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Found 16 results

  1. For winter maps servers ..(or any map) SNOW TEMPERATURE AND OVERCAST BASED - BLIZZARD- SNOW MASK - WINTER ENVIRONMENT SOUNDS - HOUSES SOUNDS Installation : Readme inside download (all features are activable or deactivable by Snow\fn_settings.sqf) UPDATE 31-08-2017 - v.0.9.8 - [added] ADDON updated with snowly/frozen wrecks objects for removeWrecks script. - [added] RemoveWrecks script ( remove wrecks obtain items) (wrecks are spawned by @exileserver/addon/a3_WY_Wrecks - read installation instructions). For some wrecks (fort_barricade, uh60) obtain two times items when removed. UPDATE 29-08-2017 - v.0.9.7 - [fixed] some messages didnt appear after lasts ARMA 3 updates. UPDATE 21-08-2017 - v.0.9.6 - [fixed] winters environments dont load correctly after lasts ARMA 3 updates. - [fixed] environments sounds dont load correctly after lasts ARMA 3 updates. OLD UPDATES ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SNOW MASK SYSTEM (will be reworked soon)---- How does it Work : attention to (only for 0.6.5): Old Updates [TODO] -Snowly/frozen cherno houses roof [10%] Download v.0.9.8 A3Launcher This work is licensed under a Arma Public License Share Alike v.0.6.5 Videos
  2. zeljko

    BB/ Exile Altis [Winter] PVP

    Full Militarized server lots of armed vehicles, helicopters and jets. All weapons on armed vehicles, helicopters and jets are on and allowed. Server language English and German
  3. DarkViper

    [Armax] Exile Community Servers

    Armax Exile Community! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome, dear player! Want to tell you some words about our server! Armax provides realistic style of hardcore, military simulation and survival gameplay. It has much interesting stuff, friendly community and always active admins! We are working hard on our server, every time upgrading it and fixing all appearing bugs! We always listen to our players about possible server improvements and make their dreams come true! Join our server right now and get an unforgettable experience of playing on it! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our servers: 1. Armax Exile Altis PvP We have a lot of features and unique stuff on our servers! Use links bellow to know more about our community! Visit our Web Page: Armax Web Page Don't forget to join our Steam Group: Armax Steam Group Come speak with us, we are friendly! : ) Armax Discord Some screenshots from Armax Exile Altis PvP : ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Affe

    Altis winter

    Hey leute, es soll schneien! nicht nur im reallife sondern auch auf meinem arma server nen schön weiß bedecktes altis.. und nen paar schneeflöckche... in der mpmission hab ich snow auf 1 gesetzt, aber es schneit einfach net... hat einer ne ahnung wie das läuft?
  5. Orbitus

    [U-HQ]Chernarus Winter Exile

    Wir sind das Unicorn Headquarter, eine Community aus leidenschaftlichen Gamern, welche es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht haben Menschen zu vereinen welche gerne zocken und dies auch gerne in Gesellschaft tun oder sich auch gerne einfach nur austauschen. Angefangen hat das Ganze, in dem man mit dem einen oder anderen zusammen gezockt hat und sich Freundschaften geschlossen haben. Mit der Zeit wurden wir mehr Leute und es bildete sich eine kleine Gemeinschaft an Spielern welche täglich verschiedenste Spiele miteinander oder in Gruppen gespielt haben. Schlussendlich haben wir den Entschluss gefasst, das ganze auf eine neue Ebene zu heben und dem ganzen einen Namen zu geben. Damit ist das Unicorn Headquarter entstanden! Ihr braucht nur die benötigten Mods über den Steam Workshop abonnieren und zusätzlich noch den Exile Mod! Ganz bequem könnt ihr das ganze über den A3Launcher machen. Sucht dort einfach nach [U-HQ], oder ihr abonniert einfach unsere komplette Kollektion in Steam und ladet euch Exile und Chernarus Winter manuell herunter. Anschließend müsst ihr wenn ihr Arma 3 startet nur noch diese Mods auch aktivieren. IP+Port des Servers: Modlist: - Exile - CUP Terrains - Core - CUP Terrains - Maps - CUP Weapons - Hidden Ghillies - Chernarus Winter A3 - CBA_A3 - TRYK [TRYK's Multi-play Uniforms] - Extended_Base_Mod Einen großteil der Mods können über den Steam Workshop abonniert werden. Wir haben hierzu auch eine Kollektion erstellt, in der ihr alle Mods bequem abonnieren könnt! Zusätzlich müssen folgende Mods manuell heruntergeladen werden Exile - Chernarus Winter - Scripts: - Revive - Towing - R3F Logistics - Virtual Garage - Halo Jump - Grinding / Hacking - Change View Distance - Statusbar
  6. BradPlays

    A Change in the Weather

    So I've recently been really ill but now I'm back and it seems the snow has melted in Chernarus! Please head over view, like and sub for more content coming very soon, and as always ENJOY !!!
  7. DrJ4Y

    The Take Over


    Scripter gesucht

    Servus, Wir vom Server "the Purge" suchen noch einen Scripter zur unterstüzung in userem Team, Was wir bieten: -Root Server -MySQL DB -Laufenden Exile Server -Ts -Spaß Was wir suchen: -Einen Scripter mit erfahrung -Alter 18+ -Aktivität Bei Interresse einfach mal bei uns im Ts melden :
  9. BradPlays

    The Winter Exiled YouTube Series

    Hi everyone ! Just started up my YouTube channel BradPlays and we are going to be doing a few series on exile and plan on continuing them forever! Well, until arma 4 i guess Would be a big help if everyone could go over check the first 2 episodes out watch, like and subscribe ready for episode 3 in the next couple of days, cheers
  10. iVaper

    [BH] Bandithero Chernarus Winter

    BanditHero servers have active development in a constant changing Arma environment. Updates happen, we fix them within a couple of hours. Server runs on quad xeon E3-1230 V2 (32 cores), 128gb memory, 10gb fiber port and 12 tb of storage. All packed together with a custom linux kernel developed by iVaper. High frames and low latency, even for our friends in the EU. Our zombie code was stripped and rewritten to ensure the best optimization of zombies around.
  11. simonbett

    MKY Blizzard and Snow script

    hello all .. i just wanted to ask is this possible to add to Exile chernarus winter map ?
  12. unrealedge

    Llama DayZ Exile

    Chernarus Winter map Zombies + random Hordes DMS Missions Roaming AI Helicopter taxi between traders Different snow effects (flurry, normal, blizzard, whiteout) CUP weapons and vehicles NIA weapons TRYK uniforms Extended base mod Advanced towing, rappelling, urban rappelling, sling loading Open Chernarus Project
  13. ZZK-Gaming

    Snow every time!

    Hey Guys, i run the Snow Script but the Snow is not every to can fix that? This is the Snow Script: class Snow { // 1 = enabled, 0 = disabled enable = 1; // surfaces[] = { "#nam_snow" }; }; Map is Chernarus Winter
  14. Since Exile is highly customizable, as the matter of fact Arma 3 has a decent amount of variables to adjust, and/or to make to extend functionality. We're all waiting for Namalsk to be finished, and we've seen snow, etc etc.. Which all in all looks real nice. So I've been playing around for the entire weekend, and came up with following so far for Chernarus Winter Snow & Blizzards - The snow & blizzards are completely random. (More to come soon.) Breath fog (Should work in Multiplayer, but not tested yet!) - Frequency will increase gradually and with some randomness when player is moving fast enough (running). And automatically decrease once stamina / fatigue has been restored to an acceptable level, and player is walking / jogging. Ground fog (Not Server/MP compatible *W.I.P.*) - Currently only a local effect executed on players, which means that the ground fog is not globally on server, although I'm still working on finding a solution so all players have the same levels of fog, and it looks exactly the same for all, but this is tricky with particles unfortunately. I may add compatibility for zones, which will work server-side, so you can define zones where the ground fog should be present. Still a long way to go, but so far it looks pretty good, and creepy as fuck
  15. EXPAndMore

    Voices of War Trailer by InflameZz

    Thx to InflameZz for making this awesome Trailer <3
  16. Hey everyone! i´ve a dedecated Server at and the newest version of exile installed. I do have CUP Weapons/Units/Vehicles succesfully installed. I have had AiA TP installed as well and i was running Chernarus Winter perfectly. I had no problems, but now AiA TP was removed from the downloads of Armaholic, wich made me wondering if there is a better map pack, i´ve found CUP Terrain Pack and tried to install it. However i have had many problems with it. Here my question: How do i get Chernarus Winter running with CUP Terrain? Yes i do have CUP Terrain and CUP Core installed, but as soon as i try to launch it, the server doesnt launch correctly and is not showed in the ingame Serverbrowser. I just cant figure out why... Do i miss any addons? I have tried to edit my mission sqm to make it fit, like i have done with AiA TP but even that didnt work (spolier) did i do something wrong? I dont see any other option... Is there anyone who can help me ? I´m near to give up.... Hope you know what to do, EXPAndMore SRY FOR BAD ENGLISH