62) CUP_lmg_M240 //M240 (7.62) CUP_lmg_M60E4 //M60E4 (7.62) CUP_lmg_UK59 //UK59 (7.62) CUP_lmg_PKM //PKM (7.62) CUP_lmg_Pecheneg //PKP (7.62) /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //Sniper Rifles /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// >CZ-x50 CUP_srifle_CZ550 //CZ550 (7.62) CUP_srifle_CZ550_rail //CZ550 rail (7.62) CUP_srifle_CZ750 //CZ750 (7.62) >L115A3 CUP_srifle_AWM_wdl //L115A3 Woodland (8.58) CUP_srifle_AWM_des //L115A3 Desert (8.58) >M14 CUP_srifle_M14 //M14 (7.62) CUP_srifle_M14_DMR //M14 DMR (7.62) >M24 CUP_srifle_M24_wdl //M24 (7.62) CUP_srifle_M24_des //M24 Desert (7.62) >SVD CUP_srifle_SVD //SVD (7.62) CUP_srifle_SVD_des //SVD Desert (7.62) CUP_srifle_ksvk //KSVK (12.7) CUP_srifle_M107_Base //M107 (12.7) CUP_srifle_G22_des //G22 (8.58) CUP_srifle_M110 //M110 (7.62) CUP_srifle_M40A3 //M40A3 (7.62) CUP_arifle_Mk20 //MK20 (7.62) CUP_srifle_VSSVintorez //VSS (9.3) CUP_srifle_Mk12SPR //Mk12 SPR (5.56) /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //SMG /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// >MP5 CUP_smg_MP5A5 //MP5A5 (9mm) CUP_smg_MP5SD6 //MP5SD6(9mm) CUP_smg_bizon //PP-19 Bizon (9mm) CUP_smg_EVO //Skorpion EVO (9*18) /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //Handgun /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// >CZ CUP_hgun_Compact //CZ-75 Compact (9mm) CUP_hgun_Duty //CZ-75 Duty (9mm) CUP_hgun_Phantom //CZ-75 Phantom (9mm) >Taurus CUP_hgun_TaurusTracker455 //Taurus 455 (.45) CUP_hgun_TaurusTracker455_gold //Taurus 455 Gold (.45) CUP_hgun_Glock17 //Glock 17 (9mm) CUP_hgun_Colt1911 //M1911 (.45) CUP_hgun_M9 //M9 (9mm) CUP_hgun_Makarov //Makarov (9*18) CUP_hgun_MicroUzi //Micro UZI (9mm) CUP_hgun_PB6P9 //PB6P9 (9*18) CUP_hgun_SA61 //SA-61 (9*18) /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //Shotgun /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// CUP_sgun_AA12 CUP_sgun_M1014 CUP_sgun_Saiga12K /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //Grenade Launcher /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// CUP_glaunch_M32 //M32 CUP_glaunch_M79 //M79 CUP_glaunch_Mk13 //Mk13 CUP_glaunch_6G30 //6G30 /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //Launcher /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// CUP_launch_M136 //M136 (84mm) CUP_launch_M47 //M47 (140mm) CUP_launch_MAAWS //MAAWS (84mm) CUP_launch_Metis //Metis (130mm) CUP_launch_Mk153Mod0 //SMAW (84mm) CUP_launch_NLAW //NLAW (150mm) CUP_launch_RPG7V //RPG7V (40mm) CUP_launch_RPG18 //RPG-18 (64mm)
  22. IbadassI

    RTP problem

    Above is my full RPT file and as you can see it is very messed up, I am a Noob at this stuff and have no idea why it is happening getting spammed saying stuff like this If you could look through the file and tell me what I am doing wrong and how to stop the spam, I have updated Infistar today in the hope of fixing battle eye as it would not work due to filters i could not fix . The update did get my battle eye fix and I have spent all day fixing the new filters. as I had tried to merge mine with infistars new ones i don't think i did it right and have been putting them in 1 by 1 all day. but that is not the problem my big issue is that admin are getting kicked for using some admin tools I have white listed us both, Rhs Mas are being deleted or so its say i think. Please help Thank you PS if you need more info or files
  23. Heya guys. I'm really in need of some help here. Two nights (three?) ago, an update was released for CUP. As many of you have heard, they originally released Weapons pack in Units, but was later fixed. Since then I have completed removed and re-downloaded the mod. Nothing else has changed since then. Now, with 100% certainty I have the newest CUP Units/Vehicles/Weapons. Here are the errors I am experiencing: AI are not spawning with any of the CUP weapons and just walk around (vanilla guns come out fine) Cannot purchase any CUP vehicles. Half of them don't give any message when you try to purchase, just nothing happens. The other half produce error 12, meaning it cannot find the vehicles name (as I understand it) Hella' RPT errors Please see the RPT below. I'm afraid that somehow this fucked with my database, and that's what's producing these errors but I'm not sure. I apologize in asking for advice, but I'm really stuck here. (Anyone notice how all the problems arise, right when you start getting a lot of population? -__-' ). Edit: If someone fixes this, I'll kiss your right on the face!
  24. Tom ♋ ツ Flames

    How do install @nato weapons

    hi all, i was wondering if someone knew how to install mas/nato weapons and then only have them in traders and not loot spawns? regardss Tom
  25. Terd Fergasen

    0.9.4: Add LMGs back in

    After 0.9.4, I would like to add LMGs and ammo back into the game. I would like to: Add weapons/ammo into the Exile loot system - probably edits to config.cpp in the mission pbo Allow it server-side - probably edits to exile_server_config.pbo Add weapons/ammo back to vendors - probably edits to config.cpp in the mission pbo Can someone explain this process? Side note: Weapons/ammo is already a part of a 3rd party loot system and after server reboots the ammo disappears, but the weapon remains in the player's inventory... This example is why I think step #2 is necessary. Thanks guys, Terd